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As I patiently await a new little model for cloth diaper-related posts, I'll be sharing little updates and tidbits through the rest of this pregnancy.
Chomping on a strong citrus or ginger gum is sometimes just what I needed to snap out of a bout of nausea. Raspberry leaf tea is supposed to be great for toning the uterus and other things good before delivering baby. With my first pregnancy, I checked the list of pregnancy symptoms from just about every pregnancy-related web site.
With each pregnancy, I experienced typical symptoms of PMS before finding out--including mild cramping, hunger, bloating, headaches, moodiness, exhaustion, sore boobs, etc. This is usually a symptom notorious at the end of pregnancy when baby is big enough to impose on your bladder. Everyone has different reasons for deciding when to announce their pregnancy and who to announce it to.
Within a few days (with our first) or after a week or two of finding out (with our second and third), we told our immediate families (parents and siblings) and a couple close friends. Because of morning sickness and bloating, it's a little bit difficult to keep the news away from those people we see everyday.
Most of us know that chances of miscarriage go significantly down after the first trimester, but that's also true after seeing or hearing baby's heartbeat. Three times going through the first trimester and the best advice I have in symptom relief: Keep on keepin' on 'cause it won't last forever. I am forever jealous of women who do not experience morning sickness or only experience "mild nausea" in their pregnancies. My sicknesses were all the worst in the evening, although they lingered to some extent all throughout the day making it hard to concentrate or eat or be social or do much of anything. If you're lucky to find your usual clothes are still fitting and comfy, then by all means keep wearing them!
With my second and third pregnancies, buying looser or even specifically maternity clothes was essential before the end of the first trimester. Blouses and tees that don't cling to the stomach help keep people from wondering while we wait to share the news.
I have a couple long, stretchy layering tanks I got for cheap (no more than $5) from Charolette Russe back in college. Because this is likely my last pregnancy, I have mostly tried to avoid adding too many maternity-specific articles of clothing. For some women the first trimester of pregnancy is a breeze full of happiness and the start of a pregnancy glow. For more details on these morning sickness survival tips and others, check out our post on 5 Ways To Help Morning Sickness.
An increase in the hormone progesterone, which spikes during the first trimester, can often slow down digestion. If you find yourself suffering from severe headaches during pregnancy, you may feel like there’s no hope in overcoming them.
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The Power of Aloe: surprising ways to use itTake a look at the ingredients lists of some of your favorite bath, body and hair products.
And, because I haven't written much about my other two pregnancies, I'll talk about them all together in these trimester posts.

It's sturdy (essential, because I broke three of their tall cold cups before deciding I needed something different); and it's pretty enough to take with me and inspire me to drink more water. A full serving is two, so it's easy to take them at different times to not get all that iron and calcium at once (see note on why this matters under morning sickness below). I had them all memorized, comparing them to my own discomforts before I finally convinced myself I might actually be pregnant and should take a test. The common practice is to tell after the first trimester (after 12 weeks) when the chances of miscarriage go down considerably. Especially when the news is unexpected (when we were in college or when we found out Daniel lost his job), questions from our loved ones is expected so it was important for us to prepared for that. Often miscarriages reported at 10-12 weeks are actually missed miscarriages, meaning the fetus miscarried before that but wasn't realized (because of lack of bleeding or other signs) until an ultrasound.
Morning sickness started as early as 5 weeks with my first (girl), and between 6 and 8 weeks with the other two (boys). But had some with my second (I was "showing" around ten weeks), and had a lot with this third (I had to wear sweats until I finally got my first-ever pair of maternity jeans at nine weeks). First trimester specifically involved loose clothes to help morning sickness, exhaustion and bloating--or at least not make them worse. I was fortunate to experience that with my first (and was even a little anxious to "finally" start showing), and was happy to not have to spend money I didn't have on maternity clothes right away. Maxi skirts and jersey knit dresses are also good options when looking for something loose around the waste. Even if you work out of the home, don't feel guilty for jumping into these staples in the evenings or on the weekends.
Whatever I do get must be a staple that can be worn in a variety of ways so I can get good use out of it (basic tees and tanks, jeans, etc.). Money is tight in this household, so I've wanted to use my money on items that could be worn now, but would also have use beyond this pregnancy--especially layering items like cardis, accessories like watches or necklaces, and shoes that are cute but comfy. When I was pregnant with my first I bought three underwire-free cotton bras a size larger in nude, brown and black. Any purchases made through these links could earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you.
Your body is in overdrive, surging with hormones, as the cells of your baby multiply at an exponential rate.
This sounds counter-intuitive to resting, but if you really need the extra energy to get you through the day, get those endorphins pumping a little bit.
This can be tough when you aren’t feeling well or you’re struggling with fatigue, but it is so important to keep things moving through your body. Ibuprofen, the key ingredient in Motrin, is off limits during pregnancy and for many it is their go-to pain reliever.
Many women stop drinking coffee cold-turkey when they find out they’re pregnant, but small amounts of caffeine each day won’t harm your baby. Apply a couple drops to a diffuser and breath it in, or massage into your temples or neck for some relief. Not only can acne pop up on your face that’s worse than anything you experienced during your adolescent years, but there really isn’t much you can do about it. Seek professional help from a beauty consultant to find your perfect skin match and invest in a good concealer to hide any problem areas. Acne will probably not be the last scar you are left with from your pregnancy and childbirth, so learn to embrace it. That’s what I told myself continuously as I battled horrendous nausea, exhaustion, and acne during the first trimester of my third pregnancy while continuing to work full time. It is not intended to replace medical advice from your physician, doctor or health care professional.
When she isn’t busy playing with her young kiddos (or running around frantically), you can find her writing on her personal blog, Dreams To Do.
If you're pregnant or interested in pregnancy related things, these posts will be packed with just about all I've got on the topic.
That's not typical for me, so I searched what "excessive saliva" might mean, and most of the results said it was a symptom of pregnancy. A little reading confirmed this as a symptom, because increased fluids and blood pumping through your body to create baby actually creates extra urine. We have never waited this long, and basically announced in three stages to three groups of people.

Here is a little more on the three most prevalent symptoms I dealt with in the first trimester: Morning sickness, exhaustion and bloating. For all of them, the sickness didn't end until 14-18 weeks--not cool, when most sources say it commonly ends with the first trimester around 12 weeks. Thankfully I haven't had demanding work to focus on when I've been pregnant, and even my husband had been available to help a lot during my first two pregnancies. I didn't exactly discover any helpful solutions, but found wearing comfy clothes invaluable. I've found how early I started to show depended on the extent of my bloating and whether it was my first or subsequent pregnancy.
If chosen carefully, some of these items might be wearable throughout the pregnancy, and are especially handy for wearing after baby is born. They add length to my shirts, hold my pants snug (even if I have to unbotton), and smooth out my stomach. And items I buy in the first trimester also shouldn't fit too snug, because I'm only going to get bigger and I don't want to have to replace everything in the last month. For this pregnancy that included a colored cardigan, a necklace, a maxi skirt, a chambray shirt, a pair of sandals, and a pair of peep toe wedge heels. Battling exhaustion when you are already a parent to young kids or working every day isn’t easy.
Add it in on top of working or taking care of a family and you’ve really got a lot on your plate. Caffeine actually opens up blood vessels to allow blood to flow more freely, which can sometimes relieve headaches.
Ariel is a lover of inspirational words, photography, coffee, reality TV, and of course, her family. Then it's nice to keep track of appointments, especially as they grow in frequency later on. When I accepted it might be pregnancy-related, I started to panic that it could mean an ectopic pregnancy.
Although a bump that's actually from the baby isn't likely until closer to second trimester, "showing" certainly started to some extent before the end of the first trimester. To get extra use out of your regular jeans, try the ponytail through the button hole trick.
Anything bought in a first pregnancy is likely to get more use than those bought in a final pregnancy, so are more worth the investment.
Each of these have helped spruce up my wardrobe without having an "expiration date" after baby is born. They are comfy on my sore and newly larger chest and super affordable (mine were clearance at Target, but TJ Maxx and other stores often have great affordable options).
If water isn’t sounding appealing to you at the moment, try doctoring it up with some added fresh fruit or citrus, or give flavored sparkling water a try. I remember lounging on the couch while my kids ate crackers and cheese for dinner in front of the TV and feeling like an awful mother.
My favorite planners are Greenroom brand found at Target--inspiring and affordable designs.
It settled down after a few weeks, then picked back up again in the second trimester as baby grew. This worked throughout my first pregnancy, but only for a week or so in my third pregnancy. This pregnancy I specifically added a white maternity tank, a couple ruched maternity tees, a pair of maternity skinny jeans and maternity flared jeans (I prefer the full-panel). And their small spiral notebooks are perfect for journaling or brainstorming announcement ideas and drafting checklists. And sharp pains like that can just be from pulled ligaments, especially with subsequent pregnancies. But I feel better about stretching and wearing out cheap undies through pregnancy and even after baby is born. Then, I happily throw them away when I switch back to my nicer pair (or buy new if necessary) after post-birth bleeding has stopped and I've returned closer to my pre-pregnancy size.

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