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She's barely looking at William, or anyone else for that matter, in those pics of New York, her eyes are riveted to the cameras. The thing is, there are quite a few celebrities who go out while pregnant in high heals, not a good influence.
I thought this was something legit,but its Hollywood life.these tab magazine will do anything for clicks. NEVER *despise* correction,for those who correct you ,truly LOVE you .They are willing to displease you and possibly lose your friendship ,rather than see you destroyed. How does one forget that she is pregnant when you have a kid inside of you pushing your inerds as far as the east is from the west and treating your bladder like a trampoline?
I have seen it and if you google carrying low during pregnancy there a women who post pictures who are carrying low also. Guys?  This is my third, I believe, reminder to stay the course and not veer into possible surrogacy or that Kate is not carrying this baby. So, if this is indeed correct, then what about the bottle of white wine on the date night at the end of August, and the next day she and wimpo rushing through was it Kings Cross Station in London, he had his bag and the dog lead and she was left to sort herself out. The Mansons are getting desperate and the Viper is trying to do some damage on her way back to the gutter she came from.
Oh man, the sh*t is so about to hit the fan in astronomical proportions if they've started something like this, this is not just going to blow over.
Carole would be more likely to organise something of that nature, but she apparently hasn't either. Whoever the source or sources are during this second pregnancy, he, she, or they seem to be pushing her image as a non-isolated royal with a thriving social life. Kate is not as tall, but should be showing and NO WAY should she be effortlessly walking on high heels.
While I wouldn't try it, there are many celebs and regular Janes who are pregnant and wearing them every day. My obstetrician told me they cut a hairline apart from the incision(s) that you can't see it and not on the previous incision(s) due to scar tissue that forms because it thickens. And some women do wear heals, its personal preference, its not good for you even if you aren't pregnant but its rare to see a celeb who is pregnant and not in heals when out on the red carpet etc.
People are always trying to make everything out to be so unique but everything in the world is not a fingerprint and pregnancy fits under that too. Both look so incredibly miserable and even like they loathe the fact that this pregnancy will tie them together a second time.

One that springs to mind is Victoria Beckham in her vertigo inducing heals while 7 months pregnant with Harper. When she is photographed shopping she has been in flats, so I think she just wears them when she is doing an engagement. At 6-7 months, the womb should end much higher up than what it is, regardless of how big a woman's stomach is. The womb grows as the pregnancy progresses and it grows upward, how big or how small their stomach is does not change this.
Willy never looks at her that way, that's for sure!That aside, I completely disagree with the CB article that claims she should be at home resting at 7 months. For example, CM treating Waity with herbal remedies at home (when she allegedly suffered from severe HG).
The report follows Middleton’s first public outing to the Royal Garden Hotel in London on Oct. She's trying to spin the Scotland trip into some Babymoon Bull$hit (same with the first fake!
Good luck to them, I have no problem with surrogacy in normal situations, but when it comes to the law and what is required in certain situations then yes, I do have a problem with being scammed, duped and fraud being committed.
Good luck to them, I have no problem with surrogacy in normal situations, but when it comes to the law and what is required in certain situations then yes, I do have a problem with being scammed, duped and fraud being committed.hear! Good luck to them, I have no problem with surrogacy in normal situations, but when it comes to the law and what is required in certain situations then yes, I do have a problem with being scammed, duped and fraud being committed.Excellent points.
The thing that does my head in is the ill fitting clothes that are unflattering and boring. Mostly, it was because her face had the look of additional fullness from hormones, water retention and weight gain (not just weight gain alone) that many pregnant women have. The human body isn't inadequate and majority of people are born with matching parts, including wombs, to suit their body.
While he would be in China, she could say that he was not there in order to take her to a hospital and there was not time for it. I also see how everyone else is the bully apparently except her, when history shows us she's quite the bully herself. We also can gather that Waity isn't drawing in the social interest of the other royals, or foreign royals (especially none that would attend a more personal event of hers like a baby shower). Due to medical necessity, I have had 3 c sections and my Dr said more wouldn't be a problem, as the same scar incision is used each time.

I knew a woman who worked 40 hours a week, on her feet constantly in a health clinic while pregnant with twins, and she went right up until two weeks before she delivered. I think if she were really pregnant, she wouldn't hide (it would cement her position and she wouldn't need to play these games) Where is actually W?
She's been socially isolating herself for a decade or more, and clearly, is neither a social butterfly nor a woman with few yet very close friends. If she wears a red dress to leave the hospital after baby #2's birth, it will officially be creepy. She feels enough is enough, duty comes first and it was time for Kate to step up to the plate,” an insider told the magazine in their Nov. Sorry to seem without any compassion, but some people never seem to realize that their own choices affect other people. I wonder if she was horrified by her fuller face, as even the DM pointed out directly, and has resorted to dieting or exercising more for weight control. Am I the only person who gets it, that HM is her SOVEREIGN QUEEN and that Kate owes her a huge level of respect. Or, perhaps the fuller face photos were smoothed and exaggerated to look that way with Photoshop.
Especially since CAROLE imitates Waity and hence, Diana too, and even wore a Diana-like dress to match Waity after George's birth. Sounds more like making a fuss since she doesn't want to work than concern for the baby. If she would realize that instead of now mouthing off about how HM is her latest abuser, she would shut up and understand that HM is the only one holding that marriage together, keeping her from her enemies. She refuses to own up to her behavior and never stops meddling in other people's lives.
Queen Elizabeth has a very strong work ethic and has hardly had to cancel any royal duties during her lifetime due to ill health.

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