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Many parents are shunning overly trendy or “made-up” sounding baby names and choosing those with a more sophisticated sound. These sophisticated baby boy names will not only look great on your son's resume, but they have an upscale sound that steers your son to a path of success.
Old-fashioned baby names have a distinctly elegant sound to them, such as Wilson, Clara or Mary.
One fun trick for finding a sophisticated baby name is to consider last names as first names. If you are interested in finding a baby name with a great meaning, check out our Advanced Baby Name search. It's a boy: the official announcement of the birth of the son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is posted at the gates of Buckingham Palace. Albert, Charles and George are all possible names for the royal baby but there may be a hint of disappointment that there will now be "three generations of kings".
William and Kate's local pub saw patrons almost lift the inn "off the floor" with excitement as the owner declares the royal couple will be "fabulous parents". From London to New York, the world celebrates the announcement of a little prince to Kate and William. The republican movement has sent a congratulatory message to the British royal family on the birth of the latest heir to the throne, while using the occasion to gently remind the Windsors Australia stands ready to change its own nappies. Welcome to the new prince in the House of Welf, the royal line of Hanover, a true Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, a Battenberg, or rather Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg! And I would like to personally congratulate the other 370,000 (approx) mums that gave birth on the same day.1. Who bloody cares!Congratulations to them and every other mother in the world who had given birth today.
The question is not his birth, he had no choice in that, it's what did he DO with his life?Finished school, went to Uni, got a degree, joined the army, qualified as an officer, requested active duty, was refused, trained as a hellicopter pilot, became an air-sea-rescue pilot, worked as same, married his long term girlfriend, had kids.

Yeah, while babies are dying of starvation around the world and while babies die in hospitals die to lack of resources, how dare we be negative about spending millions on a person for no good reason except their linage.
Sometime in the next month or so we'll be voting for either Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott to be our next PM. Yes we need our own head of state, John Howard did us a great disservice twelve or so years ago with his devilishly cunning referendum. And Australia becoming a Republic would have what effect in the news coverage?Seems like the whole world is watching, Republics & Kingdoms alike.
The Genuine Article - if you have so little respect for Australia that you think we should have a foreigner as head of state perhaps you should move to your beloved England.
You won't have to worry about the names being overly trendy because they are classic and cool.
This works particularly well for boy names, including Smith, Reese, Kennedy, Lincoln or Bailey.
Whatever issues you whingeing whiners may have, at least be gracious about it and stop demonstrating your petty and miserable natures as well as your ignorance! Their is something obscene in this world when a family whose wealth is attained through lineage and tax payer funds creates this much hoopla over the birth of a child when we have babies right now dying of starvation overseas and kids in the UK on the streets with nothing to eat.I wonder how much of the tax payer money went toward the hospital stay? Thank you for helping put to an of the use of her maiden name Middleton.I just couldn't cope with it being used. Loath them or love them they both have presented their legitimate case to be the PM of Australia. In 30 years time that young boy may be standing there with his own wife giving birth to another royal prince or princess. Whether you prefer longer names or short and sophisticated baby names, we have rounded up our picks that you are sure to love. You may also consider looking at your own family tree for old-fashioned baby names you can pass on to your daughter. Talk to your grandparents about forgotten family names that can be passed on that not only have an elegant sound to them, but also have meaning for your family.

This would also be a great way for moms to pass on their maiden names to their son or daughter.
It is important, however, to consider how this name would be shorted when used as a nickname. The Royal Family are steeped in tradition, and represent the British Culture, and the people of the UK, in a way that no Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott can even aspire to.A life lead only to think about money and 'tax' must be a very sad and lonely one.
Meanwhile in Britain on the other side of the world some action under the bedsheets of a Royal Palace has produced a baby, who by being born, has gained the automatic right to be our Head of State. You can try to make this about Australia if you like, but very few people give a s##t about the future of Australian democracy. In a page full of grovelling pathetic monarchists who appear to have no life of their own, you're not going to get much traction. People who appreciate history will know how important this day is, and how much there is a cause for celebration.Enough with the bitter negative attitudes about becoming a republic!
When a surname is used, she is Catherine Mountbatten-Windsor or informally Catherine Wales (William is Flight Lieutenant William Wales in the RAF).
Regardless of what the baby ever does he is set up for life purely because of who his dad is.
Happy that they have a son and that all would look to be fine.You would wonder why people are so negative and sour.
Not a role that is earned, not a role that anyone can aspire to, not a role that any Australian can aspire to. I also find any call for a republic on the birth of this baby to be in exceptionally poor taste.

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