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March 18, 2014 by Heather 34 CommentsThank you for all the great gender reveal party suggestions yesterday! By the first day of week six I started experiencing “morning sickness” aka all day sickness. Weight Gained: 0 pounds (blows my mind because I swear I gained at least a pound in my boobs.
When I was pregnant I felt like you, never threw up but felt like it and had many food aversions. Mine wasn’t as severe as yours but I had the same nausea with no throwing up for the first trimester. Something that really helped me, but may sound a little strange is Jolly Rancher hard candies. This is definitely an exciting time, but it is also challenging as your body will betray you a LOT throughout (heartburn, constipation, you name it!!). I’m 14 weeks right now and have just started running again after taking some time off starting around 7 weeks.
Use code LOOKINGGLASS15 for $15 off ANY Rock 'n Roll half or full marathon, excluding Mexico. If any of you have been following this blog since the very beginning, you will remember that I started blogging to document my first pregnancy and beyond.
I am so tired and have had a cold and have felt kind of miserable because I can’t take any cold medication.  It is recommended that medicines that could give any relief for a cold are not allowed until the 2nd trimester!!! We definitely already know we want to cut into a cake to reveal the gender, which will be a secret to us as well, we just don’t know what theme to use, if we should do any kind of games or anything etc.
Mine actually started out in the evening, and wasn’t too intense, I just felt carsick and no food sounded appealing. The thought of working out made me want to cry, and the thought of running the glass slipper challenge was making me more and more nervous.
I felt miserable because I had been looking forward to this trip with Bobby and my parents, and I was upset I felt so bad the majority of the time. It got so intense I couldn’t get out of bed, go to the store, or do my work Thankfully my sweet husband took care of shopping and meals.
At the end of the week nausea started to ease up in intensity, but frequency was still there. I was just so tired for the past month or so that I didn’t have the energy to run, but it’s feeling good right now and I plan to keep it up as long as I can!
I am Heather Montgomery, formerly known as Running With Sass®, a 30 year old living in Mississippi with my husband, baby, and toy poodle.

I went to the doctor for the first time at 5.5 weeks to confirm the pregnancy, and I had my first ultrasound.
I went to bed early every night, napped after every race for two hours, and was just generally in a bad mood because I felt so bad. I am not pregnant but I do plan to run and stay as active as possible if I ever am pregnant. I was nauseated with my first (a girl), but nothing too bad, then with this pregnancy (also a girl!), I was sick until about week 18.
This is the first baby we are having outside of the a military treatment facility, so I had NO idea what to expect. I don’t think pregnancy really sinks in until you see a little miracle for the first time.
Instead of boring you with how every week has been so far, since my “bump” hasn’t changed that much, I am combing weeks 7-11 into one post, then tomorrow week 12 will get it’s own post and so forth.
It was just the sac at that point, and I don’t even have pictures, but I was definitely pregnant, with a due date of September 30. I felt very defeated and like it would never end, and wanted to punch anyone in the face who ever said they “loved” being pregnant. Eating was no fun, I wanted to enjoy my favorite Disney foods but couldn’t stomach most of them.
Same symptoms still there, with the added bonus of breaking out all over my face and shoulders.
I wasn’t able to keep exercising, but I had a high risk pregnancy so that played into that as well.
So pretty much for two months straight I was vomiting on a daily basis and usually at the most unpredictable times.
I remember breaking down in tears a couple times just wanting the queasiness to subside for even just a few minutes. I was pleasantly surprised by the timeliness of my doctor, her friendly yet efficient bedside manner and how she treated my entire family. I am going to recap the first weeks, please note, I realize they sound SO depressing, but that’s truly how I felt. Still bloated and such, but symptoms seem to be “calming down” all around if that makes sense. Im a nurse and I have taken it myself and given it many times and its a miracle drug for nausea! I felt totally at ease throughout my appointment, but then again this is the third time around.

I felt like I had been hit by a truck and the days seemed to drag on, I just wanted to get to week 13 so badly in hopes it would ease up. He started to feel bad because he would walk in the room and I would dart for the bathroom (if it was in reach) or grab a trash can if the bathroom was too far away. The only difference this time around is that I’m going to post pregnancy updates after each prenatal appointment, instead of weekly. Only time will tell if we will be welcoming baby girl Stavish into our family on or around June 15th. For three weeks I basically lived on baked potatoes, bagels, popcorn, saltines, and ginger ale. Don’t get me wrong I still had some fun moments with my family, it was just a very different trip then usual. I still don’t feel myself and get tired easily, but at the same time if felt good to do something active and I was super proud of myself. I was nauseous no matter what and even threw up a few times…which never helped me feel any better. I remember sitting on the toilet to pee and having to puke at the same time so I leaned over to (sort of) reach the sink.
I also feel so blessed to be pregnant even though I am complaining about my symptoms, I know this is just part of it, but definitely not a fun part.
We had another appointment, and the doctor couldn’t hear the heartbeat with the Doppler.
I may have freaked a little, so we did an ultrasound and got to see baby doing a jig in my belly. I did have two more pregnancies after that one and they all came with some degree of morning sickness, but they did seem to get less with each one…either that or I just got really good at learning my triggers. I'm Kristin, a Mom, a former poet and a lawyer, living in Pennsyltucky and dreaming of the city.
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