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This is a period of rapid growth, your baby has almost doubled in length about 12cm and weight will have increased to about 130g. Their finger and toenails are well formed and some babies nails grows so fast they need to be trimmed soon after birth. Their ears have moved from the side of the neck where they started to develop to the correct position on the sides of the head. Your baby swallows amniotic fluid and this goes to the kidneys which turns this into urine, the baby then empties his bladder approximately on the hour into the amniotic sac. Your baby has very small eyelashes and eyebrows, and fine downy hair has formed all over their body and face called lanugo.
Their skeleton is beginning to develop, but is still in the form of a flexible cartilage and then bones.
Your heart rate has increased and it’s output is between 30 and 50 percent as before you where pregnant.
Your uterus is now getting five times more blood pumped to it, to support the growing of your baby. There is more control over their movement due to the development of the muscles and nervous system.
The nervous system is beginning to produce the myelin sheath, which coats the nerves that link muscles to the brain, allowing messages to be passed along. Your growing baby is creating pressure that might make your belly button pop out and stay that way until after birth.
The top of the uterus or fundus reaches to about your navel and will continue to grow – about 1cm a week. Increased vaginal secretions – this is normal though, but if the discharge is very profuse,has an odour or irritates speak to your doctor. You may develop stretch marks, take care of yourself, there are brilliant products on the market that helps to prevent or worsen this. Your baby’s length should now be approximately 20cm from crown to rump and weigh about 625g. The lanugo (downy layer of body air) are starting to darken and beneath it is your baby’s skin which has a reddish colour as oppose to translucent as before. They also have a cycle of sleeping and waking, which you will become aware of in the next few weeks.
As your baby grows, the placental blood vessels will respond by supplying more nutrients they need. Having an obvious bump so that the world can see you are pregnant can be rather pleasant – after all, having a baby is something to be very proud of, it is a gift. Your breasts may feel tender due to the hormonal changes in your body in preparation for breastfeeding.
In the meanwhile your uterus is making practice or Braxton Hicks contractions in preparation for labour.
In fact, since I have been going through these pictures and info right from 1st trimester to 3rd trimester and trying to visualize the pregnancy stages, we are relieved of fears, thank you very much for the information, this is our first child and our first experience. Congratulations on the pregnancy, ?? put your fears aside and revel in your pregnancy, enjoy every moment, it a journey.
This is my second child, the first one is 10 yrs old, so it feels like its my first time as I have forgotten the first experience.

I think all the mom’s to be should read this web page in preparations to being well informed mothers. Well, thank you for your interest in the pregnancy stages article, please do recommend us on the facebook link… help us, help others. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful yet the most critical times in the life of every woman. However, it is something very natural and a phase which every woman experiences at least once in lifetime.
Every month you will see some major transformations in the body as well as in the growth of the baby inside. In the 6th month of pregnancy, you can expect the baby to be approximately 690-700 grams in weight and 34 cm in length. There are some major developments and transitions taking place in the body of the baby during the 6th month of pregnancy. The bones of the baby are now at a stage where they are getting solid and stronger. Along with this the hands are completely developed in the 6th month. Since there is so much stretch of the abdomen it becomes more and more itchy day by day and also starts paining. A lot of expecting mothers becomes quite conscious about the increasing body weight and starts panicking. One of the tips for women in their 6th month is to give yourself all the time in the world and get pampered. It is that phase where you have come out of the morning sickness completely. It is very important to keep your self away from stress and tension, not only for your good health but also for the baby. Fertilization is the moment at which the sperm penetrates the ovum (egg) and the two unite. Once fertilized, he or she is called a zygote, a unique human being with its own genetic code distinct from mother or father.
After fertilization, if development on this unique human being remains unbroken, a child will be born nine months later.
In the uterus, the embryo may float freely in the uterus for about 48 hours before implanting in the uterine wall. While your mother probably did not know she was pregnant yet, your heart was already beating and sending your own blood throughout your body. In only four weeks, the embryo is already 10,000 times larger than the original fertilized egg! The fetus has an adult's taste buds and may be able to savor the mother's meals.This little one is already sucking his thumb! By the end of this month, the fetus is eight to ten inches in length and weighs a half pound or more.
The skin begins to thicken, with a layer of fat stored underneath for insulation and nourishment. Birth in human beings typically occurs 270 days after conception, near the end of a full 9 months. Shortly before birth (typically a few weeks for first births but sometimes only a few hours for later pregnancies), the child usually rotates into a head-downward position. At birth the placenta will detach from the side of the uterus and the umbilical cord will cease working as the child takes his first breaths of air.

The progression of the unborn child found here is a common scientific knowledge, though some information may change from study to study. By the time you reached 12 weeks the placenta has formed properly and takes over the important job of supporting the pregnancy. Your abdomen may become hard for a few seconds, this is when the uterus contracts, this happens often, but now you are more likely to be aware of the muscles working. On one hand there is unmeasured happiness attached with the development of a new life within and on the other hand there are feelings of fear and unpredictability related to the drastic changes that are happening in the body.
To make sure you are ready to handle all these alterations, here is a simple health and pregnancy guide that will broaden your horizons about the changes in the 6th month and the last month of the second trimester. However, the statistics can differ a little from baby to baby, depending upon the kind of nutrition you are providing your body with. Some of the symptoms that you will show in your 25th week of pregnancy include heartburn, headaches, nasal blockage, and feeling of bloating, problems in digesting, dizziness and more. However, it is very natural that because of the growing baby and the amniotic fluid you will gain a few pounds.
Forty-six chromosomes, 23 from the father and 23 from the mother, combine and predetermine all human growth, development, and physical characteristics of that human for the rest of its life. Upon implantation, typically about 8 days after fertilization, complex connections between the mother and embryo develop to form the placenta.
Because of your uniqueness from your mother, you might even have a different blood type than your mother. The child's breathing will trigger changes in the structure of the heart and bypass arteries which will force all blood to now travel through the lungs. Herein, the questions that pregnancy brings along with itself should be answered with a deep knowledge about the same.
You will also notice that the hunger pangs have greatly increased and there is soreness in some parts of the body. Still rapidly dividing, the developing embryo floats down from the fallopian tube towards the uterus. After implantation, the fertilized ovum, called a blastocyst, releases hCG, a hormore that indicates to the mother’s body to suppress menstruation. Your child, now approximately seven and a half pounds and after nine months of developing, is ready for life outside the womb!
You will experience that the baby is taking more space in the uterus with the expanding pot belly. Taking spas or spending a lazy afternoon, reading a book are some of the ways you can follow. At this point, a sensitive pregnancy test could indicate pregnancy to the mother, but it depends on the strength of the hCG hormone released by the child. You will soon start feeling the first flutters of the unborn child kicking and moving within.

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