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I feel like my pregnancy has flown by, but then again I feel like it was 100 years ago that I announced I had a bun in the oven. I have been trying to be patient and confident that our baby will come out to meet us when he’s ready. Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed that an absurd amount of people find the need to comment and distribute unsolicited¬†advice to me. Hoping more like any hour now… ?? It just feels funny when you suck in and it goes NOWHERE!

I feel like I always need to be doing something as if I am literally going to have no time at all once the baby gets here.
I loved reading your updates along the way and I can’t wait to read more exciting news soon! Wish I kept up with working out throughout my pregnancy ?? I can’t suck my belly in either, obviously, but people keep expecting me too, especially on public transportation.
Some days I can barely pick something up off the ground and other days I can still workout like I did in this video from 39 weeks!

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