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Teenage pregnancy in Australia has decreased significantly although the rate of births is still at five per cent for women aged 19 years and under. Around October 2009, it was announced that Nickelodeon purchased the rights for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles property from the co-creator Peter Laird and Mirage Studios. In May 2011, Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon decided to hand the production duties of the film over to Michael Bay, Bradley Fuller and Andrew Form. Paramount Pictures originally hired Matt Holloway and Art Marcum to write the original script for the film.
Fans were none too pleased with the leaked early version of the script written by Applebaum and Nemec. Tony Shalhoub is responsible for voicing the part of Splinter, while Danny Woodburn has been tapped to do the character’s body work. Megan Fox plays the part of that familiar news reporter in the yellow jumpsuit, April O’Neil.
But as much as we might feel self-conscious about them, how much do you really know about stretch marks.
Stretch Marks Are Basically Scars With Less Interesting BackstoriesStretch marks are a form of skin scarring that occurs when the skin is pulled due to rapid growth or weight change. It's Not Just A Pregnant Woman ThingPregnancy is known for causing stretch marks, but its association with pregnancy can be misleading. They're Not Just Along Your Stomach RegionStretch marks usually occur where larger amounts of fat are stored.
They Might Fade, They Might NotIf you're a teen with stretch marks, you're in luck: Your stretch marks will likely disappear over time. Genetics Plays A RoleDid your mother start developing a ton of stretch marks when she was your age? It's Normal To Have Them As A TeenStretch marks are actually incredibly common for teenagers.
Most Creams And Lotions Aren't Effective For Stretch Mark RemovalYou've probably seen several advertisements lauding the powers of creams and lotions such as cocoa butter to help stretch marks fade.
One Vitamin MIGHT Help Reduce ThemVitamin C helps promote collagen production, so taking vitamin C supplements might help your stretch marks to some extent. You're Not AloneYou might think that you're the only chick who has a ton of stretch marks along her hips or breasts, but you are definitely not alone. I have big boobs, hips and thighs and stretch marks are everywhere and i don’t know what to do about it.
I have these weird black stretch marks just above my hips my aunt says that im going to be extremely fat.i refuse to believe it and i just cant start imaging myself looking that fat.
Different things distract different people but distracted driving is dangerous for everyone. When they see you texting behind the wheel, they learn that ita€™s okay to text while driving. Talk to your kids in a casual setting: while taking a walk or while washing up after supper.

Install an app to track your kidsa€™ cell phone usagea€”youa€™re not spying on thema€”youa€™re keeping them safe!
Order a cloaking system to prevent your childa€™s cell phone signal from being maliciously intercepted to prevent having her location tracked by a stalker. Explain the concept of a€?distracted drivinga€? to your child, giving examples of different everyday habits that can represent dangerous distractions if done while driving, such as taking a sip of coffee, or yes, texting while driving.
Insist your child be responsible for any damages caused to your car as a result of carelessness. Tell your child never to be a passenger in a car where someone, either driver or passengers, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Description: Robust app that alerts parents to many different things, including excedding the speed limit, using phone while driving and driving in areas parents have set as off limits. Description: Text-STAR helps you avoid distracted driving as your digital personal assistant while scoring you on the use of your phone while in motion. Even so, 55% of people said they've never talked about the dangers of texting and driving in their household. Auto accidents are the leading cause of death for teens and distracted driving often caused by texting is the leading cause of those accidents. However, only 33% of people are aware of that fact, & 55% say they've never even discussed it in their house. A whopping 19% of people know someone who's been involved in an accident because of texting & driving.
Approximately eighty-five percent of sexually active adolescent women may become pregnant by mistake.
This news was followed up the reveal of Nickelodeon producing a new feature-length film for their newly acquired property alongside Paramount Pictures.
The turtles were described as being aliens who hailed from another dimension that were home to turtle warriors. As far as who’s handling the voice for Leo, it will be none other than Jackass favorite Johnny Knoxville. It comes with the territory of all the other awesome (or not so awesome) things your body goes through. Well, unfortunately, while they certainly keep your skin moisturized, there is very little science proving that they do much to help drastically diminish the look and appearance of stretch marks.
But most treatments that are guaranteed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks are expensive, such as laser therapy and professional microdermabrasion. Let your child know she can always call you to pick her up wherever she is, no matter what time it is, no questions asked: her safety is your uppermost concern. These apps help with monitoring and controlling your teens phones while they are on the road.
Teenagers have a higher rate of complication during pregnancy and childbirth than older women, making their choices of termination, adoption and parenting much easier.
This film turned into the rebooted blockbuster release that’s finally hitting theaters on August 8, 2014.

Master Splinter was also deemed as being an alien who came from the same dimension as the turtles. The actors performing the body work for Raphael, Michelaneglo and Donatello are also voicing their respective turtles. Whoopi Goldberg plays Bernadette Thompson, the female-African-American version of Burne Thompson. No matter how much cocoa butter we slather along our stomachs, there seems to be very little that can be done to get rid of them!
But stretch marks are also common along your breasts, underarms, thighs and bottom.Source Weight Gain Isn't Necessarily To BlameWeight gain can trigger the development of stretch marks, but so can weight loss or a growth spurt.
Some parents prefer their contracts long and detailed while others prefer short and to the point. Roughly, fifty percent of teenagers with unwanted pregnancies seek abortion, making sixteen percent of Australian women looking for abortion teenagers. Thankfully, this version of the script was rejected by Paramount Pictures.In 2013, Evan Daugherty was brought on board as an extra writer for the film. Following New South Wales, Queensland was the second highest state for teenage pregnancies with 2283 abortions and 2860 live births.
1 in 6 women aged 20-19, who are asked about pregnancy will have experienced a pregnancy as a teenager. Unfortunately, 25 percent of teenage women decide not to tell their partner about the pregnancy. Young women need to realise that sexually transmitted diseases are a reality, Chlamydia infections seeming increasingly common in teenagers.
Most infections with chlamydia do not cause symptoms, but the infection can cause pelvic inflammatory disease in women, and go on to cause infertility, chronic pelvic pain and ectopic pregnancy. If in the thirty-seventh week, the teenager goes into labour, it is considered a premature labour. Many mothers and premature born children can experience a variety of health problems in the future. Other unforseen ramifications for teenagers include reduced education and employment opportunities, alienation from family and friends, financial difficulties, emotional distress and increased risk of mental health issues e.g. Most adolescents can face stress in revealing the pregnancy to their parents and in the pregnancy itself.
Also an increased risk of abuse, neglect and poor opportunities and lifestyle for the child is common.

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