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To look back and think for the last 9 weeks I have battled with pelvic arthropathy which has been very sever in the last few weeks….how can I explain the marathon I feel like I have been running day in and day out. In hindsight it was not the end of the world, we still have a healthy baby content inside me which is THE most important. Late Wednesday I got a call saying my actual midwife (while still away) had managed to get an induction appointment for Saturday at 7.30am and do I want to go ahead with this? I will be using all my resources today and tomorrow to remain as relaxed and calm as possible…and will see you all on the ‘other side’ where a whole new journey awaits.
My 2yr old wants his Mummy back, but instead he has a bedridden, sick, grumpy Mum that just sits him in front of TV .. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Pelvic pain has just become part of every day life for me, I almost cannot imagine what it will feel like to not have it.
I was due to be induced last weekend and at the very last minute the obstetrician at the hospital changed her mind and decided I should not be induced until I was basically full term.
Emotionally and mentally, however we had been working towards something and then, as is so common with parenthood, that finish line just stretched out before us and we just had no idea of the end date or what new plan was. It really is all the little things – watching him splash in the bath with all his lions and tigers (then drying them all before he gets out of the bath) reading him stories on my lap (I read to him sitting on a chair outside his cot as I cannot lift him in and out). I’m almost 36 weeks and have SPD, gestational diabetes, have had 14mrgs straight of full time motning sickness (second tri miscarriage and then pregnant agdin immediately), so as I read your line about when does it all finish, I was bawling knowing there was someone else in the same boat.
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As much as we have tried to keep focused on enjoying the small things it has often been a matter of one day at a time, counting down until when I would be induced.
We also had missed our close friend’s wedding which just added to my roller coaster of emotions.
I also realised that I did not have any clinic appointments with a midwife as I was meant to have been induced. Giving him a massive hug in the morning and opening the curtains together with him on my hip.

So sorry for the late reply, I have been having trouble getting notified of comments and in my business of a new born forgot to look into it!
This is a common theme among most of my pregnancy blogs as you will have no doubt picked up! My own midwife was still away so I was working in a system with two stand in midwives, one whom I had never meet only spoken to on the phone and with very limited communication. More phone calls to both midwives (I did not even know exactly who I was meant to be calling).
Ironically, often these are the things that I crave a break from (the morning and evening routine) and now I have been forced to step down from such duties I feel like something is missing in my day.
This blog follows on from the one I wrote nearly two weeks ago (read here). I am a qualified health professional but I am first and foremost a mum. I just kept trying to reassure myself to trust in my body, that it would do the right thing, focus on work and this time as a bonus to sort things I had not sorted.
No new induction plan yet but did get Little Bean checked out and all was ok – that very reassuring sound of a heart beat. My choice was do I go ahead with this or do I keep waiting until Little Bean decides they are ready? These feelings alone are also enough reason for me to put aside my ‘ideal’ birth and embrace the options we have available today which many years ago women did not have. I hope that in sharing my thoughts and emotions with you, it may help another pregnant mum out there who like me, is worried, anxious and excited all in one. I would like to wait, I really would, however pain and mobility wise things just get worse by the day.
My own midwife will be there and we can also plan care for our son in advance so we are going ahead with this. I feel now more confident that Little Bean will be ready, more than ready being so close to term. In saying that, what is most important to me is that this baby arrives safely into this world and if this means that the birth is a little different to how I would like I am ok with this.

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