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Maternity clothes: Bottoms now are maternity or a few sizes up {I have two pair of pants that still fit but ONLY because they are stretchy jean material and are super low rise}. Movement: All the time- AND I found out at my 32 week appointment that he is measuring a week ahead, so that seems to make sense for how massive and {sometimes painful} his movements are. Wedding rings on or off: On, which is surprising since they weren’t fitting at this point with Bray!
Sleep: I had a really bad two nights over the weekend where my lower back was in serious pain.
For more information on nursing covers & a cool video – check out the Bebe au Lait website!
The lovely folks at Bebe au Lait have offered up a nursing cover of your choice for one lucky And Her Little Dog Too reader! I also feel that I am at that weird point in the pregnancy where, in reality, the baby could come at any time – so when I have pains I am not really sure if they are just pregnancy pains or labor pains. I have my bag out, most of the things I need and a list but its just sitting in the guest bedroom, unpacked. We have a breastfeeding class we are going to tonight and an all-day childbirth class this Saturday so we definitely have lots going on still. I am so excited to use this once Baby Brinkley makes his arrival, I love the pattern {I got Pasadena} – there are so many fun colors to choose from.

I had the same thoughts at 35 weeks, but I forced myself to pack my bag one saturday afternoon, and at 36 weeks, not 3 days after I packed my bag I went into labor! I wound up not using most of what I had with me- I actually stayed in the hospital gown for 2 days (had an unplanned c section so moving around to get dressed was not happening). I did go out and buy travel sized shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, and face wash so I don’t have to lug mine around. On this blog we document our DIY home projects, design inspiration, and our parenting life along the way.
I am so excited about it, I find myself going into the nursery multiple times each day just to peek in and look around again. It’s also crazy to feel just how big he is, since I can feel multiple body parts stretching out across my tummy. I was out running some errands the other day and it was sort of lunchtime and I randomly passed by a Five Guys & it was nuts how fast my car magically turned into the parking lot.
I actually picked this pattern out before we even knew if we were having a boy or a girl, so I wanted something neutral – but all the patterns are so beautiful, it was hard to choose my favorite! We went on the most incredible group date {a total surprise to all the wives}, went to a friends, and a families pool party, AND got to meet our new beautiful niece. I’d recommend lots of loose comfy yoga pants and tanks that can pull down for nursing, lanolin for those first few days, Always ultra thin pads (wonderful to move to a thinner pad after the first few days of ginormo pads), basic toiletries that make you feel human, an ipad and camera for lots of photos, a cute outfit to take baby home in and snacks!

Unless I seriously tire myself out during the day, I can rarely go 3-4 hours sleeping without waking up. Who knows, but I am looking forward to {fingers crossed!} crossing that off my list this week! Good luck, I love reading your blog and your weekly posts since we are pretty close in time. I also am more congested, especially at night, which when paired with my heartburn it just adds to the slumber fun! The hospital provides a ton, and take as much of that home as you can, especially the burp cloths!!!!!
I was most thankful for my toiletries though – a hot shower with my shampoo and soap and a little make up made me feel so much better when I was swollen and uncomfortable post labor.

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