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To reduce some of the common fears for first-time mothers, make sure you read up on what to expect during labor. Around 10% of mothers report that they experienced extreme pain during labor; while another 10% report that they did not feel pain at all. The fingernails and toenails are growing continuously, and you’ll probably need to clip them a few days after birth to prevent your baby from hurting him or herself with scratches.
The liver, although not yet fully formed, is already capable of processing your child’s waste. This week, your baby will already be opening his or her eyes upon waking up and closing them when they go to sleep.

In all respects, your baby is ready for the outside world already, although a bit more weight gain is ideal. You’ll probably notice that your breasts have now begun to leak a few drops of milk here and there.
Employ your aesthetic sense into finding a creative way to capture the pregnancy in your and your partner’s mind and to make it memorable. This is nothing to worry about since this is just one more way for your body to announce that it’s ready for the actual breast-feeding, which is an indirect indication of the fact that the baby is now fully developed. You may consider having a professional photographer take a picture of your lovely pregnant partner.

You’ll also notice that the weight has shifted, which is called engagement or lightening, with your baby’s head hopefully resting deep into your pelvis (unless he or she chooses to remain in the breech position).
If you are good at photography yourself though, do it yourself as that will be more fulfilling for both of you. This should ease up your breathing somehow, though the position will make you urinate even more frequently than before since the bladder is more hard pressed than ever.

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