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A few weeks ago, we had our maternity photoshoot with Brooke Fitts at Brookelyn Photography.
The Hello Bar is a simple web toolbar that engages users and communicates a call to action. She has toenails and fingernails and hair (we hope) and her skin is becoming softer and smoother as she gains more fat. My blood volume has increased 40-50% and the uterus now pushing against my diaphragm sometimes makes breathing a bit difficult. I’m finally feeling the baby up in my rib cage and lots of movements up there so I am hoping that means she has moved head down! I see you still have to paint, get the Low VOC paint so you and the little one are not inhaling a lot of fumes!! My hips hurt so bad during the end of my third pregnancy that I had to slip sitting up in the recliner surrounded by pillows! When Miss Griffiths was pregnant with Dylan she was so thin that one of her ribs cracked as the baby grew. Miss Griffiths (pictured, left, age six) developed anorexia when she was eight after ballet classes put pressure on her to lose weight. By 12 she had been admitted to a childrena€™s psychiatric clinic weighing just 5st 5lb a€“ about 3st underweight.

Miss Griffiths admits that when she was told that she was pregnant with her first child Dylan she was terrified. Miss Griffiths (pictured with fiance Harrison Bogbanovs after the birth of Dylan) was so small that when Dylan was in her womb he cracked her rib and started to crush her lungs.
Dylan was born a healthy, but slightly low, 5lb 10oz and has suffered no ill effects after his mother carried him while battling an eating disorder. Mother Liz Griffiths (right) has helped her daughter throughout her long battle with anorexia.
Miss Griffiths is pictured looking a slightly healthier weight while on holiday with her partner Harrison and baby Dylan. The anorexic mother is pictured with a very small bump forming when she is 25 weeks pregnant (left).
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After class on Sunday, I borrowed a yoga ball from a friend and bought Evening Primrose oil supplements and pregnancy tea with raspberry leaf. She’ll be gaining nearly half her birth body weight in the next 7 weeks–oh boy! But maybe that’s because we’ve been running around like crazy people for Christmas for the past week and Ryan just had his SECOND BIRTHDAY!!!

She has fought the condition for years and has gained a healthy weight for short periods of time. I’m now on day 113 of withdrawal and am happy to report that my lips have gone back to normal but my neck and chest have been very itchy these past few weeks. Since we switched from an OBGYN when Baby Taco was 26 weeks, we were playing some catch up and didn’t know about this requirement.
Then, I finally threw in the towel after I struggling to yank my wedding band off after running it under cold water and using soap to slide it off.
Its fine when ST and I go out together though because he has his wedding band and people probably figure I forgot mine at home or something.
That means her kicks and punches kind of… roll or glide across my belly, instead of being all stabby. Our midwife said the only thing I can do is take extra strength Tylenol and that its rare for carpal tunnel to remain unresolved postpartum.

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