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Ha ha!I completely agree and it basically goes against EVERYTHING I’ve been posting the last few months!! I feel like this is an abnormal amount of snow for us—just when we think spring is here, BOOM! Also reading reading some of Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Breastfeeding and guide to Childbirth.
I'm Jess, a personal trainer, CSCS, & former Stanford athlete balancing life as a coach's wife & mom of 2. Per the usual, I’m going to do the rest of the update in bullet point format because I have so many random things to touch on!
Check out the Boba carrier – I am in love with it for my 10 month old and wish I had gotten it earlier! I know it’s not great for them to face forward constantly but Henry would not let me wear him unless he was out.
I have a couple of swaddles from Aiden and Anais and Carters and also a bunch of pre-folded swaddles that you literally just stick the baby in and velcro them up. And we loved the miracle blanket to swaddle our first, no noisy Velcro, but I will hope for your second to be as amazing a sleeper as ours. About the swaddlers: we were given swaddler wraps and sleep sacks with the swaddling flaps for my son.
Babycarrier…I have the ergo, the moby (gifted to me), JJ cole stretch wrap, and a sakura bloom sling…the verdict: sakura bloom is the main favorite.
I prefer baby facing me simply due to all of the benefits of inward facing baby wearing AND bc then baby and I can have snuggles etc… BUT my baby loves to look out, so when I put her inward facing she gets cranky and just wants to nurse. Just bought the Ergo 360 with the second, because you MOST DEFINITELY need to be hands free with a toddler and infant. We had decided we were only having two babies as well so I made a big effort to enjoy every moment, every night feeding, every nap that I had to snuggle him because he wouldn’t let me lay him down.
We have a sweet 10wo adopted son, and we were gifted lots of swaddles of many different brands. If you want to try different carriers, I’ve found mom and baby groups with lending libraries, as well as a chiropractic office that would help people find the right carrier for them. I remember when we sorta chatted about family size before you were pregnant with Henry and you wanted a bunch of kiddos! Regarding the carrier: we recently purchased the lillebaby complete for the exact reasons you mentioned. Whilst I am loving the extra kicks, the bigger bump and finally being allowed those extra calories, I am so conscious that I only have a few weeks left to enjoy this pregnancy and as it is most likely our last,  this makes me a bit sad.
When I think back to my first pregnancy, I felt like I had really bonded with the baby, I felt so aware of his patterns, his position and I would lay down just feeling him move and talking to him. It feels like only now at 27 weeks I would feel confident saying I feel this baby moving enough to know if there is a disruption to his patterns, and I still spend much of my day too busy to notice. I am not feeling quite as tired this week, although I think the reprieve will be short as it is around this time that energy levels start to plummet again!
I have been hanging on to a few non-maternity items, but walking around town the buttons popping open on what was a very loose shirt has meant my wardrobe is cut down even further.
If you have written any pregnancy related posts then make sure to link them up to BlogBumpClub! Oh so amelia8 December 2014 at 09:07I believe you hit the 3rd trimester at 27 weeks too, well I like to think that we do ha ha!
Adventure, an award winning blog documenting the adventures big and little that being a parent entails. Have heard great things about Baby Wise and I am totally hoping you can sync the kiddos schedules…for your well being!!! Whenever I stay in a hotel room, I’m guilty of staying up way too late watching TV, so in our new house, we opted for no TV in the bedroom! Time does fly when you’re baking babies ?? I was working out 4-5x’s a week until 38 weeks (last week) but this week has been a whole new ball game! I want something that can be forward and rear facing); another infant car seat base (we only had one car last time); swaddles (again, recommendations? Whatever you end up choosing will be great, I’m sure, but maybe keep your receipts, just in case ?? We loved our Baby Bjorn carrier, but I know lots of families who tried different carriers and loved them just as much. I found the Halo sleepsacks a gross fabric and the swaddle parts weren’t long enough for my squirmer. You can start from day one (with a froggy hold and newborn insert or rolled towel), front and rear carry (and side carry!), and I still will wear my daughter in it, and she’s nearing three! Everyone brings what they have, shows how they use it, and lets other moms try it on a bit.
Our doula was a Bradley instructor as well, and she would offer those for parents who had already done the full course and just wanted to review what they’d forgotten.

We plan to have another one, if we’re lucky enough but you definitely appreciate everything even more the second time around. I had a serious postpartum hemorrhage but once I started taking my pills, my recovery improved dramatically. My strength and flexibility has improved twofold and I’m only about half way through the program! It looks complicated and a little restricting but babies love it for some reason and it will get you great sleep.
So exciting that your new little one will be here soon ?? You mentioned you wanted a forward facing and rear facing carrier and I just purchased and highly recommend the ergo360. The ergo was well worth the splurge- it’s easy to put on and really comfortable to wear. I realize this was only mentioned in passing and was not the focus of the post, but….you got a second car???
I have been reading for quite some time but am not much of a commenter but ohmygossshhh you have looked radiant through this pregnancy! The Ergo is the most comfy of all the carriers especially for your back AND the new one lets the baby forward face (and also has the facing in, hip and back option) You don’t need the infant insert you can just use a blanket for that. I haven’t really gotten to the freaking out stage even though I feel like I have NO idea what I am doing. It seemed to have more versatility than just about every other carrier (can do front and back carries, forward and rear facing, can be used from infant stage through toddler, etc.) I got mine brand new on eBay for 70 dollars. There seems to be some debate as to whether it begins at 27 or 28 weeks, but as my babies were born at 38 and 39 weeks, I think 27 marks two thirds of this journey done. It feels ironic that the more I want time to slow down, the faster it seems to go, I think having small children already just leaves little time to sit and enjoy.
I have been craving cheese though, and have demolished plenty of mozzarella balls straight from the fridge, baking camembert and cheese on crackers. I’m reading Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy which is a humorous account of what REALLY happens to your body during pregnancy! I’m thankful because I had zero nausea and have been active which has all worked in my favor!
I do a little reading right before bed, but I’m not going to lie, sometimes I pass out as soon as I get horizontal! There are so many choices, and different carriers work better for different body types and prefs. Sometimes it’s really hard, because I spend what feels like hours a day trying to get her to sleep, wake up many times a night with her, and feel like I have no time to work on my business or other me things, but at the same time I’m so very thankful to have her, you know?
To my knowledge the only ergonomically correct for baby’s hips is Ergo 360 or Lillebaby.
It feels so great to be in the 2nd tri, although since my symptoms are fading I feel so NORMAL now and it’s a bit scary! I also saw at target that Ergo just came out with a similar swaddle that looks pretty good. I loved my traditional ergo carrier but my son wanted to face outward after a certain age and I was frustrated that I would have to buy ANOTHER specialized carrier to suit preferences. My son outgrew the swaddlers in the first two months and he seemed much happier in the sleep sack with flaps.
I’m in Southern Cali in the summer…toooooo hot, too much fabric etc… the ring sling by sakura bloom is perfect!
It does not forward face (I’m sure you’ve done your own research on that) but you can usually start back carrying as soon as baby can sit with assistance and most babies love back carries!
I am not preggers (nor have I been yet…) but I am getting over a quad injury and went swimming this morning for the first time in what felt like ever and it was so nice to move without killing my body. Sooooo much easier than stretchy and woven wraps, especially since there are times when they’re going to be up and down a lot. I dont know what it’s going to be like with just me and the boys all day long with no help.
We tried the woombie Houdini, which she hated bc she couldn’t break out of it, so then it was just constant struggle town.
AND what works for one may not work for another, but I hope you find the right products for your little one and family!
My husband is just so calm and reassuring that I feel like we will be able to figure it all out, no matter what.
We are going on #8 (this one from China) and we’re getting really close to being DONE!
They can have a narrow seat for newborns and front carry, and a wide seat for older babies.
When I get into bed to read (I HAVE to read before I can fall asleep), she does a little WOD!

We have two cars, but only ever had one car seat base, since we borrowed the seat and base from a friend (I cannot remember which one it was, but it was ridiculously fast to get in and out of the car, with the base). It’s nice to hear from parents who have older kids that they miss this phase because it really does remind me to be present and enjoy the little things. Ergos are great too, but I think that any of the higher end structured carriers that put baby’s weight in the bum (rather than the hips) will do just fine for hip development. I can’t wait for my 16 week appointment so I can see what the baby is up to in there! I decided that I would instead sell my ergo and look for a carrier that did both front and rear facing and wham I found the ergo360. It also seemed to make the transition to a regular sleep sack much easier, when the time came. Lots of people LOVE their Tulas but they’re pricey and I think you can only back carry or carry facing in. GREAT to read others’ suggestions – we wore out our Butterfly and are in the market for another carrier for #2 coming in Jan!
Baby feels snug and secure and sleeps well in it and I can keep up with and play with my son.
I was really nervous about not being able to love anyone as much as my oldest, and then I had my second. I’ve been reading through all of your old pregnancy updates and they have been super fun to read now that I’m going through it all myself! If you really need forward facing, I’ve heard wonderful things about the Beco Gemini. The ergo 360 allows for carrying in, on your back, hip and facing out when your baby is big enough. I have gained 26 pounds and am seriously worried about losing this weight after he gets here.
Drove my father-in-law nuts, he thought the whole idea was terrible, but our little guy LOVED it. It can carry the baby from birth well into toddlerhood and has a front facing option, a rear facing option, a back carry option, and hip carry options. I found that receiving blankets were too small to get a good swaddle ( I think they make them smaller than when we were kids). I would steer away from the Bjorns and other croth-dangling type carriers though – they’re just not comfortable for you or baby! I can put her in the ring sling for a short walk or errand, and when I put her down to run around I have hardly anything additional to carry. He snuggled right in and seemed to like it…he also spit up all over it so we have to keep it now.
If I had known about it sooner we would have moved to that sooner rather than fight with (and spend so much!) swaddles. They are much nicer than muslin blankets, because they keep baby’s arms in nice and snug. And then your oldest becomes a big brother and your heart swells even more and you fall even harder.
If you’re dead set on having front facing carry option, Beco Gemini is a fabulous option.
She is a great self-soother now, which I feel like swaddling doesn’t allow to develop.
We’re really lucky to have amazing used-clothing stores in abundance where we live, so we had no trouble finding winter stuff. It was developed by a pediatric physical therapist and allows for proper hip positioning in sleep.
Prenatal yoga has been a big help, and just trying to walk although it has been way too hot for even that lately. We loved the ease of putting him in his seat and not worrying about blankets or jackets if we had to take him into a store or even just from the car to the house.
But it becomes normal and amazing and incredible and you can’t imagine life without either.
Its hard to be comfy at that stage and look nice at the same time without spending a fortune on maternity clothes. Although I said if I ever have a third I will definitely buy some instead of stretching my own clothes out to no return.
You are looking fab as always and Idont know how you do it prego with two small tots and I know you take care of other small tots as well.

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