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A woman who is 10 weeks pregnant may not show off her pregnancy bump just yet, but this week is another high point for her baby. At 10 weeks pregnant, mothers-to-be may find some level of relief from morning sickness, but new symptoms may also arise. Week 10 is an exciting time for the expecting woman, with the following things to look forward to. When a woman is already 10 weeks pregnant, she can now hear her baby’s heartbeat through a Doppler device. The anticipated weight gain for this week lies between 1 and 3 pounds, and another couple of pounds by the end of the first trimester. The symptoms may be less severe when the woman is already 10 weeks pregnant, but new pregnancy symptoms may also appear like skin problems.
The chances for the occurrence of congenital malformations may be low at the 10th week of pregnancy, but pregnant women should still be careful as they are not safe from miscarriage. Aside from morning sickness, the following things can also be felt when a woman is 10 weeks pregnant. The gums are also affected by hormonal changes during pregnancy, making them swell and inflamed. This is normal at week 10 due to the high level of hormones in the body, resulting in excess production of oil. Pregnancy hormones are again to blame for embarrassing flatulence which is further aggravated by gas-causing foods and improper eating habits. The increased volume of blood during pregnancy heightens blood circulation which thickens and twists the corneas. A woman who is 10 weeks pregnant can now feel her baby’s movements and hear the heartbeat; all of which are worth the sacrifice for all the unpleasant symptoms she is experiencing. I never thought that I would be sharing pictures of my 15 weeks pregnant belly, much less wearing a bikini to the beach when showing this much. A California woman was shocked to discover that she is expecting her first child in just a few weeks, after her boyfriend unexpectedly felt their baby kick for the first time.Abby Wake, from North Hollywood, California, had no idea that she was pregnant, despite admitting to experiencing some discomfort in her stomach, a feeling she put down to food intolerance.

Before the discovery: This picture was taken the day that the couple found out they were expectingBut when she and Jarryd visited Dr. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. More than 5,000 low-wage workers and their allies rallied at the University of Illinois at Chicago and protested throughout the city's downtown streets during a national day of strikes Wednesday afternoon - Tax Day - to call for a $15 minimum wage and union recognition. As the Fight For $15 campaign gains traction across the country, Chicago was one of more than 200 cities to host nationwide protests. Wright, who is four months pregnant, earns $9 hourly and said it's difficult to pay her bills every month.
Shortly after the protests ended, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who officially announced on Sunday that she is running for president in 2016, tweeted from her official account: "Every American deserves a fair shot at success. The 236-city nationwide strike, said by organizers to be the largest of its kind, comes roughly two weeks after McDonald's announced that it would raise wages by $1 for employees at corporate-owned restaurants by July 1.
Tax Day marked the eighth time Chicago fast food workers have walked off the job since 2012, when the fast food industry was first targeted by striking employees in New York City. McGee said he works roughly 60 hours per week as an in-home care worker and certified nursing assistant, but earns less than $15 an hour at both jobs. Illinois' minimum wage, which is $8.25 an hour, provides a full-time worker with an annual salary of $17,160 before taxes.
In December, the Chicago City Council approved a mayor-backed plan that will raise the city's minimum wage gradually to $13 an hour by 2019. Also standing in solidarity with the low-wage workers was Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, who ran an unsuccessful campaign against Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the April 7 mayoral runoff election. In December, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued 13 complaints involving 78 charges in 13 cities, including Chicago, alleging labor law violations against McDonald's USA and several of its franchisees. But protesters on Wednesday claimed that the struggles of living on less than $15 an hour extend far beyond the fast food industry. Week 10 may not be as challenging as the previous week, but the woman may still get exhausted easily and experience mood swings.

Also, fetal movements are perceptible by the mother, which is both inspiring and breathtaking. While it is normal for the woman’s weight to fluctuate during the first trimester of pregnancy, it is important to have it within the recommended range due to the risks of fetal problems during delivery or after birth if it is beyond or below the ideal range. His or her vital organs are starting to work and continue to develop up to maturity throughout the course of the pregnancy.
However, Abbya€™s boyfriend, Australian Jarryd Gorman, recently realized she might be well on her way to becoming a mom when he put his hand on her stomach during a concert and felt a kick.'I felt the baby kick and I looked at her and said, "I think you're definitely pregnant,"' Jarryd told CBS Los Angeles. Payman Joseph, a Van Nuys, California-based OB-GYN, it became immediately clear that she wasn't just overdoing it with her milk intake - she actually had a child on the way.'[The doctor] was just, like, "32 weeks",' Abby recalled. A growing number of minimum wage workers, not just those in fast food, have joined the picket line. We have kids to take care of and we're struggling," she said, adding that she lives with her mom who also works for McDonald's, earning $8.70 hourly. The decision affects some 90,000 employees at about 10 percent of the fast food chain's locations nationwide. Those with the Fight for $15 movement have been pushing for union recognition and a $15 minimum wage, which is a yearly salary of about $31,000 -- enough to cover workers' basic needs, according to organizers. I know what it means to make life decisions based on economic injustices," said Ovadhwah McGee, a single father living in the South Side Woodlawn neighborhood with his 14-year-old son. Roderick Sawyer (6th), a member of the Chicago City Council's Progressive Reform Caucus who supported an ordinance to raise the city's minimum wage to $15 hourly, said that, although $13 is a step in the right direction, the but "fight is not over." Sawyer signed on as a co-sponsor of the mayor's $13 minimum wage ordinance. On Wednesday, adjunct professors, airport workers, security guards, retail workers, college students, cab drivers, child care workers and leaders with the Black Lives Matter movement joined fast food employees to demand better pay and working conditions in the Windy City. For those of you who are just beginning to show, you can tell from my 15 weeks pregnant belly pictures it's not so bad.

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