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Let’s try to understand how our brain’s logic works and what we can do to make it forget and remember things. Any ambient sounds, even the pleasing ones, disturb your brain from retrieving the information you need right now.
Glucose comes from having a good breakfast or lunch and activates your memorizing skills and helps you remember things much more easily.
Researchers state that university professors can easily remember a particular paragraph from their lectures even when they’re retired.
An Austrian linguist and translator, Hans Eberstark, used his very own method to memorize words and numbers. Remember this and just follow our advice: no matter what the situation is, calm down, breathe in, breathe out, and help your brain to come up with the way out. The incredible life of the youngest billionaire in the world, Alexandra Andresen, who is only 19. If we remembered all the small things that happened to us every single day of our lives we would probably go crazy. In such situations your brain is not sure whether you need those sounds to remember or to retrieve some specific information. On the contrary, people who deal with physical labor have problems remembering stuff when they’re older.
Pop music superstar Prince died of an opioid overdose, the Midwest Medical Examiner's Office confirmed Thursday. The man who killed a University of California at Los Angeles engineering professor before killing himself has been identified as Mainak Sarkar. Starbucks made a huge step to take over the tea business, partnering with Anheuser-Busch InBev to launch a Teavana ready-to-drink tea in the US. Peruvian presidential candidates Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Pablo Kuczynski are virtually tied ahead of Sunday's election, according to a new poll. United Airlines announced a major overhaul of its international-business and first-class offerings, centered on the airline's new Polaris business class.
The US's best cyclist has announced he's not going to the Rio Olympics because of the Zika virus.
Novak Djokovic was almost disqualified from the French Open after throwing his racket and nearly hitting a lines judge. Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders in Puerto Rico's Democratic presidential primary, putting her even closer to capturing her party's nomination. Italy's antiestablishment 5-Star Movement took a large lead in voting for the mayor of Rome, in a possible blow to Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Voting in Peru's presidential election is practically neck and neck, with former banker Pedro Pablo Kuczynski holding a slight lead in the first official numbers released. One soldier was killed and thousands of people were evacuated after a series of explosions at a Sri Lankan ammunition dump, where the army stores heavy weapons.
The body of boxing legend Muhammad Ali is back in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, ahead of a public funeral procession and service on Friday expected to draw huge crowds.

At least three people were killed and 40 injured in Belgium, after a collision between a goods train and a passenger train.
Hong Kong suspended trade in live poultry after a spot check at a local street market revealed the presence of H7N9 bird flu virus, China's official Xinhua News Service reported. Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes has a net worth of zero dollars, according to Forbes, a major fall from an earlier estimation of $4.5 billion.
Two male adults are dead after an apparent murder-suicide on the University of California at Los Angeles campus. US President Barack Obama spent roughly an hour Wednesday tearing apart presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's proposals one by one. We just got the clearest sign yet that Iranian military mastermind Qasem Soleimani is calling the shots in Iraq. Wall Street is bracing for a software mergers-and-acquisitions frenzy after Salesforce's $2.8 billion Demandware deal. The world's longest railway tunnel is finally open, running under the Swiss Alps to improve European trade and travel. Tesla CEO Elon Musk thinks Apple will eventually be a direct competitor when it comes to cars but started too late.
Staples CEO Ron Sargent is stepping down after the company's failed merger with Office Depot, according to a release from the company. Jose Cuervo, the world's largest tequila producer, is planning a $1 billion initial public offering.
US-backed fighters in Syria are launching an offensive to capture a crucial swathe of northern Syria known as the Manbij pocket from ISIS. A set of photos is making its way around the internet that shows what could be the next-generation MacBook Pro's body. Airbus' most senior engineer said the crash of a missing EgyptAir jet had strengthened the case for "black boxes" that can pop out of an aircraft before an accident.
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman slammed Donald Trump's "phony" and "shameless" Trump University, the same day hundreds of pages of internal documents were unsealed.
Rodrigo Duterte, the Filipino president-elect, said corrupt journalists were legitimate targets of assassination.
Memories are like small pieces of a big puzzle — together they make one great picture of your life. You will definitely remember your wedding day or some stressful experience you’ve had, and you’ll never get rid of those memories.
However, if you really want to remember something, you can try repeating the situation or event from time to time, as if you were telling it to someone. However, when he was given a list of sentences with blanks to fill in with the words he’d seen earlier, he nailed it!
So it’s never too late to embark upon some scientific journey and give your memory a chance, is it? Once you hear the word, you’ll most likely remember it even if you don’t know what it means.

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Clinton roasted her likely presidential opponent in a lengthy speech on foreign policy on Thursday.
Ryan will vote for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, he wrote in a column for his hometown newspaper on Thursday.
The car will emit "two short, quieter pips as a friendly heads-up" but will let out a louder, longer honk for more urgent or dangerous situations. David French, a conservative writer and lawyer, announced that he would not mount an independent campaign for US president. Iraqi government forces and Shi'ite militias have recently launched an offensive to retake the city of Fallujah from ISIS. The ride-hailing service announced on Wednesday that it had received a cash infusion from Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund. Big themes this year include how search is changing, the impact of messaging apps, and the future of transportation.
The victims were found in an office inside UCLA's Engineering IV building, where the shooting took place.
Obama homed in on Trump's economic plans and domestic policies without mentioning the mogul by name. The jet's flight recorders, or black boxes, are designed to emit acoustic signals for 30 days after a crash.
We tend to erase the sad memories and cherish the happy ones, but no matter how hard we try, our brain has its very own evil plan concerning our memories.
If you have a vivid imagination, you’ll find this method to be easy to implement and very effective. As to numbers, he once recited 11,944 successive digits of the mathematical quantity of pi from memory. Why do you remember some irrelevant information and completely forget about something you really wanted to keep as a memory? Or when you’re reading a book, you try to compare the main character’s life events to your own experiences. As he described his method later, to succeed in memorizing such things one should replace digits by letters. Whenever you need particular information, you might be surprised with the fact that you’ve actually had the information all along. For example, 7 can be memorized as L, because they look alike when 7 is turned upside down.

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