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In 2005, scientists discovered in Syria a fossil dromadery species twice the size of the modern species.
Wild dromedaries are long extinct (the so-called wild dromedaries in some areas are just bewildered). An interesting issue: the dromedary embryos have the bud for the second hump, but it remains undeveloped in this species. 4,000 years ago, Bactrian camels were spread with the Indo-Iranian invasion from Mesopotamia to the Indus valley and Afghanistan and reached 3,700-3,200 years ago western Siberia and Ukraine. In the ninth century BC, dromedaries were involved in warfare, to carry archers and transport heavy loads. The conquests of the Persian king Cyrus the Great (559-530) were based on the logistical support of dromedaries. Domesticated camels were used through much of North Africa, and the Romans had a corps of camel warriors to patrol the edge of the desert.
Julius Caesar considered the greatest war catch after the defeat of the Numidian king Juba's camels. Much later, the Muslims claimed that Allah first created the camel, and after that the mountains, the deserts, the plains, the rivers, the seas and the other living things.
The Islamic conquest of North Africa brought Arabian camels, fit to long desert journeys carrying a great deal of cargo. The Bactrian Camels were the main burden beast on the Silk Road, linking China to Middle East.
Camel meat is taboo for the Non-Muslim populations of the Middle East and North Africa: Jews, Egyptian Copts (Christians), Zoroastrians (Iran), Mandaeans (Iraq, Iran), Neo-Assyrians (Syria, Iraq, Turkey), Ethiopians (Christians), while for Muslims in Egypt and other countries of Near East, basturma (salty camel meat) is considered a delicacy.
This ability to fluctuate body temperature and the efficiency of their sweating allows them to preserve about five liters of water a day.
Another issue: camels never run, they just speed up, in their typical gait of moving simultaneously the feet of the same part of the body. Dromadery inhabits just warm deserts, as it cannot stand temperatures under 0o C, while the Bactrian camel resist to -25o C during the winter. After drinking, water is spread uniformly in the body and it is lost gradually, about 100 liters in 17 days. Camels can withstand at least 20-25% weight loss due to sweating (most mammals can only withstand about 3-4% dehydration before cardiac failure due to the thickened blood). Camels can chew gazelle bones (for completing minerals), and even fish waists (especially in Southern Arabia, where fish is abundant). Male combats for females can be deadly, due to the sharp teeth and to the mouth with the largest opening amongst all ruminants (the male can grab in the mouth the head or the neck of his adversary).
Camels can spit also as a method of establishing hierarchy, especially during the feeding time as a way of disciplining lower-ranked individuals in the herd. Error 404 Not Found : Sorry, the page you requested was not found or is no longer available.
Either the page you requested never existed, was deleted by the user, or it was removed for violating our terms of service. In areas affected with radiation, it was always thought that alcohol can actually save your body from absorbing radiation.
It is usual for some athletes to use alcohol more as it calms their nerves, especially those who engage in gun shooting. Herodotus reported that the persians used to discuss matters of high importance while they are totally drunk. Many US and UK studies have related being of high intelligence to alcohol indulgence and vice versa.
Purim is a feast celebrated by the jews in which they survived a wiping out attempt by Haman. In 1991, an episode of Tiny Toons discussed the repercussions of the three boys drinking alcohol. A food infographic dedicated to some of the most amazing facts about America's favorite food - Burgers!
Not that long ago we comprised a top 10 list about Americaa€™s most beloved fictional family, the Simpsons.
Whata€™s less obvious and less known about this is that the writer of the episode, Rob LaZebnik, said the episode was inspired by his own gay son. The Simpsons, started way back in 1992, where Lisa predicts the next champion of the Super Bowl in real life.
Over the following three years, the producers made it a tradition to air the episode just before the Super Bowl and alter the dialogue to fit the two teams playing that year.
Known for his easily-ruffled temper, the two boys would often call up his bar and ask Louis Deutsch if they could speak to a fictitiously named customer. Nevertheless, we do know that Groening grew up on Evergreen Terrace (the same street as the Simpsons clan) in Portland, Oregon, and which is just 100 miles north of Springfield, Oregon.
Like most other animated shows, especially those with a particularly long run, ita€™s not surprising to see some differences, especially in design, after a few seasons. The first episodes also had a somewhat different opening sequence (which you can watch above).
The reason for Margea€™s long, cylindrical-shaped hairdo has nothing to do with the style women were wearing during the late 1980s, because they werent, for the most part. While the show holds the Guinness World Record for the longest running, primetime TV animated series, it also holds the record for the most guest stars to appear in the show with over 600.
Unlike the other characters in the show, which all have their respective actors voicing them throughout the many seasons, Maggie Simpson was played by anyone who was willing. In some special instances, however, guest stars have even been brought in to voice the awesome role of Maggie Simpson. On the other end of the popularity spectrum is a€?The Great Simpsina,a€? which aired during the 22nd season of the show. I remember when a€?The Simpsonsa€? debut on the a€?Tracey Ullman Showa€? as a rather crudely presented cartoon sketch.
The oldest known camel is Protylopus, appeared 40-50 million years ago (Eocene) in North America. Wild Bactrian camels still survive in the Gobi desert (between China and Mongolia), but they are endangered, the population being under 1,000. Some say that camels are at the origin savanna animals, but wild camels were eliminated in the savanna by lions, against which they were defenseless, resisting in the desert due to the lack of big predators. Dromedary could have been domesticated in southwestern Arabia between 6,000 to 3,400 years ago, initially for their milk, while the larger and slower Bactrian camel (with two humps) in Northeastern Iran and southwestern Central Asia about 3,500 years ago. Camels were also used by Romans for transportation, especially in the eastern provinces of Egypt, Arabia, Judaea, Syria, Cappadocia, and Mesopotamia.
In Mongolia, the Bactrian Camels offer the hair from which the felt, the material for traditional yurt tents, is made.

It was wrongly believed its resistance resided in the water kept in the hump or in a stomach pouch. Their body temperature varies depending on the environment: in the cooler morning is of 34o C, whereas during the hot afternoon it goes up to 40-41o C. Camel feces are consumed by insects and gerbils (desert rats) (which recover this way a part of the water).
Camels walk 3 km (1.8 mi) per day looking for food, on average 3 hours, and disperse when food is scarce.
The Jacobson organ from the roof of the mouth is employed by the male (like in many mammals, a behavior called flehmen) to assess through urine hormones if the female is receptive (ovulating) or not. The female has 4 tits, and produces 15 liters of milk daily (87 % water, 3.5-5 % fats and lactose (milk sugar), 3-4 % proteins. Females reproduce till 30 years old, delivering one offspring at two years, and even more if food is abundant. They are born via artificial insemination due to the huge size differences of the animals which impedes natural mating. This is due to the fact that some races tend to process alcohol differently, and this depends on two specific enzymes ADH and ALDH. However, that was proven wrong by a Pittsburg university; they discovered that an antioxidant in the wine that actually helped in reducing the absorbed radiation.
To shoot a gun or a rifle, you need to have very steady hands and the alcohol helps in calming the nerves. Then, the next day the decision they made the night before is put in front of them and they either approve it or not.
You intelligence might lead you to using alcohol to excess and you excessive use of alcohol might lead you to intelligence. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
When Johnny LaZebnik, a teenager, came out of the closet and admitted to his own sexual preferences in front of his family, his father was very accepting and loving. It all started with a€?Lisa the Greek,a€? the 49th episode of the show, where Homer tricks his eldest daughter into helping him gamble on football. According to the DVD commentary, Lisa accurately picked the winning team every single year.
Another fact based more on reality than anything else are the prank calls Bart makes to Moea€™s bar, just so he can have a laugh at how its grumpy (psychotic?) owner reacts. These names were mostly pun-based, like a€?Pepe Ronia€? (pepperoni), a€?Al Coholica€? (alcoholic), or a fewa€¦oh, leta€™s say, more a€?colorfula€? names starting with the first name Mike. This question is somewhat difficult to answer and has been boggling peoplea€™s minds for a long while. In The Simpsons, however, there are several other changes that make the first season different from the rest. While Bart is skateboarding on the street on his way home from school, we dona€™t see any of the recognizable characters wea€™re used to in the later episodes. Admittedly, Matt Groeninga€™s mother Margaret did wear it during the 1960s, and she is in fact the inspiration for Marge.
In fact, co-creator Sam Simon got really angry and managed to convince Groening that this was a stupid idea, and that they would not be using it.
There has even been an entire episode dedicated to the passing of the late George Harrison. Most of the female voices in the show have had a go at the spike-headed baby, creating her cute grunts and babblings, and on occasion, even delivering some lines in her dreams, or other fantasies. And leta€™s not forget the James Earl Jones version of Maggie in the a€?Treehouse of Horror Va€? episode.
The season two premiere episode, called a€?Bart Gets An F,a€? was a bit controversial, to say the least.
The episode revolves around Lisa being a great magician, which sounds fine and all but was hurt by a couple things, including the fact that Lisa isna€™t exactly the most popular character on the series. Alticamelus, which lived 10 to 2 million years ago, had a long neck similar to a giraffe ones. From Arabia, dromedaries entered Somalia, 3,500 years ago, and by 500 BC they reached the Atlantic coast. The Persian camels, however, were not particularly suited to trading or travel over the Sahara; rare journeys through the desert were still made on horse-drawn chariots. In 363 AD, general Romanus asked as a war tribute to the dwellers of the city Lepcis Magna (today Libya) 4,000 camels, for the transport of his army. Arabs also introduced the dromadery to Europe: 1020 in Spain, 1059 in Sicily, and by 1136 they reached the Rhine, but later disappeared from Europe. If it doesn't drinking anything for 17 days, a camel can lose a third of its weight, without being affected. Horny layers on the chest, elbows and knees protect the camels against the scorching heat and insect. When this fat is metabolized, it is not only a source of energy, but yields through reaction with oxygen from the air 1,111 g of water per 1,000 g of fat converted. A camel crossing a desert loses in 24 hours only 2 % of its bodyweight, while the donkey at least 8 %. They require 10-20 kg (22-44 pounds) of fresh food daily (or 5-10 kg (12-24 pounds) of dry food), depending on the animal's size.
Weaning occurs when the young is one year old (rarely at 3 years old), but people force it at 7-10 months, to use the mother's milk.
Camas usually lack the hump, have the power, short ears and long tails of a camel but the cloven hooves and wool of a llama. Free roaming camels form groups of 6-30 individuals, made of one male, several females with offspring. A distressed camel will spit a fetid stream coming from its first stomach chamber, especially when angry, frustrated or spooked, a real chemical bomb. ADH Determines how your body metabolises alcohol and ALDH takes the waste of the first process and turns it into acid and water.
It is worth mentioning that the World anti-dobing agency has banned any alcohol use during rifling!
These blackouts can be short ones, and in some special cases they can be longer depending on how fast you drank the shots and not how much you drank in general. It is obligatory that the jews drink alot on this day until they cannot recognise Haman from Mordecai as said in the Talmud. These results raised a lot of indignation, especially that 13.000 lives are wasted every year in the US because of drunk driving. One teaspoon for every unit, it will highten the metabolism and get the alcohol consumed faster.

But up until this year, the show never truly a€?said it out loud.a€? During the 17th episode of the 27th season, called a€?The Burns Cage,a€? the show officially gave its audience this particular confirmation. When she finds out, she makes a bet where the winner of the Super Bowl will be the Washington Redskins, if she is to love him, or the Buffalo Bills, if she doesna€™t.
These calls are loosely based on the Tube Bar prank calls which actually happened back in the a€™70s.
Most of the time Deutsch would call out the names, but sometimes he would catch on and respond with extreme hostility, shouting mostly profanity, with obscene sexual references. In an interview, The Simpsons creator Matt Groening said, a€?I dona€™t want to ruin it for people, you know? The only reason is that when I was a kid, the TV show Father Knows Best took place in the town of Springfield, and I was thrilled because I imagined that it was the town next to Portland, my hometown,a€? he told Smithsonian magazine. Another instance has the narrator talking about the Simpsons as a€?this Kentuckian familya€¦a€?, but to be fair, the narrator may have been indicating that the family originally came from Kentucky. For example, Homera€™s voice was made higher pitched and less intelligent-sounding than it initially was.
Nevertheless, in the Simpsons Arcade Game, Groening did manage to have it his own way after all, and Marge was given large bunny ears. Michael Jackson also made an appearance in an episode, portraying a mental patient who believed he wasa€¦Michael Jackson.
Since John Lennon passed away long before the show even premiered, his song a€?Mothera€? was used in an episode, meaning in a sense that all of the Beatles had their voices heard within the Simpsons.
In the beginning of the show, most of her squeaks and cries were done by Yeardley Smith, but in later seasons, this a€?arduousa€? task fell mostly on Nancy Cartwright, who is also the voice behind Bart, Nelson, Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, and a few others, on occasion.
But the most important Maggie role is actually played by Matt Groening himself, whoa€™s the source for the ever present pacifier sucking.
It was the first episode in the series to focus mainly on Bart (the most popular character at the time), as opposed to Homer and the family as a whole.
Shea€™s great, for sure, but shea€™s pretty far down the cast a€?depth chart,a€? so to speak, for carrying her own episodes. Procamelus, just 1.2 m tall (like a modern llama) evolved in the Camelus genus (to which modern camels belong).
On the ruins of the city of Nineveh (the ancient Assyrian capital), on a relief can be seen the chivalry of king Assurbanipal (669-627 BC) fighting Arab camel riders.
He did this because horses are afraid of dromedaries and can not endure to see or smell them." The Persian king Cambyses (530-522 BC) introduced for the first time dromedaries in Egypt. Still, a fossil species of camel, Camelus alutensis, related to modern species, inhabited Europe 2 million years ago.
But when it catches the opportunity, in can drink 104 liters of water at once (the Bactrian Camel, which is larger, can drink up to 120 liters), in 7-8 minutes! The red blood cells of the camels (and lamas, too) have an ovoid shape and the property of swelling round, till achieving a double volume and after that gradually release the stored liquid. During the arousal, he shows off his teeth, salivate abundantly, and the epidermic glands of the neck and shoulders are extremely active.
The male of the Bactrian camel has short feet, and loses balance on the dromedary female, falling. The higher both of them are, the better drinker you are as you will stay sober longer and thus drink more.
So the next time you try to have fast multiple tequila shots, think again as this makes it more possible to have brain damages later! So, wea€™ve decided to make another one, telling you more about our yellow friends, their backstories, and some other facts you might have not known about them. When the show premiered, just before the Super Bowl, those two teams were actually squaring off in Superbowl XXVI, and Washington won by 37-24. Two young men by the names of John Elmo and Jim Davidson came up with the idea one day while passing the Tube Bar in New Jersey, and noticed the owner, heavyweight boxer Louis a€?Reda€? Deutsch, beating one of his customers for not drinking fast enough.
Unfortunately their communications stopped there and ita€™s quite safe to say that they didna€™t become actual pen-pals. There is also one opening couch gag where the camera zooms out from the Simpsonsa€™ house, above the town of Springfield, continuing over the entire US and subsequently, the entire universe. Lisa is seen riding her bike, overburdened with school books, and then parking it, just before Homera€™s car pulls into the driveway. From the very beginning, Matt Groening decided to reveal in the very last episode of the show, whenever it may be, that Marge actually had bunny ears underneath her blue hair. This was coupled with putting the show up against The Bill Cosby Show, back before people realized how creepy and awful its star was.
But at the end of the day, the real reason why this was the least viewed episode has to do more with the fact that it appeared far later that a€?Bart Gets An F,a€? of course, and because the entire show itself has been losing its popularity as a whole as the years have gone on.
In Oligocene, 35 million years ago, Poebrotherium had the size of a roe deer, but already resembled a camel. The maximum speed achieved by a camel is 25 km (16 mi) per hour, but they get tired quickly. We wona€™t bore you with a long and tedious introduction, so without any further ado, here are the Simpsons, and some stuff whicha€¦leta€™s say, isna€™t described in the show itself. Smithers finally accepts the fact that the love he has for his boss will never be reciprocated, and Homer even helps him on his search for true love.
Here, the location of Springfield suggests it to be somewhere around the Great Lakes area, probably in Illinois. Smithers, who was initially black, as well as Officer Lou, who had yellow skin at the beginning of season one. The rest is similar to how it is today, with the exception of the frequent couch gag variables, of course. Nevertheless, these two gambles paid off in the end and the episode brought in the best Nielsen ratings the show has ever seen. 2 million years ago, the ancestors of lama and vicugna passed into the Andes coming from North America. The episode has quite an interesting moral: even if you try your hardest, youa€™re not guaranteed to succeed. The last camel surviving the cradle of the camel evolution, North America, was Camelops hesternus, which disappeared 12-10,000 years ago together with the whole megafauna of North America (mammoths, mastodons, giant sloth and saber toothed cats). Dulla hangs like an inflated pink tongue and at the same time the male burbles, a disgusting sight to most humans.

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