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Hi i would like to have an arabic quote written on top right side of my chest near my collor bone. If you pay us a visit at the shop, there's a huge range of artwork to take a look at for inspiration, and we're always happy to discuss whatever requirements you may have. Most gauges larger than a 12 will be found in circulars, straight barbells, and plugs or tunnels only, as these larger gauges require a piercing to be stretched in order to accommodate them. For those who are pierced, tattooed, or otherwise modified, styling for prom can be a little tricky.  But individuality is an amazing thing, and pulling together a unique and one of a kind prom look is a breeze if you just stick to your own signature style and mold it a little to fit into this more girly aesthetic.
Hairstyling looks fresh and updated if allowed to remain imperfect and slightly undone rather than sculpted.  Try plaits, tiaras, Victorian style embellishments, or splashes of color that enhance your natural glow.
Floral remains one of the top motifs for prom.  For solid color dresses or those that have a gently gothic feel, tones of fuchsia, pewter, violet, and indigo give an unexpected touch. Other widely available elements that easily translate from modern to retro or vintage include bows, hearts, and butterflies. For facial piercings, stick to a solid color, clear gem solitaires, or standard titanium, particularly if the dress you’ve chosen has lots of sparkles or embellishments.
Drawing inspiration from North African tribal body paint, large scale Maori body art, and Eastern mehndi tattoo, decoration of the skin is a major style element.  Whether monochrome or brilliant hued, create temporary masterpieces with temporary tatouage. Reinvention of traditional Native American, Peruvian, and African cultural staples heightens the aesthetic.  Think medicine man artifacts, worry dolls, desert flora, and animal totem. For a wholly indistinct and eclectic outcome, blend branches of African, Asian, and Middle Eastern tribal style.  Perfect for a touch of the well-travelled and enigmatic.
Braiding and fringing, natural material like bone and feather, beading featuring glass or driftwood, antiqued or eroded metal with geodes and organic crystalline shapes, layering and stacking, and woven or dream-catcher-like pieces.

Stretched lobes- fake it for fun with cheater plugs or tapers that give the illusion of a large gauge piercing. Gradually, the day of remembrance blossomed from simple grave decoration to include services honoring those deceased military men, picnics (sometimes also held within the cemetery grounds), family reunions, and even parades, beach parties, and fireworks.  Because Memorial Day often marks the beginning of Summer vacation, all type of general warm weather festivities may be included as well. As with the Fourth of July and Flag Day, one common method of modern celebration is the wearing  of patriotic clothing, jewelry, and accessories.  Popular items include those bearing military insignia, depictions of famous war memorials, and of course, items emblazoned with the American Flag. Finally, circular jewelry can be worn in piercings of either the bottom or top lip.  Common types of circular include the ball captive ring, the horseshoe ring, and the lippy loop, which gives a look similar to that of a vertical labret piercing, but for those who have a regular piercing. All of these types of jewelry will commonly be found in either a fourteen or sixteen gauge, and will be measured by length for barbells or stud ring shafts, and by diameter for circular pieces.
Mixology: A range of pales, pastels, jewel tones, and brilliant reds mixes with monochrome for a powerful contrast and maximum effect.
Location: Through the bottom lip, normally in the center, but on an angle so that both ends are visible, one atop the lip and the other just underneath it. Jewelry: Most vertical labrets will be initially pierced and worn with a small curved barbell, though occasionally a straight barbell or spike may be used, usually after healing is completed. Show the world that real girls kick butt!  The best antidote to rude boy behavior is a feminine touch with just the right amount of spunk.  Girly kitsch is dead, and the roller derby buried it. Those of you who follow our blog on a regular basis will probably recognize our team member, Cat.  You might remember her getting funky with some cocktail rings, showing off her dark side with a perfectly poisoned apple, or being pierced in front of the camera with a wonderful smile.
Kanye first entered music world as a record producer but he then also started working as a singer as well. As a solo singer, he started singing in 2004 when his first album The College Dropout was released which earned platinum status for itself.

Caution: side effects may include uproarious laughter, a round of high fives, and offers of free drinks. And if you look very closely, you’ll notice that this new set of ink actually covers an old one, bearing a poetic phrase (quoted by the way, from cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show) that our resident sweetheart plans to get re-inked in a larger size.
He has released a number of albums for different bands and singers through his recording label Roc-A-Fella Records. The second and the last tattoo for the boy is a poem tattoo which was written by Maya Angelou which is engraved on left lower arm. This company has honor of working with some most famous singers of today including Alicia Keys, Jay-Z and Janet Jackson.
The company became famous through an album named The Blueprint which was sang by singer Jay-Z. However, he has made a special design on his head; these are two F letters of English language which are placed before each other.
Through these super hit albums, he has become most successful singer of the industry who has won 14 Grammy’s till now.

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