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Unlike big tattoos that spread over a large area and need a lot of planning to decide the placement most small tattoos can be inked near about anywhere you like. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Om Tattoos, Tear Drop Tattoos, Inner Lip Tattoos and Lip Tattoos. This small bunny seems to be killing itself with the scissors as it sits inked in black outlines near the wrist. Tiny it may be but this little heart symbol in solid black looks full of soul on the lady’s bare back.
A little fuzzy ball with two eyes and many-colored stars on its head this cute creature makes for a colorful cartoon style tattoo. Romantic love flowers slowly as this tattoo of two little red flowers growing together seems to show. This beautiful blue butterfly makes a great symbolic tattoo for a woman’s new beginning. This little star tattoo behind the ear is outlined in black with brown sweeping patterns right through. Check out this cute and colorful little tattoo displaying the ever popular Hello Kitty theme.
The universal symbol of peace is outlined in black in this simple and elegant tattoo design. This little tattoo of a roller skate shoe with wings is just right for those who love the thrill of going about on roller skates.

This simple outlined little cow with black spots on its pretty body smiles up at you from the leg in this tattoo design. Look at the little green frog jumping in the outer edge of the ear in this unusual fun tattoo.
This little tattoo showing a red chilly with a green stalk looks super hot as a tattoo design. This beautiful tattoo showing a flock of little black birds in flight makes for a great ink design below the collar bone. This cartoon style figure done with round and square shapes seems to be all bothered about the wire connection in this fun tattoo design. This tattoo on the arm speaks simply and clearly about religious faith with the Cross sign inked in black. This little bunny with two long ears sticks out its paws in this Japanese cartoon theme single color tattoo design. Styled in deep green with a pale green border this four-leaf clover tattoo is inked for luck on the inner wrist. A little girl with her feet bare goes for a short trot in this adorably comic book style little tattoo design. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. All it matters is that little though it may be, the design expresses what you want the world to know. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.

Both looks equally good, but lately it has been found the fashion of Small Wrist Tattoos artwork has come up among young men and women. If you are planning to get your first ink, or want the tattoo to be discreet you can go for Little Tattoos with a world of meaning. The best part about these small-sized tattoos is that you can keep it simple and let the clear outlines of the tiny design communicate your message.
Couple tattoos with your special someone is a great idea, and a small design of a triangle and a horseshoe magnet for you and your partner can spell out the idea of romantic attraction.
Artworks like a single rose, a simple heart, a short tailed dragon and a small cross are some of the popular designs for Small Wrist Tattoos. If your love has been going strong or has just begun to flower a little tattoo showing two flowers in red, the color of passion, is a great idea. There is plethora of such good, attractive and unique Small Wrist Tattoos artwork on the Web. Tiny tattoos can be fitted into narrow spaces like the outside of the ear, behind the ear, the inner wrist, and the foot. A simple Google search will help you find those, but we have compiled here few of the most selective in the below given images.
For a pet lover small tattoos of paws can be a beautiful reminder of the special bond with the pet.

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