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As long as you are completely healed from your tummy tuck, feel free to get any tattoo you want over the scar.
Stomach tattoos to cover tummy tuck scarA can be done over scars with variable amount of pigment uptake depending on the amount of scar tissue and type of scar tissue. Yes you can get a to too over a tummy tuck scar, after one year and it has healed completely. Once the tummy tuck scar has completely healed, you can consider having a tattoo placed over the scar. You can definitely get a tattoo on yout tummy tuck scar but I would wait several months post-op prior to doing so. You most certainly can get a tattoo to conceal your tummy tuck scar if that is where your tastes lie. Especially if you have a pigmented skin type, be aware that anything that increases the inflammation in your skin can cause increased brown pigmentation, and that is one reason why it is always better to wait for full healing from surgery before undergoing the injury of tattooing.

It is possible to cover the tummy tuck scar with a tattoo, but if a tummy tuck scar is placed low it is not necessary to get a stomach tattoo to cover tummy tuck scar. But do remember that tummy tuck scars look better with time – it may take one to two years to reach an end point- this is often determined by ones genetics. DO NOT try to cover Keloid scars with tattoos which can sometimes worsen after, and beware of metal allergies which can make scaring worse due to reactivity of the pigment, particularly the brighter colors. I recommend waiting around 6 months after the tummy tuck so that the skin and scar are completely healed.
Usually those scars do very well, if you are trying to hide a scar there are options for treating scars to promote healing and reducing color and thickness of a scar. However, the scars that remain after a tummy tuck usually look like a horizontal line or both a horizontal line and a vertical line below the belly button so keep in mind that a tattoo may need to be both long and tall in order to effectively cover a tummy tuck scar. I have a number of patients who have done so, and we have seen everything from ivy, to chains, to flowers, to feathers, and more.

However a decorative tattoo over abdominoplasty scar, especially when the scar is visible is a good idea. A tummy tuck scar may actually take up to 1 year to mature and you may be surprised at how unnoticeable it may look. Laser Genesis and silicone gels work well and patients see a difference in scars in a few weeks. I would wait until the skin heals sufficiently to withstand the trauma of a tattoo, and this could take up to a year to occur.

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