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Manchester City are considering offering free tattoo removal to supporters inked with the soon-to-be-changed club badge. The club are understood to be looking into the possibility of funding laser surgery for fans who want their designs removing but no final decision has yet been made.Tattoo removal costs upwards of A?50 a session, with the number of sessions dependant on the size of the tattoo. Laser removal of a large tattoo can cost in excess of A?2,000 but City may be willing to finance itIt replaced the former round design that contained the ship and the red rose of Lancashire, but a recent survey found there was an overwhelming desire to return to that style.Fans will soon be presented with a choice of designs, which are expected to better reflect City's global presence and match the circular designs of their partner clubs Melbourne City and New York City.
Manchester City originally adopted the city's crest (left) before two circular designs dominated the 20th century (centre).

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Removing a design of 30cm across can cost in excess of A?2,000.City switched to their current badge, which features an eagle with outstretched wings, a ship and three golden stars during the chairmanship of Francis Lee in 1997.
The current version, resplendent with eagle and stars, was adopted in 1997 (right)Citya€™s original crest was a circular shape, with the club name surrounding a central shield bearing a ship in the upper half representing the Manchester Ship Canal and the red rose of Lancashire. Earlier incarnations had an eagle, an old heraldic symbol of the city, or a golden eagle, to represent the burgeoning aviation industry.At other times, three diagonal stripes figured to signify the three rivers that flow through the city a€“ the Irwell, the Irk and the Medlock.

Modern versions include the Latin motto a€?Superbia in Proelioa€™ which translates as a€?Pride in Battle.a€™ The golden eagle has returned but the three gold stars at the top are purely decorative.

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