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Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After Pictures of Various Tattoos These photographs were taken at Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal and the results were from the Astanza Trinity Laser.These laser tattoo removal before and after pictures affirm that Sugar Land Laser Tattoo Removal can completely remove professional tattoos using the Astanza Laser.
Although the decision to purchase a tattoo, at the moment, may have seemed like a good idea, many people do not feel the same way after a few years and often choose laser treatments to remove that unwanted tattoo.
Not all tattoos are created equal and not all laser tattoo removal providers have technology that can remove all ink colors. Keep in mind that if the tattoo requiring removal is large, the CLS Professional may not do the procedure all at once, but in stages because of the bodies inability to eliminate the quantity of laser shattered ink .
Not all laser tattoo removal procedures are the same so it is important to discuss every issue with the CLS prior to the first removal procedure. This laser tattoo removal procedure is not only fairly painless, but the recovery time tends to be quicker. National health statistics state that at least half of the population in the United States change their minds about owning a tattoo at some point later.
Complete removal is not quick but usually can be done in about three to six months of one session per month.
Some patients also notice that the entire tattoo seems to ‘crust’ over, then flake off in a couple of weeks. The laser tattoo removal before and after pictures shown here are of real people with real results. Though it does take multiple visits for complete removal, the fact remains that the Astanza Trinity laser works with such precision that the ink is completely gone and no one knows that it was once there.
Laser tattoo removal is a big step that should not be taken lightly, so a few decisions should be made prior to starting the journey to remove a tattoo. You will be asked to fill out some basic paperwork regarding your general health and some questions that will help us determine what skin type you have. After the paper work is assessed we will discuss the procedure and go over any other questions that you might have.  Next Step is that we will take some photos of your tattoo so we can track your removal progress.
Then we will start cooling the area to be treated with the Zimmer Cryo unit, you can do this yourself it the site of the tattoo allows this.  Sometimes if the customer holds the cooling hose it can help take your mind off the laser treatment.
After treatment, our staff will evaluate your tattoo and then apply some antibiotic ointment and place a bandage over the tattoo.  Then we will go over the after care instructions and give you a copy of the instructions as well.

In 4-5 weeks, once your skin has completely healed you will come back for your next session where the process is the same.. Cynthia M.Ned walked me through the whole process and explained how the tattoo removal process works.
My only regret is not getting it done sooner!Simon T.These people are very professional and make you feel completely welcome.
To provide you with the most up to date, laser tattoo removal equipment and techniques available. Whilst it’s not advisable to have a tattoo with the idea that it can easily be removed – tattoos are permanent pieces of artwork – if you seriously dislike a piece, it is now possible to have laser treatment to remove it. Black ink is the easiest to remove and comes out fairly quickly, but colours take longer and green and blue inks may never come out completely. Laser tattoo removal is charged per piece and you will be given a quote at the time of a consultation.
Tattoo Removal services for Charleston SC, Folly Beach, Johns Island, Kiawah Island, James Island and surrounding areas.
The laser energy targets the pigment in the tattoo ink.  This ink is broken into tiny fragments that the body’s immune system breaks down and removes from the skin.
The simple answer is, yes, it hurts!  However, your dermatologist can help alleviate the pain with topical numbing cream, local anesthetic injections, a cold air blower, or ice packs. Just added are pictures of current patients that are in the process of getting there tattoos removed.
Tattoo removal is a common procedure with many options to consider, but the most important decision is choosing the clinic and the experienced and technically skilled CLS professional who will actually perform the removal and then administer post operative and followup care.
Since tattoo removal is a medical procedure one should make certain that the laser clinic under consideration has a good reputation, a professional appearance, knowledgeable staff and a licensed medical doctor as its director. It works by directing a focused beam of light toward the ink that is just under the skin, which then breaks up the pigment into smaller pieces that can be absorbed by the body. The current process is highly effective and when one weighs the costs (including the emotional woe) of having a repulsive and unwanted tattoo versus the cost of the laser removal; most agree that it is worth the investment. After a laser tattoo removal treatment, the tattooed site will generally have an elevated, red or white discolored appearance.

Recovery time is minimal and post-operative care consisting of ice packs and over-the-counter pain control medication is usually all that is necessary.
These tattoo removal before and after images show how the return of skin tone and color to the site occurs following the procedure.
Choosing the right Certified Laser Specialist (CLS) to take care of the tattoo removal, followed by diligent proper care of the site afterward will make for a successful positive experience as you remove the tattoo.
No need to over pay somewhere else when you can receive the best laser tattoo removal services at the lowest price!
Often a tattoo just needs to be lightened for a cover up so this will only be a few sessions. Other laser tattoo removal providers cannot remove blue and green ink unless they have a ruby laser. Most removal specialists suggest treating the area lightly with an antibiotic ointment covered with a bandaged during the healing process. These laser tattoo removal before and after photos tell the tale of successful treatment resulting in happy ink-free recipients. The number of treatments required will depend on several factors, including the tattoo size and colours used. The Astanza Trinity laser system is three lasers in one which removes all ink colors including blues and greens. Recipients * Additional Information Book your Laser Treatments now!Booking your treatmentTo book a laser treatment please click the Make A Booking tab left and complete the online form, providing your details or those of the person hosting the session if booking a party. Once submitted we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your booking.Request a call backAlternatively you can have us call you back at a time of your choosing by clicking the Request A Call Back tab and completing the online form. We will call you to discuss your requirement.Or you can call us insteadIf you would prefer to call us instead to discuss appointment availability in your area, or if you have any concerns or questions, please call us on FreePhone 0800 328 8837.

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