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After the media launch of these sticks, I immediately bought a Tattoo 4G SuperStick at the nearest Globe center just a level up near the Ayala Museum in Greenbelt.
With these non-professional tests that I conducted, I can safely say that if you are a prepaid user, definitely go for the 4G sticks as you'll get more bang for your buck because you'll be paying for the same rate anyway. To know if the 4G stick is connected, you'll see a steady colored dot (Varies depending on speed. This might be a cheaper alternative compared to 4G MiFi Sticks which can cost up to 6,500 pesos (as of time of writing). They released new broadband sticks under the prepaid selection -- one 3G and two 4G sticks.

There is not much difference between prepaid and postpaid in terms of download speed and upload speeds.
Placed it in the same spot, download went down from a max of 919 to 682 while upload went down from 275 to 106. If you're a postpaid user, upgrading is also recommended to also maximize what you are paying for. In this case, the battery will always think that the SuperStick is full na since wala naman siyang battery.How many mAh did you get?
The 2 other sticks seemed normal to me but the 4G SuperStick got my attention and since I love these connectivity sticks, I bought one on the spot.

I plugged the stick in, switched on the power and instantly, the stick emitted WiFi and remained switched on!
I have several of them at home but what sets this apart from the others are the WiFi capability and the fact that it can get 4G signals.

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