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In this tutorial I will show you how to make a simple sexy wallpaper with Photoshop using free stock images.
If you are going to make a multiple size wallpaper you should start with the highest one first.
We are going to make some changes to this background but now let’s add the rest of the elements and we will deal with the details later. The reason why I made it wider than the canvas is because when you add effects like stroke or drop shadow these effects will also be visible on the vertical edges or you will see the shifted shadow on one end of the shape and I don’t want that (see an example on the image below). You must select both the stripe layer and the arrow layer in order to be activate the align tools on the top tool bar. Ok, this step might be a bit difficult for some users but I’ll try my best to explain it so you can understand.
I want to add a subtle 3D effect to the arrow, you can skip this step if you want and go to step 11 but at least read it, you might just learn something of what I will show you next.
Open the layer styles for the arrow layer and apply a Drop Shadow and Bevel effect as shown below. Select the Healing Spot Tool (J) and get rid of any imperfections that you find on the skin. Now, create a new layer as clipping mask (right click the layer and choose Create Clipping Mask).
This is a process that I repeatedly explained on many of my tutorials and it can do wonders.

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I used a car and a sexy girl to make it but you can use a motorcycle, a jet fighter or whatever you have in mind. If you want to use it as wallpaper on your own desktop, create the document to fit the exact same resolution of your screen.
Then, on the empty background layer click and drag to draw a radial gradient like in the image below.
The area under the wheel is too dark to see where to draw the path with the pen tool but you can add a temporary levels adjustment layer and light up the middle tones.
You can use this stripe to add text (which I did) or add other design elements or details.Create the yellow stripe using the Rectangle Tool (U) instead of rectangular selection tool. I will use the shape of the arrow to create a gap on the yellow stripe and then I will apply some effects to the arrow layer and reduce its opacity.
In order to hide unwanted effects load the yellow stripe selection and create a layer mask on the arrow layer using that selection. You can see that even after applying the layer mask we still have some unwanted effects but I will show you how easy is to get rid of that.
Crop her from the background using the method you used when you subtracted the car, with the Pen Tool (P) because it’s the most accurate selection tool. Open the tatoo image, scale it down and place it over the girl’s body using the Multiply blend mode.

Then get the Lasso tool and draw by hand an irregular selection like in the image below and mask the bottom part of the background to reveal the color layer underneath. I used the same speed meter created on Step 16 but this time I used the Overlay blend mode and I added some numbers above it using the Quiver font, color #cb4175 and blend mode Color Dodge.
Don’t overload it, wallpapers must be simple otherwise they will not look good on the desktop. I created a 2000×1200 document but you can make it smaller if you have a slow computer. The exact color values are irrelevant, you can use the Levels too to make it lighter or darker. The explanation might look extensive but actually this action can be done in 20-30 seconds. Don’t just paste is straight, rotate it a bit and also distort just a bit to make it fit the body lines using the Warp Tool. For the text I used a simple style with 0% Fill, Drop Shadow 1px clear yellow and Inner Shadow to create a hollow text effect. Draw a fairly big arrow and align it to the center of the stripe using the top icons (select the move tool first by pressing V). Duplicate the background layer that you created on Step 1, place it below the original and name it color.

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