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Black Rose Tattoo Shop proudly serves the Fort Lauderdale, FL area which is just 15 minutes from our Deerfield Beach shop.
We are so thrilled to announce that our fearless leader Gerry Kramer did the design for the crosswalk at the intersection of Fort & Blanshard street. Our shop features some of the most highly skilled tattoo artists around who can do it all from portraits, black & grey and even cover ups.

The two on the right celebrate 10 years of marriage and the one on the left is a declaration of love!! This piece of ?#?placemaking? would not have happened without the creative talents of Gerry Kramer at The Tattoo Zoo , who designed the street tattoo.
We would like to also thank the crew at Fineline Road Marking who worked last Friday night into the wee hours of the morning to get it onto the street.

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