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Using a laser for your tattoo removal means you will require up to 4x less treatments than you would need with old Q-switched lasers, so you will save both time and money.
Lasers are FDA approved and we have carried out laser tattoo removal treatments on thousands of happy clients. Most of our tattoo removal clients have their tattoo cleared in 3-6 sessions, with some small tattoos being removed even in a single session.
Because you need significantly fewer number of treatments for complete tattoo removal with the Yag laser, you will save money by choosing to have your laser tattoo removal at Studio 15.
The only effective way to permanently remove a tattoo is to invest in laser tattoo removal.
The cost of getting a tattoo varies depending on where you go and the same logic applies to tattoo removal. The rate at which a tattoo can be removed depends largely upon the rate of blood flow beneath the surface. If you want tattoo reduction rather than tattoo removal, you can obviously expect to pay significantly less. If you don’t want to wait until Winter to have your tattoo removed, you can still save money by being flexible with your appointment times. When looking for tattoo removal in your area, try to limit yourself to tattoo removal clinics. For most people looking to remove an unwanted tattoo, laser tattoo removal is the obvious choice.
If you’re on a tight budget, look for a tattoo removal company with flexible payment plans.

There is no faster, cheaper and safer method of tattoo removal than using Laser at Studio 15. Book your free consultation and ask your aesthetician to show you real case studies of successful client treatments. In comparison, the same tattoos would take anywhere from 10-12 sessions (sometimes up to 18) with all other Q-switched lasers.
If you can handle the pain associated with getting a tattoo, you can handle the pain associated with getting one removed. If you want to get a good price, not to mention, good results, it pays to do your research.
Most people assume that dark colors will be the most expensive to get rid of but it’s actually the opposite. As a general rule of thumb, the darker your skin, the more expensive it will be to remove your tattoo. Because of this, the closer your tattoo is to your heart, the cheaper it will be to remove.
Tattoo reduction doesn’t remove a tattoo completely but can facilitate a more successful cover up. People wear less clothes when the suns out and an unwanted tattoo can therefore become increasingly bothersome. You will have the choice of either paying for the entire treatment upfront or paying for each session individually. While you can also get a tattoo removed by a dermatologist, they tend to charge a lot more for an identical service. And regardless of where you live, there’s likely to be a wide selection of clinics to choose from. With our low prices and the power of lasers, tattoo removal has never been easier, faster and more affordable.

Either way, it’s surprisingly easy to find yourself on the internet looking for tattoo removal prices. In contrast to this however, some amateur tattoo artists use unusual substances that fail to react with the laser. It’s also worth noting that tattoo removal clinics perform tattoo removal all day long and therefore likely to be much more experienced. This may seem like expecting two wrongs to make a right but it can actually prove surprisingly effective.
And the odds of this occurring depend largely on your willingness to protect the area after each session.
At the same time however, they’re more effective and can therefore result in fewer sessions and a lower price overall. Tattoo removal is always going to be an expensive process but if you do your research, it’s easy to spread the cost.
Numbing cream is always applied first and most clinics also offer optional lidocaine shots. A skilled tattoo artist can easily convert an existing tattoo into something completely unrecognizable.Tattoo cover ups are also cheaper, faster and significantly less painful.
You shouldn’t rush into choosing a tattoo artist and the same logic applies to choosing a tattoo removal clinic.

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