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According to this article, it seems like most of the money is being funded by private sources however with tattoos costing up to 10x the cost of the actual tattoo $20,000 won’t last to long if this program becomes popular. Tattoo Removal in FloridaWe can help you get rid of your tattoo permanently, fast, and cheap.
If you want your tattoos removed don't go through the pain and cost of laser tattoo removal. Now, she’s paying $400 for laser treatment to have the wedding ring tattoo that once commemorated her marriage removed as she moves on to a new chapter in her life.
When Sarah Little’s feelings turned out to be just skin-deep, her $40 tattoo cost her 10 times that amount to remove. Little, who recently underwent a second laser treatment to remove her finger tattoo, said erasing that memento from the past is worth the price and the discomfort. Market research by IBISworld shows the tattoo removal industry has grown 440 percent in the last decade, and now is a $75.5 million per year business. Tattoo removal is done with medical lasers that use powerful, pinpoint beams of light to break the ink into tiny particles beneath the skin’s surface.

David Theeke, co-owner of Green Bay Laser Center and owner of Artrageous Ink Tattoo Studio, sees tattoo application and removal on a daily basis. The certified laser technician and tattoo artist said the biggest reason for removal is regret. Lisa Priewe, owner of Skinny Buddha Tattoo in Green Bay, said she has begun to see cases where people will have one removal session to lighten the ink of an unwanted tattoo to then add new artwork. Similarly, Theeke has had clients say they are more apt to get tattoos because they can be removed later.
One major side effect is hypo-pigmentation, which is the whitening of skin surrounding the area of a tattoo’s outline. Little’s finger tattoo was originally done in brown ink but her skin quickly rejected it, which required her artist to apply black ink much deeper into her skin.
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A larger, more graphic image would have cost much more to remove, with no guaranteed results – all of which should make anybody think twice before getting that inky image in the first place.

Katz, a dermatologist with Dermatology Associates of Wisconsin in Appleton, has seen a dramatic increase in tattoo removals in the last seven years.
Any leftover fragments are then removed through the body’s natural cleansing mechanism. This has made Little’s removal process more difficult – something she urges those interested in tattoos to consider. Total removal for any tattoo is not guaranteed – colors like green and blue are most stubborn.

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