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Our  resident tattoo artist, Vandal, wanted to get an older tattoo removed so who better to do it then us.
If you’re considering laser tattoo removal and live in Las Vegas, then be sure to give us a call. Free Consultation: Please feel free to drop by the shop or you can contact us via email or phone. The Q-Plus Series of tattoo removal devices sets the standard by which all other devices are measured.  It is the only device on the market to offer 3 true laser wavelengths including the 694nm Ruby which is perfect for treating the difficult green and blue inks. The Optibeam technology offered on this machine features flat topped, square spot and homogenizing optics. There are many lasers on the market but none that compare to the Q-Plus series which provides much higher performances when compared to other Q-switched lasers on the market.
Tattoo removal - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Tattoo removal has been performed with various tools during the history of tattooing.

Tattoo removal guide laser tattoo removal, Laser tattoo removal: a guide to potential patients and their health advisers. Picosure – laser tattoo removal, About dermbids: provide free laser tattoo removal estimates local doctors medical spas, picture. He wanted the forearm piece removed so prior to getting it done he talked it over with Anthony, the head of our laser tattoo removal program.
There is currently no  technology that can remove it in one session unless of course you consider cutting it out with a knife.
As the leading facility for tattoo removal, our staff is highly knowledgeable, our place is as clean as it comes, and our experience staff can advise you from both a technical and hands-on approach. This helps equally distribute energy across the beam, providing more efficient laser treatment. After a few minutes of inspection and looking over the piece, the Quanta Q-switch was turned up, the goggles put on and the session began.

Also, black and gray tattoos tend to be easier to remove whereas certain color work may require more sessions.
We’ll be releasing a full story about which colors are easier to remove so stay tuned. Once it’s broken down, the ink particles become small enough to be removed by the body’s immune system.

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