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As I neared my third trimester, Jonny and I attended a childbirth class, where learned about the importance of breathing to relax and focus during labor. However, doing a workout DVD when our rambunctious two-year-old son was finally in bed (and asleep!) meant waiting until around 9 p.m.
So, when I had the opportunity to review Pregnancy Health Yoga (March 2013), I was excited to give the book a try. Authors Tara Lee and Mary Attwood, two pregnancy yoga gurus, show how yoga can enhance health during pregnancy, prepare for childbirth, and aid in post-natal recovery.
I have a slight scoliosis (which has gotten worse with age, unfortunately), and the stretches help my back feel more aligned.
I appreciated that the book focused on yoga’s more physical elements, and less of the heavy spirituality that can sometimes come with yoga routines. I haven’t had a difficult time teaching myself the stretches or techniques, but it does take a little practice (and feel a little awkward at first). I have to be honest — as I near 36 weeks, it feels like bending over to put on my shoes is enough prenatal yoga work for me. It was also about this time when I started feeling really uncomfortable — a bump (mountain?) can throw off your center of gravity. The book format allowed me to flip through to aches or anxieties I was experiencing, and tackle a few stretches or breathing exercises when I had a few free minutes — no need to dedicate an hour in front of the TV. I also enjoy the breathing techniques for focus and relaxation — two things that expecting mamas can always use more of. For those who are more visually inclined, a DVD is included to help you get the hang of it.
But having the book to come back to, especially as I prepare for labor, delivery, and post-baby workouts, is extremely helpful.
I'm hitched to a shaggy-haired pastor and we're smitten with two wild + crazy boys: Joseph (5) and Asher (2). One question we often get asked is whether our feeder pod can fit a manual breast pump for on-the-go expressing. We're in the adoption process for a special needs little one and we're also expecting in April 2016. As seen in the photos below you can store a manual breast pump in the classic feeder pod, however it will also fit in our luxury and lite feeder pods too. The pump below is Medela, we have also tested Avent and they fit too!If you do decide to breast feed your little one, your baby can benefit from your milk even when you’re apart! Tara Lee, one of the authors, teaches a super popular prenatal yoga class in the UK, and I can see why she’s so sought-after.
Toys and friends will come and go over the years, but they’ll always remember the trips you take together.
Traveling both near and far gives you a chance to break away from the day-to-day and draw nearer to each other as a family.With summer holidays approaching, we wanted to give you some inspiration for planning a unique trip with awe-inspiring lodging and activities for your littlest explorers. Each tent can sleep a family of four, and the accommodations provide a baby cot for even the tiniest of travellers. It is literally built in the trees and offers a wide-variety of activities for kids, such as arts and crafts, horseback riding, zip-lining, and hiking trails. Your little ones will always remember waking up to giraffes and other animals right outside their tent! Plus, there’s a little something in it for the parents too, as this destination is central to some of the best wine tasting that the United States has to offer. Every detail of the home, both inside and out, is fashioned to resemble a shell, the sand, or aquatic life. Summer is a particularly fun time for us over in PacaPod HQ, we are based in beautiful North Devon, England so we are lucky to have beaches and lush green fields on our doorstep! Seeing one of our bags on a customer makes me smile every time, I can't wait to see some of the bags I am working on now on customers prams next spring. I love the Jasper - the slouchy leather on that bag is just dreamy and it doesn’t look at all like a baby bag.
Then, quickly, those all were shattered and replaced by something even more beautiful than I could have even imagined. I remember those first few days as a family of three with such fondness as my husband and I blindly attempted to care for this tiny newborn, that we still couldn't believe the hospital let us take home.
No amount or reading or research can prepare you, but there is something so magical in learning as you go, making mistakes and realizing that those sweet little eyes will still gaze at you lovingly even if you somehow manage to put the diaper on backwards.

Through grace and flexibility, I've grown to love my daughter and my life as a mother more than I could have ever dreamed of!
Her family has been through many trials, more that most families, and yet looking from the outside all you see is genuine love.
I mean, honestly, there really is nothing better in this whole wide world than when my daughter throws her arms around my neck and plants a big smooch on me.
It’s full of so much joy and sometimes challenges, but it is the most rewarding experience. It was such a sacred experience we'll never forget and one that changed us forever as a family and as a couple. We love being able to go visit him and telling our three year old son about his older brother. What excites you most about becoming a mom to two?Ahh thank you so much, we are just thrilled to be adding another baby boy to our family! The bond between siblings is just so special and something I cherish from my family growing up, I just can't wait to watch that develop! He asks when baby brother is going to "pop out?!" and tells me daily all the things he can't wait to teach him. We are all counting down, we're so ready for him to join us. Tell us about a mother or two you know you know who inspires you and why? I've been blessed with the best of the best for my own mother, as well as my sister, who is also a great role model of a loving and nurturing mother. The qualities they both have that stand out to anyone that knows them are genuine + loving + gentle + sweet + thoughtful + selfless + caring + graceful. She was a mother figure to so many of our friends and genuinely loves and cares for others.
Always willing to help, always putting herself and her needs aside and just graceful while doing it all. Her son was born with a very rare heart defect and spent the first 19 months in NICU with multiple open heart surgeries and one major surgery using 3-D printed airway splints that saved his life and made it possible for him to come home right before his second birthday. He is on a trach and eats through a g-tube but we are blessed to visit them daily and just watching her amazes me.
She does therapy with him, works on teaching him to sit up, eat, walk in his walker chair and play with him. He is at the sweetest stage lately where I feel like he takes care of me just as much as I do him; truly such a gem of a boy! I love being able to be home with him every day, listening to the funny things he says (and boy are there a lot these days!), and being able to comfort him and fix his problems. Garnish with grapes, dried fruit and nuts! Croissant SandwichesCroissant sandwiches are buttery, delicious, simple to serve and look darling on display.
From playtime outfits to nursery room decor, click through to shop it all! Ships to UK1.
Starting today, you can now walk into any one of twelve Marks & Spencer Baby locations* in the UK to find the perfect PacaPod changing bag for you or that special mama-to-be.
Get creative with us by printing out your favorite egg shaped printables from our Pinterest board here or direct from The Imagination Box's website and decorate it with your littles.
This year, we wanted to share a special round-up of favourite essentials for the journey of mothering for the first time. We asked some experienced mamas and UK Bloggers to share their top product picks for life with a newborn, be sure to read on for their suggestions! What are your favourite essentials for mothering? Nordic Wipes are soft, chemical and allergy free foam wipes which you simply soak in water and use and is perfect for newborn sensitive skin and doesn't cause irritation or nappy rash. We use the white noise sound every evening and night and I really think it helps aid sleep.
It also covers up any noises of us getting changed for bed or Tom getting up and ready in the morning. One thing often not apparent is that hospital wards can be chilly and sadly the only 'snuggle' on offer for your newborn might be a couple of regulation (aka scratchy) towels. They help give you peace of mind when you’re putting your baby down for the night that they can't wriggle underneath any sheets, which might have come loose. We use a Babasac from Mama Designs, these are great as they can be adjusted tog wise to suit the time of year you’re using it. As any expectant or new mama can confirm, the words that come out of a midwife's mouth are like gospel.

So when my midwife cousin recommended Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature Unscented Baby Wipes when I was pregnant with Oscar, I took her word for it and bought 10 packs in preparation for his arrival. Because we swaddled him most nights we had an array of them, all different brands - but by far my favourites were the 2 Pack Soft Muslin Blankets by Boden, They were much bigger than any of the other swaddles we had, the material was sturdier and therefore held a much more secure swaddle.
When we bought it before my little girl was born we happened to be a little unsure as to if it might be more of a 'gimmick' rather than something that'd come in handy. Lansinoh Cream is a miracle cream that made things so much easier in the early weeks and months of breastfeeding. It was so good I had about 4 tubes of it on the go at once, all in different places around the house so it was always within reach. Phil & Ted's Cocoon is a portable carrycot that turned out to be the only thing my little boy would nap in during the day (other than on my chest) as he didn't settle in his Moses basket.
Because it's smaller and lighter than a Moses basket and has carry handles, you can move baby around easily or take them in and out of the buggy without waking them, which meant I could keep him close. It was a huge help to have two hands free to play with my older son in those early days, and wearing this wrap was the only way any housework would get done! Today through to Valentine’s Day, enter to win a baby bag of your choosing from our Luxury range.
Melt white chocolate chips in the microwave at 30 second intervals and remove to stir in between cycles. If you don’t have a microwave, you can melt the chips in a heatproof bowl over boiling water in a saucepan (careful not to let the chocolate touch the boiling water underneath).
Once the popcorn is dry (place it in the fridge to speed up this process) place a handful into cellophane bags. Lewis is a sleek urban messenger and backpack changing bag, with its modern styling, it’s full of city charm. Trending tile designs across furniture and haberdashery inspired the bold, unique PacaPod print.The multiple carrying options makes Lewis truly versatile and helps parents adapt to everyday life with ease. Additionally, we are releasing two new colour-ways of our ever-popular Hastings backpack and a new fabric for our best-selling Oban.Read on for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the places and faces that contributed to our recent lifestyle photo shoot. It allows us to get the most authentic images, because there’s just no faking the natural chemistry seen between a mother and her child! This season, we used Bobby and her 2 year old daughter Libby, we also featured baby Arlo for the first time, who was only 10 weeks old!Photography: The very talented Pete Cox was our lead photographer for this photoshoot. Aside from safety, which will always be a number one priority, we recommend choosing one that you can easily convert to a toddler bed when your little love graduates to the next sleeping stage. We think choosing a mattress that is free of harmful chemicals and allergens for your baby is important. Make sure you choose one that you’re able to collapse and lift into the car, both easily and on your own. If you regularly roll over sand, gravel or bricks, for example, a stroller with larger tires might suit you better.
If you are an urban dweller, maybe think about a compact stroller with a tight turning radius. Babywearing promotes a happier and healthier infant, and truly strengthens the bond between mother (or father) and child. What are some things you did with your family during the Christmas holidays?My family would always take a walk on Christmas Eve and look to the sky to see if we could see Santa. I also recall watching Disney films with the other kids at my dad’s work party, whilst the grown ups ate their Christmas dinner!
Cake decorating with fondant and plastic figures was also another Christmas activity I enjoyed.What Christmas traditions did you have growing up that you now share with your children? Luckily we are more of a modern day family and share parenting duties therefore they see much more of each other throughout the year. Top it with a splurge-worthy coat that you can wear post-pregnancy and some fashionable accessories for a stylish maternity look fit for any winter soiree.

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