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Women who carry on exercising during pregnancy are not only better prepared for the birth but are likely to recover more quickly afterwards,  re-gaining their pre-baby figure more easily. Yoga has all the advantages of stretching with the added bonus of calming the mind and preparing your body for labour. Studies have shown that women who practise yoga during pregnancy are less likely to develop high blood pressure or go into premature labour. Many poses will help create more space in your pelvis for your baby and can help ease back pain.
Pregnancy yoga soothes the mind, refocusing your energy and helps you to prepare psychologically for your baby’s birth.

Breathing techniques practised during prenatal yoga sessions can be invaluable during labour, helping you to relax and manage pain. Check out these yoga poses to help with aches during pregnancy and these yoga poses to help prepare for labour! I’ve mentioned Nadia before (here), and in that post I wrote a little bit about how she supported me through my pregnancy with Marlow and how she transformed the way I view childbirth. I am certain it is because of her yoga classes and support that I was able to give birth in a way I had always dreamed about doing. Her Everyday Yoga dvd is awesome (my husband does 20 minutes of yoga with her dvd nearly every morning before work!), and is such an easy way to squeeze in yoga from your home whenever it is convenient. How wonderful for pregnant mothers to be able to practice yoga in the same way, from the comfort of your home and without having to pay for each class.

Nadia’s classes are both empowering and beautiful, offering both the emotional tools as well as physical endurance to feel strong, grounded and capable of giving birth.

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