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If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed. DOUGLASVILLE, GA – Police have charged 23-year-old Dewey Green with murder after they say he intentionally ran over a pregnant woman.
Police say 53-year-old Janice Pitts was in her Lincoln Navigator with her daughter and grandson when Green repeatedly hit her from behind with his truck while she was sitting at a traffic light. When Pitts got out to check the damage, Green rammed his truck into her and pinned her body between their two vehicles.
When Green finally backed up, Pitts fell to the road and Green ran over her crushed body as he drove over the median, went across a grassy knoll and ended up sideways across a road where witnesses were able to stop him.
The views expressed in the comments are those of the comment writers and don't represent the views or opinions of D'D or its staff. I am going to guess she probably cut him off farther back on the road and he took his anger out on her later when he caught up to her.

To bad the witnesses did not stop him with a couple of blows to the head from a hammer.I am cringing thinking of what that poor woman and her daughter went through. I keep wondering if it was some bizarre thing where her daughter couldn’t carry a child for some reason and the mom is being the gestational carrier?
Hey if Larry King can be a sperm donor, why can’t a 53 year old baby oven still work? Only here at the Demon are there going to be 75 posts regarding the fertility of a 53 year old woman, and hardly any comments at all regarding the manner of her death or the very fucked up guy that deaded her.
Pitts’ daughter, Iesha Davis, says she got out and tried to get Green to back his truck up. Pitts, a two-time breast cancer survivor expecting another child, was pronounced dead at the scene. And reducing your car and body size are just two of the many ways we can help do our part to preserve the earth and the species. The 53 year old woman was pinned between both cars and her PREGNANT daughter was the one that was killed.

I read several years ago that less than 2% of babies in the US are born to mothers over 40.
When I was researching my family tree I found two children born when mothers were 54, back in the 1800s, but I assumed they were either grandchildren or relatives that were born out of wedlock and simply registered (put down as parent on baptism certificate) to the older woman. Police say he seemed dazed and confused and reeked of alcohol. Acting District Attorney Brian Fortner said Green could face additional charges. Toxicology testing is being performed to find out if Green was under the influence of other drugs.
That kind of thing… And my dad was a month shy of 52 when I came along, I’d like to think HIS baby making equipment was Okey-dokey at the time!
Pitt’s family displays the sort of innocent and untethered kindness that reflects even more the greatness of the loss of Ms.

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