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I decided to get serious about it and signed up for a subscription to SitterCity (great site, by the way) and really dig in and find someone who could meet our needs. I found a woman who recently started her own pet sitting business and was willing to do everything we needed and more. Toward the end of the visit, I explained that we will need to have her come on the morning of September 12th, which is the day we are travelling to San Antonio for our transfer. I'll leave you with a picture of a birthday gift that came in the mail for me yesterday from my dear friend and fellow EA blogger, Jess. Out of nowhere much later in the day, our diabetic cat Nadia jumped off of a bar-stool and began walking with a horrible limp.
We've set up a very large dog crate in the living room to limit her movement and to allow her to be near us. Here is our other cat, Chloe, visiting Nadia in the "infirmary ward." Visiting hours are 8am to 10pm daily. After all of this ordeal, I got home and our dog ,Oscar, woke up from a nap and started having idiopathic tremors. The basic idea behind this book is that all of us have a primary love language that we've spoken and understood pretty much our whole lives. This book explains what each of the five different love languages are, and how anyone can easily learn their spouse's love language and unlock the key to showing them love in the language they best understand. I can't say enough good things about this book and how much this has bumped our marriage to a really fantastic level.
To be honest, I was a little nervous going into this appointment since my period still hadn't shown up yet. During my own journey through embryo adoption, I've had the pleasure of getting to know several amazing women who have either gone down this path with success, or are currently moving along in the early stages of it. When a donor reaches out to you as a hopeful recipient, your heart leaps at just the sight of their email. Then the most impacting thing of all happens: You receive photos of their beautiful children. You would think that a donor would be more aware of the emotional place that a recipient couple is at when they open this kind of sensitive dialog with them. I can tell you first hand that if you are a donor who is in the early stages of conversation with a recipient couple and you have changed your mind, the kindest thing you can do for them is to be honest.
We are blessed to have two donor families who stuck it out and kept on going which brought us to the place we are today. I hope this post helps anyone reading who might be on the other side of the embryo adoption table. Dr A did my transfer last time, but this time Dr B insisted that my nurse schedule my transfer for a day that she could be there. To show my appreciation for her kindness and extra effort on this rocky journey, I bought her a white sapphire necklace and a card.
But here's a monkey wrench: I found out yesterday that Dr B is going on maternity leave very soon! I'm still doing my 20u of Lupron every day, and I took my last birth control pill last night. Based on some promising research results for DOR patients, I decided to try acupuncture for my fresh IVF cycle attempt in 2012.
I quickly did my research for another acupuncturist and ended up with one who specialized in women's issues and seemed to understand infertility and IVF very well. I really didn't like the idea of her making claims like this and giving me mental conflict and questioning my choices. Due to my skepticism, I didn't do acupuncture for my DEmbryo FET in February 2013 based on my less-than-stellar experiences the first time. I emailed a few different acupuncture clinics near my work because that's where these appointments would likely need to happen. The session itself was extremely relaxing, and for the first time ever I did feel something different.
I had a bit of a headache that started about an hour after leaving, but that could just be the Lupron taking hold. Kevin sent me a link to an story about embryo adoption that was featured on the main page of CNN today!
2) While they transferred two embryos and ended up with three children due to one splitting, this is incredibly rare. As far as our embryo selection goes, we told our embryologist we would let her select which two to transfer on the big day based on quality. I have already knocked out two Lupron injections and even though the hot flashes have set in, I do feel good otherwise. It has been wonderful that this doctor is giving him this advice without the involvement of any of his family members. That feeling of loss is far out-shadowed by the feeling of relief and gratitude for the four we received. And the icing on the cake is that when I got home, I found that the insurance company approval letter had arrived in the mail.
The embryologist made a strong recommendation as to which two blasts to transfer on game day. With Nadia's diabetes requiring pretty much around-the-clock supervision and care, it's been very overwhelming. I found out she used to work at my previous clinic as the billing person before leaving to start her own pet sitting business.
It started with waking up early to take my dad's dog, Gus, to the vet for a planned surgery because Gus had a split toenail and broken tooth. She's not thrilled about it, but without her being able to put weight on her leg, there's no other option. Not really cycle related, but it's front-and-center in my life right now so I figured I'd write about it. Due to the comfort level of all existing members, we will only accept members to join if they are using their real Facebook profile. This book is a perfect guide for ensuring that your spouse feels loved and I can't recommend it enough to a couple going through infertility. I love for him to tell me that he thinks I'm great, wonderful, beautiful and how proud he is that he is my husband.
He feels most loved when I hold his hand, give him a massage, sit next to him to snuggle, etc. It was a great choice on a hot Texas summer day, because even though it was a humid and steamy 95 degrees outside, the underground caves were at a cool 72. I got an email from my nurse saying "Did you make an appointment for the ultrasound today?!? She checked the left ovary, and she said "Wow, you weren't kidding about your ovaries not working!" Sad reminder that my ovaries are just for decoration.
For those of us who have decided upon the path of finding a donor ourselves, there has been one common surprising source of pain: A promising relationship built with a potential donor, only to slowly and painfully realize that the donor has dropped off the face of the planet.
These people understand IF and the pain it causes because they've suffered from IF themselves. You read every word intently and you let yourself slowly start to just wonder if this could be "it". Dr A (the man RE) is the one I see locally in Austin for routine ultrasounds and my SIS, etc. She has been incredible throughout this entire process, going above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions. And even though my RE's office is opening up a lab in Austin which would allow us to avoid the drive to San Antonio on transfer day, it means enough to me to see Dr B that we are planning to go to San Antonio anyway. I also got a matching one for my embryologist who went so far above and beyond to get these snowflakes here.
My first acupuncturist was a young woman who I found through a Yelp deal, and was in the side of a shady strip mall in my small town.

But the one thing that bothered me was that this new acupuncturist would make chastising comments about how she wished I had come to her sooner before getting to the IVF stage because she could have fixed my DOR.
In my emails I explained I needed FET support acupuncture, trying to weed out the weirdos like the first acupuncturist I got.
I have the following three gripes, but other than the following, I'm excited that it was put out there! Choosing to highlight this aspect of the story adds to the notion that fertility treatments always lead to situations involving surprise multiples.
This is a pet peeve of mine (and many others in the IF community) because we can only transfer embryos into the uterus. She told us that all five of our embryos were excellent quality, so from a quality standpoint, there is no difference. My dad realizes he can't make us the enemy this time because we aren't involved with it this time. For the first time ever I felt like he was listening and acknowledging that he needs to help himself. And I'm very happy to know that ALL of her four remaining embryos are safe and sound at my lab. I now have five incredibly high quality blasts waiting for me, including the day 6 blast from our first donor, Vicky. It was like the beautiful culmination of all of our hard work and fighting finally came to an end yesterday. I took the day off to enjoy all-about-me-on-my-birthday time, but I ended up filling my day planned for chores and other things that I needed to get done.
We've recognized that we need to hire someone to help us out in the event we can't be home to feed, test, or give her shots.
As I was showing her the cat's insulin syringes in the laundry room, I realized my FET medication box was sitting out on the counter.
In fact, she worked there during my IVF cycle and had even ordered all of my IVF medication! My vet called me this morning to tell me that he had a consult with the orthopedic surgeon yesterday and the two of them decided her injury was not as serious as first thought and it will NOT require $2000 surgery!
They did x-rays and determined she has either a torn ligament or torn meniscus in her knee.
He started getting these occasionally a few years ago, but luckily he hasn't had one in a very long time.
The group status is set to "secret" which means it is 100% private so your other FB friends will not know you are a part of it or see you are posting to it. In fact, I'd recommend it to any couple, even those who may not be going through something so difficult.
I like him to tell me why he thinks that my latest photographs are great, or that the dinner I cooked tastes amazing. It's been interesting learning this about him because most of our marriage, I've been showering him with words to tell him that I love him, because that's the language I understand best and I feel most loved in.
We've always loved one another and never doubted we were going to stick it out through good times and in bad, through sickness and in health.
You exchange emails back and forth, you learn you have things in common, you talk about the paths each of you have taken to get to where you are today.
You decide to email them again and ask them nicely if you can answer any other questions for them, and you wish them a wonderful week hoping it will spur them to respond. And it recently happened to another friend of mine about a week ago which is what prompted me to write about this now. So you would think that they would surely understand how hurtful it would be to completely drop away with no response, no explanation. And Dr B (the woman RE) is the Third Party Reproduction RE that oversees all of my care remotely. She has made me feel like a partner instead of a patient who should follow her orders blindly. These all match the ones I bought for Vicky and Libby when they donated their embryos to us.
I found out because a friend of mine tried to make an appointment with her yesterday and the office staff said she wasn't accepting new patients because she was going out on leave soon. We went for sushi last night in the hopes that it would be my last sushi hurrah for you know, nine months or so? Her philosophy for IVF support was to balance my body as a whole and the fertility aspects would fall into place naturally. Surprisingly, most claimed they knew what to do in very few words, but that wasn't enough for me. She warned me about a needle she was going to poke on the arch of my foot (ouch) and praised me for being such a tough cookie when it was inserted. I wish they'd highlight embryo adoption without focusing on the fact that this couple ended up with triplets, but oh well.
My dad recently had some blood work done, including his A1C, and while I don't know the actual results, the doctor recognized how out of control his diabetes is and ordered a home care nurse for him. I let him know that I am so happy to hear that he's trying to take control away from his diabetes.
If he doesn't, the reality is that one day I will go over there and find him not breathing. We are lowering her dose again, but it seems like diabetes has quite the influence on our lives right now. I know and trust the embryologist here and I have 100% confidence they will be taken care of to the highest standards. This is an unbelievable blessing for me as a woman who could have never in a million years have created five frozen embryos using my own body.
I quickly explained that I had medical issues and clarified that she should be careful to not use any of my syringes or medications on the cat.
I try to be an advocate for infertility and embryo adoption when a situation presents itself. And on top of all of that, she was actually a gestational carrier for another infertile couple and carried twins. This poor kitty is seemingly falling apart between this and her recent diagnosis of diabetes. But many times during the enormous trials of infertility, making sure your spouse feels loved isn't always at the top of the priority list, even though it should be. For example, a husband may think that showering his wife with gifts is the best way of showing love to her.
After reading this book, you can take a free online questionnaire to figure out which language you are.
He has always done a lot of nice things for me, but we realized after reading this book that when he does these nice things to show me love, the missing piece of the puzzle is for him to tell me that he did it for me and explain why he did those nice things. But I am happy that we've found such an amazing tool to help us feel the most support and the most love through these hardest points in life. You have to break the news to your spouse and watch him feel the deep pain you've already started to feel inside. My best guess is that they have changed their mind about wishing to donate, or no longer believe it is a match - for whatever reason.
She called me from her personal cell on a Friday evening during her her drive home from work to make sure I got test results that I had been anxious for.
Of course I am happy for her, but now there's a side of me that is a little nervous I won't get to meet her after all. And I hope my lining sheds prior to that appointment, or we will have a delay similar to what happened last time. Until one woman responded indicating that I'd come in once a week leading up to the transfer, twice on the actual day of transfer, and twice waiting for my beta results. She seemed normal and I didn't feel was trying to sell me magic potion or make me believe in hocus-pocus.

But she said I will feel relief from the hot flashes from that particular acupuncture point.
Two from Libby's batch are frozen to a single straw, whereas the rest are all frozen as singles to straws. They are quickly seeing that his lifestyle is going to kill him if he doesn't get a handle on it. But of course, I can't help but feel a loss for the imagined fifth snowflake that we had planned and prepared for all this time. My head is still spinning thinking about how many obstacles we had to overcome to get to this point.
Overwhelming is really the best word to describe it, especially when we are right in the middle of our cycle.
But his wife may feel like she is lacking love from him because he never helps her with the dishes or does any vacuuming.
When Kevin and I first started our embryo search in 2012 on Miracles Waiting, we found ourselves contacting a few donors. But instead of being open and honest about it, they slip away leaving the recipient to wonder, hope, wonder some more, and then hurt like crazy. I was going to be jealous if the other RE got to do it!" See what I mean about making me feel special? I'm pretty sappy because it makes me feel loads of joy to think that all of these special women who have had a hand in this have matching snowflake necklaces. This turned out with me holding onto vials of bizarre substances while she smacked my back with a plastic stick, and then of course poked me with acupuncture needles. I followed the advice of my RE and my acupuncturist to the letter and my ovaries failed to respond whatsoever to the maximum amount of stims on an everything-and-the-kitchen-sink protocol. But my RE surprised me at the consult following my miscarriage and insisted that I do acupuncture this time. Who knows it it actually worked or not, but I did not have any hot flashes last night after my appointment. Because of this, she recommends we thaw and transfer the two-in-a-straw of Libby's and we can thaw the rest as singles next time.
I have insulin resistance myself, and while I am not diabetic, I also have to recognize my limitations in my diet if I want to remain nondiabetic.
Or worst still, suffer amputated limbs or other terrible complications before a miserable death. This means that the woman she spoke with way back in May who told her the exciting and unexpected news of the fifth embryo was just flat out wrong.
Even though her job as a pet sitter has nothing to do with infertility, it feels good to find a real life connection with someone who "gets it" without having to explain.
Sometimes I even forget I'm cycling, but thankfully my phone reminds me when I need to take my medications!
I took him to the vet a long time ago when I first him do this, but she said not to worry about them.
And believe it or not, this actually happened once before when they scheduled me at the San Antonio location instead of Austin for my last cycle. You finally have facial features, hair colors, and eyes to put with the dreams you've had all this time. Acupuncture definitely didn't help me that cycle, but who knows if I was even help-able, really. I let both Libby and Vicky know this because I think it's important for them to be aware of such an important decision. His blindness is a genetic disease with no cure, his bipolar disorder is for the most part, managed with medication. The nurse started visiting him this weekend, and based on what she saw, she gave him an increase to his insulin and ordered him a talking blood glucose monitor. He will be contacting us today or tomorrow to let us know the details from his consult with the orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist.
I guess it's typical in "bully" breeds (and we think he's part English Bull Terrier, like the Target dog.) We rescued him when he was about a year old and he had already been severely beaten and abused, his skull broken from blunt force trauma, teeth knocked out, completely blind in one eye, covered in ticks, and starved. And the unfortunate part about this situation is that the husband does love his wife with all of his heart - he just doesn't understand that the best way to show his wife love is in a way she understands, through acts of service to her.
But no matter what you're looking for, when you're in the process seeking embryos you're putting a lot of hope and faith that the answer to your prayers is going to be at the end of your search.
Things seem to be going so well as you build this new relationship and you hit "send" on the most recent email back to them. She ran a list of Reproductive Immunology testing I brought to her just because I requested it.
And not only that, said she loves giving discounts to her fertility clients, she got awesome yelp reviews, is within walking distance of my work, and was extremely flexible on scheduling the day of transfer appointments. We love that final little day 6 snowflake from Vicky's batch with all of our hearts, but it looks like it will be waiting in the wings for this go-round. We talked about good food choices, and all of the yummy things he can eat and get excited about.
He only shows it in a way he knows, and he thinks that being thoughtful in the gifts he buys her is the right way to go.
You have likely already been down a path full of immense failure and disappointment, and are now embarking on a new (and somewhat scary) path which finally holds promise for you once again.
And unlike infertility itself which is blind to who it decides to inflict pain upon, this kind of pain feels like a direct attack to your character. I love talking about embryo adoption, and whenever an opportunity presents itself to be an advocate for it, I am. He is in a large amount of denial about his diabetes, probably due to impulsivity from the bipolar disorder.
But I was pretty alarmed to hear that the nurse suggested he be admitted to the hospital on Friday night due to extremely high blood glucose levels, and of course, he refused to go.
I invited him over for dinner tonight, which is always a diabetic friendly menu due to the way we eat in our house due to my insulin resistance. I need a relief from these headaches and decrease in Lupron and addition of estradiol will certainly help. He does not check his blood sugar at all, and anyone who tries to help him or encourage him ends up being his enemy. But she stayed with him all night and gave him insulin until his levels came down to a reasonable place again.
You were vulnerable to this potential donor and all you can think is that they didn't like anything that they saw in you.
My whole family has tried encouraging him to take steps to better monitor and manage his diabetes, yet despite this, he refuses to make any changes. When I talk to her on the phone, I feel like I'm talking to a girlfriend who I could easily go grab coffee with and enjoy spending time with. I went with the flow with her for a while because I had no reference point since she was my first ever acupuncturist.
The final signal that she was not a the right acupuncturist for me was when she announced to me that she had learned she was pregnant herself, and she wasn't sure if she was going to keep her baby because it was likely from a one night stand. I think most of us have resolved to trying to show him as much love as we can while we watch him destroy himself slowly.
Donor embryo cycles aren't something she normally does because they don't have an in-house donor embryo program.
And even if I'm not actually special to her, she's sure made me feel that way with how she treats me and talks to me.

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