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Although the literal content of these pregnancy dreams are not things I worry about (like being physically attacked) in dreamland they are symbolic of common feelings associated with pregnancy (fear, vulnerability, uncertainty).
The truth is, being pregnant with your first child marks the beginning of a major life upheaval.
In the first trimester (0-3 months) your body is flooded with the pregnancy hormones progesterone, estrogen and human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG). Hormones can have dramatic effects on the mind (mood swings) as well as the body (morning sickness). During the first trimester I had frequent nightmares based on a recurring theme: the need to be protected by Pete. Dream analysis might reveal these to be expressions of vulnerability and loss of control, which are common feelings in pregnancy. Analysis: This is a common pregnancy dream and said to be a combination of hopes for an easy delivery and an incomplete understanding of labor.
Analysis: Research shows that pregnancy dreams often reference buildings where things are produced - factories, shipyards, workplaces - as paralleling the production of a baby inside your body. At the time I was suffering painful physical symptoms of pregnancy IBS and felt as if my body were failing me, and there was nothing I could do to fix it (most medicines and painkillers are off limits during pregnancy). In the second trimester (4-6 months) the levels of hCG have dropped away, with the placenta and extra blood now doing the work of nourishing the baby. This is usually the best bit of pregnancy where your body has adjusted to its new parasite friend and all the necessary changes that come with it. Analysis: The presence of baby animals is thought to reveal your gut instincts towards nurturing your young.
Dream: I am in a city, searching for Pete who has the elusive characteristics of Eric Bana in The Time Traveler's Wife. Analysis: Some pregnancy dreams convey husbands having love affairs or no longer caring about their pregnant wives. After a couple of weeks of this, I was having a dream when the baby started moving around (in real life).
Dreams in the third trimester (7-9 months) tend to be guided by psychological factors based on your expectations of the baby and it becoming a dominant feature of your life. Studies have found that when expectant mothers guess the sex of their baby based on their dreams during pregnancy, they are correct 50% of the time - the same as random chance. While pregnancy dreams can be a rollercoaster of emotions (much like the experience of pregnancy itself), they do provide opportunities to analyze and reconcile deep rooted anxieties.
Members of our lucid dream forum have been asking how to create dream characters in lucid dreams. As I near the home stretch of my second pregnancy, I find myself comparing the experience to to my first one. While there really are a lot of similarities in my two pregnancies, there is one thing about this baby that is definitely a lot different—this baby is a kicking maniac!
Do you think it’s possible that a baby’s kicking and prenatal activity patterns can foreshadow their personality?
I am stunned daily at just how active this baby is, and there are times when I actually have to stop what I am doing, and just breathe through the hard jolts and kicks. I can’t help but wonder if this little girl that I am carrying is going to be as energetic and active as a child as she is in my belly. For those of you who have more than one child, were the prenatal kicks you experienced starkly different from pregnancy to pregnancy? My 1st was pretty lazy in the womb – and still is… My 3rd was very active and he is a little ball of energy – This one- my 4th is very strong. With this baby (35 weeks!), I have been feeling him move and kick since probably 22 or 24 weeks and it is so cool and I love it (unless he is pushing on my bladder!). In my experience, kicking may not foreshadow personality, but it has foreshadowed energy level.
For me each pregnancy has been different, my first a girl, was extremely laid back, sometimes only moving if I pushed lightly on my tummy, she is pretty laid back. With pregnancy number two my little Popsicle only moved to his big brother voice and his daddy’s voice.
Since becoming pregnant, my dream recall has shot up because of disturbed sleep (you're more likely to remember dreams from every sleep cycle when you get up multiple times in the night to pee). Think of this stage as bouts of severe PMS; emotional mood swings cause emotional thoughts, and therefore emotional dreams during pregnancy. The hormones merely amplify these underlying fears and that's what causes the crazy nightmares.

I urge everyone out the building because I know the tower is about to collapse, but no-one believes me. This dream may have symbolized fears about my body (the tower) deteriorating under the stresses of pregnancy. In pregnancy dreams, these animals are often cuddly and cute, but can morph, say from a sea creature to land mammal, as if you are watching it grow and evolve. Every time I find him, we share a few precious moments before he fades away in time and I don't know when I'll see him again. The movement was transferred - and amplified - in the dreamworld, so I felt like I had a washing machine going off inside me. It's suitably random enough to occur multiple times per day, and next time the baby kicks while I'm dreaming it'll help me have a lucid dream.
From parental instincts to the length of labor, your dreams during pregnancy can reveal a lot about the future.
That will boost your self awareness in dreams (making lucidity more likely) and also means you can actually remember your lucid dreams. That's to say that all of her dreams are conscious (lucid), highly realistic and incredibly vivid. If you want to learn how to have lucid dreams, this section gives a flavor of the mindset and the techniques you'll learn. I could feel his little cranium lodged under my ribs, and his movement seemed to be concentrated on kicks to my bladder. He is a pretty laid back kid, but definitely stubborn—just like a breech baby to be stubborn! He’s almost 23 weeks and I feel him maybe every couple days and even then just barely.
I know this because at just 20 weeks he was able to kick the remote off my belly… my 6-year-old daughter just giggled… truly amazing! When I was pregnant with my last, I remarked several times (to anyone nearby of course) that he was nonstop motion. With your first your uterus is tighter and your stomach muscles haven’t been stretched out before.
Their patterns (times of the day they were most active, for example) were similar but the amount was way different. The one that is breech kicks my bladder sporadically, but his heart beat is slower, he moves significantly less, but is perfectly healthy, go figure. I was also nauseous and vomited for the entire 9 months and couldn’t eat hamburger meat and hated sweets!
My first and second pregnancy were completely different from each other but I ended up with boys both times. My son is really laid back like he was in utero and my daughter is a crazy all over the place energetic happy little girl. Unfortunately, when I called my husband to feel it, Light wasn’t making anymore kicks. Each time, the dream ended (quite well, as it happened) with Pete fighting off the bad guys and saving me (yay). Finally, they file out, and as we reach the lobby the building finally collapses under it's own weight.
It's definitely a more peaceful ride, though there are clearly hormonal and psychological factors still influencing my dreams. I think Piper becoming miniaturized and adorable reflects my feelings toward the unborn baby; I am really looking forward to having this cute little critter to care for.
Our dogs, Howard and Piper, turn up to help me search, and I have a strong feeling they are my sons.
In my experience I've had recurring dreams of physically losing Pete for mysterious reasons. It started off as a fluttering sensation but the movements have become progressively stronger. Amazingly, 94% of women who gave birth quickly had been assertive in at least one dream about birth, reflecting their self-confidence. There were actually points in my first pregnancy when I was concerned about not feeling him move much, and I ended up having several fetal nonstress tests in my OB’s office. With my first two pregnancies I rarely felt them move, with both I experienced maybe 3 kicks a piece and that was it.
The ultrasound always shows him as active and he has made us laugh so many times with his antics on screen.

At 3-years-old, he is a focused, compliant kid, but still a very normal active & energetic preschooler. With my second pregnancy my daughter was not anywhere near as active and I only got sick a couple times early in the pregnancy. My first pregnancy I can remember slight kicks, and he liked to flip from side to side and now he is 5 and he’s a typical boy but not wild.
But I will say with her, I have figured out most of her routine (the times she is awake, asleep, etc). Popsicle would move for hours when my husband would lay his head on my belly and talk to him.
I fill the dish with water and he sits there, hopelessly adorable and staring at me with big eyes while I bathe him. Finally, unable to find Pete, they decide to leave forever to go on a lifelong search for him, leaving me totally alone and hopeless in the world.
Although the real world insecurity may be largely unfounded, the dreaming mind tries to work through this fear as a worst case scenario.
At this stage of pregnancy, lying down causes my muscles to relax and the fetus has more room to jump about. Of those who endured long labors, 70% had suffered nightmares about birth where they felt like victims.
That level of mindfulness we regular folk strive to achieve in our dreams is always present in her nightly escapades.
If you're going to learn how to have lucid dreams, you need to inject three things in your life starting today. I’ve always said I should put her in a room with some basic equipment, film her and sell it as an exercise video. However on the ultrasounds they were always moving and anytime I was hooked up to a monitor it would frustrate the nurses becuase they would move so much and have to be readjusted all the time (both were premature). He started going in the walker at 3 months, and actually was able to move it with his strong legs. My belly is jumping all around constantly, so it will be interesting to see what his personality will be like! With my second she kicked so hard in one spot there was a distinct foot shaped bruise at the top of my belly. He would rub my belly all the time he would even settle down when I had morning sickness when my husband would tell him to behave because his mommy needed to rest. I feel like this baby is more active than my first but it has been 5 years so I can’t be for certain. These mind-expanding technologies are bringing interactive virtual worlds to gamers everywhere. And she did hand stands and pushed agaisnt my ribs and diaphram so I couldn’t breathe. It was really cute his kicks were very strong it felt like he was going to karate crop his way out of my belly. But did you know that you already possess a far superior form of biological virtual reality?
My daughter is actually pretty calm and laid back, just likes to talk a lot and really not into physical activities much at all.
We’re all night owls so I was nervous, and he does wake up every morning by that time but goes back to sleep.
I was prepared for them to have personalities very similar to the behavior they exhibited while sharing my body, but they were totally different. My son was much quieter; there were times, especially toward the end, where his movement worried me because he could get so quiet. My seven year old would rub my belly and tell his little brother he has waited a long time for him to come.
My son on the other hand is constantly moving and is so strong-willed and stubborn as can be, loves being outdoors and loves anything to do with balls, running or catch!
My YDS barely moved in utero…he would be in the same position from one OB visit to the next. His power switch goes on full power after he wakes up, and doesn’t stop until his head hits the pillow…he is exhausting to watch!

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