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Image Details 2,508 views (3 from today) Uploaded Feb 24, 2014 at 04:02AM EST Origin Entry Furries To put it shortly, “furry” is an adjective. At this point in your pregnancy you’ve most likely come up with the ideal fitness plan for you and your lifestyle. Now that you’re 18 weeks pregnant you might feel as though you’re always spending a lot time in the bathroom. No doubt about it, there are times when you’re going to feel overly sensitive and frustrated with all these pregnancy symptoms you have to deal with. Do you feel that now you’ve reached 18 weeks that you’re becoming more and more forgetful? If you do ignore a homeless person's request for help, just how quickly does the incident evaporate from your mind? What is your honest opinion of these people who are teetering on the very edges of our society? Does your suspicion that some of these people might be pulling a con and actually making good money by pretending to be homeless and begging, stop you from helping any of them?
Would you smell better, behave better or beg less, than a homeless person does, if you did not have a home to go to for the next four weeks? Can you see that if you were homeless you might also want to take something to numb your feelings about the situation?
Would you prefer them to be 'relocated' away from your line of sight so that they can also be put out of your mind? Do you see homeless people and hear yourself muttering internal sound bites like, "there but for the grace of God go I"? Do you have a clear idea of just how far any one of us can fall and how quickly it can happen?

Do you help them, smile, offer something, anything, buy them food, stay there for a moment and engage in a conversation? At this stage in your pregnancy you’ll be gaining more weight and feeling an increase in your appetite. Being 18 weeks pregnant means that it’s more important than ever to keep up with your fitness.
Nausea and an over-active bladder are two unpleasant pregnancy symptoms behind these frequent bathroom visits.
As you make your way through your pregnancy take some time to acknowledge your sensitivity as you deal with your changing body. After all, with so many things happening at once, what woman isn’t going to be a little sensitive now and then? Forgetfulness, also known as “pregnancy brain”, is one of those pregnancy symptoms that most women will experience at some point in their pregnancy and is perfectly normal.
While most women attend prenatal classes during their sixth or seventh month of being pregnant, these types of classes fill up fast.
These pregnancy symptoms are perfectly natural and to be expected when you’re 18 weeks pregnant.
Remember…keeping fit can alleviate many of those unpleasant pregnancy symptoms you’re experiencing. At this stage in your pregnancy your uterus is getting bigger and bigger, putting a lot of pressure on your bladder. To deal with these emotions now that you’re 18 weeks pregnant it’s important that you talk to your partner about how you’re feeling. Hopefully by now you’ve realized that wearing comfortable clothing is a must at this stage in your pregnancy. When it comes to your increased appetite the important thing to remember is that even though you’re eating for two, you still have to watch your calorie intake!

Even though these pregnancy symptoms are frustrating and annoying they’re something most pregnant women experience during their pregnancy.
Not only will you learn more about being pregnant in these classes, you’ll most likely make some new friends. Wearing clothing that is tight and restricted is going to hinder your movements, whether you’re at work or lounging around at home. While 18 weeks pregnant you’re most likely starting to feel a little anxious about the upcoming birth of your baby.
The more comfortable you are the better able you’re going to be deal not only with pregnancy symptoms such as sore feet but also with your changing emotions.
Instead of letting these pregnancy symptoms get you down why not come up with tools to help you cope. Prenatal classes will teach you ways to relax in the weeks to come as well as prepare you for what to expect as your due date approaches. Add an extra pillow or two to your bed to get as comfortable as possible and ease some of those symptoms such as a sore back! Being pregnant should be a fun and exciting time so don’t let any annoying pregnancy symptoms get you down, especially not a little forgetfulness now and then! After all, the more relaxed you are the more calm, cool, and collected you’ll be throughout this wonderful time in your life!

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