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Schreiben Write as many words as you can remember from what we have learned so far this year. Numbers: Die Zahlen 1 – eins 2 – zwei 3 – drei 4 – vier 5 – funf 6 – sechs 7 – sieben 8 – acht 9 – neun 10 – zehn 11 – elf 12 – zwolf 13 – dreizehn 14.
Die Wochentage Heute ist Dienstag Morgen ist Mittwoch Gestern war Montag Ubermorgen ist Donnerstag Vorgestern war Sonntag Freitag Samstag. Buchstaben Nummern A-ah K-kah U-uh 1-eins 11-elf 40-vierzig B-beh L-ell V-fow 2-zwei 12-zwolf 50-funfzig C-tseh M-emm W-veh 3-drei 13-dreizehn 60-sechzig. 1 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt 10 pt 15 pt 20 pt 25 pt 5 pt Numbers. Identify the option with CORRECT spelling to complete the sentence given below.The_________________took his sheep and goats to graze on the mountains.

Which option punctuates the sentence given below CORRECTLY?Nisha said to me do you want me to drop you home. 2.You can ask questions in turns for each team passing the question on if students answer incorrectly.
There are a total of three quizzes broken up into 3 levels ranging from lower intermediate to upper intermediate. ESL Kids Games by David Mulcahy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Um die Prasentation herunterzuladen, empfehlen Sie diese Ihren Freunden uber beliebiges soziales Netzwerk. Die Zahlen 0null 1eins 2zwei 3drei 4vier 5funf 6sechs 7sieben 8acht 9neun 10zehn 11elf 12zwolf 13dreizehn 14vierzehn 15funfzehn.

You can also get teams to “buzz” in if they know the answer but this can get noisy quickly so be warned! Alternatively in teams the students can write five questions and assign points depending on difficulty.

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