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Another way to figure out if you’re ovulating is to know your basal body temperature daily. To get pregnant fast, you need to have sexual intercourse at least once or twice a day in the days during ovulation.
Your final step and most likely your last resort to get pregnant fast if all else fails is to consult your fertility doctor and inquire about the possibility of having In-vitro fertilization. But on the other hand, I had only had 2 cycles and I was pretty sure conception across the country wasn’t possible, so I reminded myself it was early and I could continue to track things and relax more at the same time. I also decided there was one more easy-to-access piece of knowledge about my cycles I could invest in: an ovulation predictor kit (OPK).
Kath, did your temperature sure on CD25 only go up by .2 degrees (hard to tell on the chart). I don’t understand all that planning (temperature, charts…), why not just let go, have sex, relax and wait ? How funny, not only are we due almost exactly the same day, my experience was somewhat similar!
Wow, my husband & I must have a problem, because every other day for us is pretty standard!
Before we were on opposite schedules that was the norm for us too ?? Sex is so different for everyone. As someone who went through 4 cycles of IUI (intrauterine insemination) and then a round of IVF to get my baby here I hope you realize how fortunate you are!
My mom gardened and canned our own foods and cooked and we ate healthy almost all the time. My husband and I never tracked a thing and it took just about 4 months for me to see a positive result.
I’m guessing its because its very personal information being shared, but something I couldn’t help but notice! Very cool to read all of the details on your last few posts- and for being so open and honest with everything. With all the talk about ovulation, and gross cervical fluid, you know, chicken eggs, are are exactly that, A hens ovulation, an unfertilized egg. All this charting stuff sounds like a pain… yet at the same time, I feel a little bit like I was denied this whole process! This occurs after hormone levels drop at the end of the previous cycle, signaling blood and tissues lining the uterus (womb) to break down and shed from the body.
Some birth control have long waiting period before your body chemistry re-adjusts for conception and it also depends on the woman’s body to be ready to become pregnant.
Exercise at least 3 times a day for 1 hour, and eat healthy food rich with antioxidants and vitamin B. If your menstrual cycle starts every 28 days, you can assume that ovulation happens 14 days after the first day of menstruation.

This is your body’s temperature when you’re fully at rest and can be measured with a thermometer designed for basal temperature. I continued to take my temperature each morning, and we embarked on an “every other day” adventure.
The cheap strips I used last time were too hard to read, so I knew I wanted to pay a bit more to get a digital test.
I studied lots of charts at Fertility Friend and some people spiked right up and others were a gradual shift or a steady climb over a few days. Even though my first child came at an unexpected time, I am very blessed that I am extremely fertile and never had to worry about conception.
You have to keep the romance going… But well different persons, different experiences. I wanted to just let it go Anne, but as I’ve explained the past 2 posts, it was much easier to relax when I knew what was going on than being clueless and wondering all day long. She chose a very methodical way to reach that goal, probably in part because doing the research and making a plan eased the anxiety of going after something that she didn’t know a lot about and was not entirely within her control.
I think they show that it was intense to want something this much and that she tried hard to document what was going on at each step.
It was expensive and emotionally painful but in the end I got my baby and she is now a year old.
It will throw them for a loop and they’ll think they failed as a parent until they realize that sometimes having a picky vs. My 11 year old and 8 year old certainly eat their fair share of junk while at parties or sleeping over with friends. Just thought it was funny to put with the topic ?? And I don’t think every other day is a lot! There are only 4 days per monthly cycle during which a woman can conceive and there are many factors which can affect fertility and conception. Having sexual intercourse during ovulation days increases your chance to get pregnant fast. Use a pillow underneath your lower back and hip are and tell your partner to thrust hard and deep.
It will stay high if you indeed ovulated (as long as you don’t have a low progesterone problem) until your period. I find this fascinating…well, with my son I found it stressful, but once I got pregnant with no problems the first time, the second time was more fun. We had our 3rd child via IVF and really, it was like something out of a science fiction novel down to the vacuum sealed doors where the blastocyst was passed from the technician to my doctor to me having to recite my SSN out loud before it was transferred (to be sure that blastocyst was mine). After being on hormonal birth control for so long, I was stoked when mine changed like the books said it would!
Also, I think for everyone who is familiar with CF, they already knew what you meant when you said it clued you into your ovulation.

I have amenorrhea- I stopped getting my period at some point (but I’m not really sure when, because I have been on the pill since I was 18, and that forces a period). Leading up to this time, hormones cause fluid-filled pockets called follicles to develop on the ovaries.
The closer the sperms spurt to the cervix the better the chance you have to get pregnant fast. The average ovulation day 14 came and went and my test was always an open circle – no smiley face. Even when charting, you have to think about all the surprises out there and that they weren’t following any rules. It amazes me when we are at the park and I see moms giving toddlers cookies, Capri Sun drinks, and other trash.
I went off the pill, just to see what it was like to be off of it, about 2 years ago and did not get a period for a year. Each follicle contains an egg.Between Day 7 and 14, one follicle will continue to develop and reach maturity. After that long period of waiting in my second cycle, I wondered whether I really should just forget about all the charting and just hope it happened.
Just wondering was it still loving and fun or did it just feel like something you had to do because you wanted to get pregnant? After a bazillion different tests from my gyno and a fertility doc, they put my back on the pill because my body was completely depleted of estrogen and progestrone. Another thing to remember if you want to get pregnant fast is to avoid stress and smoking which contributes to low sperm count.
But then one morning I popped the test strip out of the digital test and noticed the line was much darker.
Parents shouldn’t be too quick to condemn themselves, nor too quick to pat themselves on the back when their child eats a good, balanced diet. If a sperm unites with the egg here, the fertilized egg will continue down the fallopian tube and attach to the lining of the uterus.If the egg is not fertilized, hormone levels will drop around Day 25. I decided to test again in the afternoon (I had been using first morning urine) and sure enough, I got a smiley face!! And Kath would probably admit that her experience was very different from that of a woman who tried for years to get pregnant.

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