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In this age of increasing infertility rates, miscarriage, childhood diseases and genetic disorders, JBS Wellness focuses on the benefits of preparing both partners for the most important job they will ever do. Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse and affects approximately 15% of couples in the United States. At JBS Wellness, we believe that if the body is struggling to heal, reproduction can become a low priority for the bodya€™s resources. In the same way a runner prepares for a marathon, Preconception Health Care focuses on couples optimizing their health for the best possible conception, pregnancy, birth and baby. Eat healthy, nutritious, organic whole foods including plenty of vegetables, whole grains & protein. Avoid coffee (regular & decaf), which contains an enzyme that interferes with healthy sperm production along with caffeine that can disrupt both sexes.
Reduce intake of dairy which can cause mucous build-up & interfere with the reproductive tract. Do not consume food or liquids that have been microwaved because of the damaging effects of non-ionizing radiation.
Switch to natural personal care products and cosmetics to reduce exposure of synthetic hormones & dangerous toxins. Men must avoid hot tubs and saunas to avoid raising the temperature of the scrotum, which can damage sperm. Exercise for a minimum of 30 min 4 times per week to encourage healthy elimination, lymphatic flow, detoxification & normalize weight. Acupuncture has long been used for relieving pain, discomfort and improve many medical conditions. About GeniuspregnancyGenius Pregnancy is the site for pregnant women, expecting couples and those who are planning to have a baby.

We take a comprehensive therapeutic approach using chiropractic, nutritional and energetic techniques to improving both male and female fertility naturally. Also switch from petroleum based, which can disrupt hormones, to a vegetable base laundry detergent.
Men should not have a laptop sitting in the lap to prevent increasing the temperature of the scrotum.
Advisable to wear boxers instead of briefs to allow scrotum to stay cooler than body temperature. It uses the technique of inserting fine needles into specific points on your body to balance your flow of energy and improve blood circulation.
You will find various articles on parenting, pregnancy, health and childbirth on this site. Studies have demonstrated that acupuncture can be used to improve fertility by stimulating the body's hormonal system to produce the right hormones required for ovulation.
More people are now using acupuncture for fertility treatment.Acupuncture releases endorphins which inhibits pain and produce a feeling of relaxation. It also releases neurotransmitters and neurohormones which help the body's healing process. It triggers the release of prostaglandins, which stimulates the production of a substance in the nerve endings. This substance transmits messages to the hypothalamus, which controls all hormonal functions which affect ovulation, menstruation and pregnancy.Studies have proven that acupuncture can be used to regulate menstrual cycles and treat hormonal imbalances when used in conjunction with infertility treatments.
It also helps to thickens the uterine lining making it more receptive to embryo implantation. Acupuncture is often used in conjunction with in vitro fertilization (IVF) before and after the transfer of embryos to improve the rate of pregnancy.

Some women go for acupuncture three or four months before the insemination for IVF.Acupuncture can also be used to treat spasmed tubes which prevent pregnancy. In combination with herbs, it is also used treat increased level of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), recurrent miscarriage, unexplained infertility, luteal phase effect, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and endometrosis.Studies have shown that acupuncture can improve the quality of sperm in men. Acupuncture together with herbs can treat men infected with sperm-DNA-fragmentation.Infertility treatment can be very stressful for couples, especially women. Acupuncture decreases the sympathetic nervous system response and helps the women to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.There are no known side effect for acupuncture. However, if incorrect acupuncture points are used on pregnant woman, a miscarriage can occur. If you plan to use acupuncture in your treatment regimen, make sure you select a certified and well-trained acupuncturist who specializes in infertility treatment. Many fertility clinics work with acupuncturist and they may be able to recommend a good one to you.It has become increasingly popular to use acupuncture for fertility treatment since it is known to have a positive effect on infertility.
However, it is unknown whether acupuncture and herbal medicine on its own without traditional medical interventions can help with conception.
However, acupuncture offer another alternative options for fertility treatment.Shane Lin had experienced infertility some years ago and gained a lot of knowledge on infertility through research. She would like to share her experience and knowledge with those who have difficulty getting pregnant.

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