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After reading this article, it really surprised me as to how bad alcohol can be for your body. Victorian ChildrenVictorian Children and Life in Victorian TimesA comprehensive Victorian Children history guide with facts and information on how the Victorian times impacted children in work, play, education and home life. There were laws that were passed over a period of several decades that slightly improved the working conditions and treatment of children.
The thought of using children for working the coal mines was very attractive to mining companies. One of the on the job aspects of Victorian Child Labor was the dreadful working conditions. Some children developed permanent spine deformation from having to walk stooped over constantly. Due to the lack of safety awareness in the mines and all of Victorian child labor for that matter, Death was a constant and ever-present danger. 1833 Factory Act, this banned children from working in textile factories under the age of nine. 1836 Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages, this enabled factory inspectors to check the ages of children working in factories (only applicable in England and Wales).
1842 Mines Act, this banned the employment underground of boys under the age of ten and all women and girls. 1844 Factory Act, this classed women as young persons under the age of eighteen and limited the hours of both groups to twelve on weekdays and nine on Saturdays.
1847 The Ten Hour Act, this cut the hours of women and the under-eighteens to ten a day and 58 a week. The life of a chimney sweep in Victorian times was nothing like what you see in Mary Poppins.
A Victorian Child Chimney Sweep may have been the most dangerous job for children in the 1800’s, especially when the child first started doing the job. Orphans were sometimes taken and put into (for lack of a better word) slavery, and then put back on the street when they grew too big for the chimneys. Bosses underfed children so that they would be thin enough to continue going down chimneys.
In 1788 a law against the use of young children under the age of eight as chimney sweeps was enacted.

In 1875, a 12-year-old boy name George Brewster died in an accident after his Master Sweep made him climb the chimney at Fulbourn Hospital to clean it.
The Chimney Sweepers Act 1875 made sure that all chimney sweeps had to be registered with the police. In 1881 Thomas Agnew, a Liverpool businessman visited the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.
I knew coming into college that excessive drinking was one of the primary reasons for the infamous "freshman 15." Obviously, alcohol is almost a way of life in college, especially here at Penn State. Being 21, I am not innoncent of drinking, but after learing more on the damage I am going to be much more cautious. It wasn’t until people like Lord Shaftesbury and Thomas Agnew took action that true change took place. Steam powered everything from trains and steamships to factories that used steam to power their machines. Children were much smaller, enabling them to maneuver in tight spaces and they demanded a lot less pay.
Considering that Victorian Children would work from 12 to 18 hours a day it is easy to see how respiratory problems could arise. The Durham Mining Museum website has several lists  of mine disasters with names and ages of the casualties. Being sent down the chimney the first several times would cause the child’s arms, elbows, legs and knees to be rubbed and scraped raw. Furthermore, the master sweep had to offer proper clothing as well as decent living conditions and had to allow the children to go to church on Sundays. Under this act it was not legal to make someone or even allow person under the age of 21 to climb up or into a chimney for the purpose of cleaning it.
A man called Lord Shaftesbury was obviously touched by the story and the spattering of public outcry that followed. He was so impressed by what he saw that he went back to England and started the Liverpool Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Almost everyone drinks on the weekends and that is practically the norm of how to have fun at night at most colleges.
One question that comes to mind is that why is it in college that drinking is considered a social gathering?

However, we will look into some of the more prevalent jobs that children did in Victorian times. It was dark in the mines making it hard to see and at times would cause permanent problems with sight from the constant strain on the eyes. Falling was a major fear for chimney sweeps or getting stuck in the stacks also, both could cause death very easily. He proposed a new Act that would superseded the Chimney Sweepers and Chimneys Regulation Act of 1840. This set the ball rolling and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (SPCC) was created in 1891. Besides the weight loss and the liver damage, I was informed that alcohol can cause brain damage as well. The boss would then wash their wounds with salt water and send them down another chimney without sympathy. During the 1800’s awareness began to grow toward the ills of child labor in factories and elsewhere.
There were little or no safety measures put in place in Victorian times so the occurrence of an injury and even death was not uncommon. There were a few reported cases of children getting stuck in chimneys and no one even knowing it, leaving them to die alone from exposure or smoke inhalation or worse. Laws were passed and then amendments to those laws were passed until the use of children under the age of 16 years of age was prohibited for full-time work. Being fat and unhealthy is one thing, but having brain damage can potentially ruin your life and cut it short. So with all that being said, I wonder if there is possibly any good out of alcohol consumption? I highly doubt it, but this report says that drinking moderately and dieting can help prevent heart failures.

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