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La proteina es esencial para el desarrollo de los musculos, huesos, piel, tendones y organos del cuerpo. Si consumes alimentos envasados ? de proteina, un exceso de estas o se elimina o transforma en grasa.
Las proteinas se pueden encontrar en huevos, pescados, carnes, aves, frutos secos, arvejas y lentejas.
Los carbohidratos o hidratos de carbono proporcionan hasta un 70% de la energia que nuestro cuerpo necesita. Se pueden encontrar en el pan, los cereales (trigo, maiz, arroz, avena), y verduras como, las patatas, asi como a base de frutas.
La mayoria de los carbohidratos que necesita el cuerpo provienen de los alimentos en los niveles dos y tres de la piramide alimentaria. Si comes muchos los carbohidratos tu cuerpo no sera capaz de producir energia con todos ellos por lo que el exceso se almacenara en el cuerpo como grasa.
Mucha gente tiene la falsa impresion de que los carbohidratos engordan, quiza porque los hidratos de carbono se asocian a menudo con las galletas bajas en grasa, galletas y patatas fritas que se pueden agregar kilos si no se consumen con moderacion. Los alimentos ricos en carbohidratos estan disponibles para aquellos que deseen perder peso o mantener una dieta sana y equilibrada. Cuando se trata de la perdida de peso, tu cuerpo no puede diferenciar entre las calorias consumidas como carbohidratos y las calorias consumidas como proteinas.
The vagina is the canal leading from the cervix (the opening of uterus) to the outside of the body. Age and being exposed to the drug DES (diethylstilbestrol) before birth affect a woman’s risk of vaginal cancer. Tests that examine the vagina and other organs in the pelvis are used to detect (find) and diagnose vaginal cancer. Physical exam and history: An exam of the body to check general signs of health, including checking for signs of disease, such as lumps or anything else that seems unusual.
Colposcopy: A procedure in which a colposcope (a lighted, magnifying instrument) is used to check the vagina and cervix for abnormal areas.
Biopsy: The removal of cells or tissues from the vagina and cervix so they can be viewed under a microscope by a pathologist to check for signs of cancer.
After vaginal cancer has been diagnosed, tests are done to find out if cancer cells have spread within the vagina or to other parts of the body. CT scan (CAT scan): A procedure that makes a series of detailed pictures of areas inside the body, taken from different angles. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging): A procedure that uses a magnet, radio waves, and a computer to make a series of detailed pictures of areas inside the body.
PET scan (positron emission tomography scan): A procedure to find malignanttumorcells in the body. Cystoscopy: A procedure to look inside the bladder and urethra to check for abnormal areas. In vaginal intraepithelial neoplasia (VAIN), abnormal cells are found in tissue lining the inside of the vagina.
VAIN 1: Abnormal cells are found in the outermost one third of the tissue lining the vagina. VAIN 2: Abnormal cells are found in the outermost two-thirds of the tissue lining the vagina. In stage II, cancer has spread through the wall of the vagina to the tissue around the vagina. Stage IVB: Cancer has spread to parts of the body that are not near the vagina, such as the lung or bone.
Laser surgery: A surgical procedure that uses a laser beam (a narrow beam of intense light) as a knife to make bloodless cuts in tissue or to remove a surface lesion such as a tumor. Wide local excision: A surgical procedure that takes out the cancer and some of the healthy tissue around it. Lymph node dissection: A surgical procedure in which lymph nodes are removed and a sample of tissue is checked under a microscope for signs of cancer. Pelvic exenteration: Surgery to remove the lower colon, rectum, bladder, cervix, vagina, and ovaries. Even if the doctor removes all the cancer that can be seen at the time of the surgery, some patients may be given radiation therapy after surgery to kill any cancer cells that are left. Radiation therapy is a cancer treatment that uses high-energy x-rays or other types of radiation to kill cancer cells or keep them from growing. Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses drugs to stop the growth of cancer cells, either by killing the cells or by stopping them from dividing.
Topical chemotherapy for squamous cell vaginal cancer may be applied to the vagina in a cream or lotion. Patients who take part in clinical trials also help improve the way cancer will be treated in the future. Patients can enter clinical trials before, during, or after starting their cancer treatment. Some of the tests that were done to diagnose the cancer or to find out the stage of the cancer may be repeated.
A combination of therapies that may include wide local excision with or without lymph node dissection and internal radiation therapy.
Check the list of NCI-supported cancer clinical trials that are now accepting patients with stage I vaginal cancer. Treatment of stage II vaginal cancer is the same for squamous cell cancer and adenocarcinoma.
Check the list of NCI-supported cancer clinical trials that are now accepting patients with stage II vaginal cancer. Treatment of stage III vaginal cancer is the same for squamous cell cancer and adenocarcinoma. Check the list of NCI-supported cancer clinical trials that are now accepting patients with stage III vaginal cancer. Treatment of stage IVA vaginal cancer is the same for squamous cell cancer and adenocarcinoma.
Check the list of NCI-supported cancer clinical trials that are now accepting patients with stage IVA vaginal cancer. Treatment of stage IVB vaginal cancer is the same for squamous cell cancer and adenocarcinoma.
Radiation therapy as palliative therapy, to relieve symptoms and improve the quality of life.
Although no anticancer drugs have been shown to help patients with stage IVB vaginal cancer live longer, they are often treated with regimens used for cervical cancer. Check the list of NCI-supported cancer clinical trials that are now accepting patients with stage IVB vaginal cancer.
Although no anticancer drugs have been shown to help patients with recurrent vaginal cancer live longer, they are often treated with regimens used for cervical cancer. Check the list of NCI-supported cancer clinical trials that are now accepting patients with recurrent vaginal cancer. Physician Data Query (PDQ) is the National Cancer Institute's (NCI's) comprehensive cancer information database. This PDQ cancer information summary has current information about the treatment of vaginal cancer. The information in this patient summary was taken from the health professional version, which is reviewed regularly and updated as needed, by the PDQ Adult Treatment Editorial Board. A clinical trial is a study to answer a scientific question, such as whether one treatment is better than another.

The information in these summaries should not be used to make decisions about insurance reimbursement. More information about contacting us or receiving help with the Cancer.gov website can be found on our Contact Us for Help page.
A parent's guide on how to raise a smart, bright and intelligent child - from baby, toddler, preschooler and school kid to teen.
Congenital malformations, premature delivery and many other conditions have a serious effect on your infant’s future and quality of life.  You should be aware of factors that can have an effect on your baby’s prenatal development, and avoid those that can be avoided. Taking a popular class of antidepressants, called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), during pregnancy may significantly increase autism risk.
Although there is a risk that you might consume fish that is contaminated with mercury, known to cause developmental problems, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that this risk may be offset by Omega-3 and other beneficial nutrients in fish.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We have noticed you are visiting from the United States, to see your prices in Dollars and the correct shipping rates please switch to our US Store. Cada uno de estos nutrientes juegan un papel unico en la construccion y el mantenimiento de un cuerpo sano, por lo que cualquier dieta que te prive de uno u otro durante un periodo prolongado de tiempo puede poner en riesgo tu salud. Las proteinas son la materia prima que el cuerpo usa para hacer y mantener sanos los musculos, huesos, piel y cabello.
Eso puede parecer mucho, pero no cuando se tiene en cuenta que 80 gramos de carne (del tamano de una baraja de cartas) proporciona 21 gramos de proteina. Tu cerebro, corazon y rinones dependen de los carbohidratos para obtener energia para funcionar correctamente.
Refrigerios bajos en grasa son generalmente altos en calorias, que pueden causar aumento de peso cuando se consumen bocadillos en grandes porciones.
Como norma general, los adultos deben recibir del 40 por ciento al 60 por ciento de sus calorias diarias de los carbohidratos.
Si comes menos calorias de las que quemas a traves de tus actividades diarias, perderas peso, independientemente del tipo de alimentos que comas. Squamous cell vaginal cancer spreads slowly and usually stays near the vagina, but may spread to the lungs, liver, or bone.
Adenocarcinoma is more likely than squamous cell cancer to spread to the lungs and lymph nodes. A history of the patient’s health habits and past illnesses and treatments will also be taken. If a Pap test shows abnormal cells in the vagina, a biopsy may be done during a colposcopy. An x-ray is a type of energy beam that can go through the body and onto film, making a picture of areas inside the body.
Cancer cells break away from where they began (the primary tumor) and travel through the lymph system or blood. The cancer gets into the lymph system, travels through the lymph vessels, and forms a tumor (metastatic tumor) in another part of the body.
The cancer gets into the blood, travels through the blood vessels, and forms a tumor (metastatic tumor) in another part of the body. For example, if vaginal cancer spreads to the lung, the cancer cells in the lung are actually vaginal cancer cells.
When abnormal cells are found throughout the tissue lining, it is called carcinoma in situ. Some treatments are standard (the currently used treatment), and some are being tested in clinical trials. Skin grafting is a surgical procedure in which skin is moved from one part of the body to another. Treatment given after the surgery, to lower the risk that the cancer will come back, is called adjuvant therapy. Patients who take part in a clinical trial may receive the standard treatment or be among the first to receive a new treatment.
Even when clinical trials do not lead to effective new treatments, they often answer important questions and help move research forward. See the Treatment Options section that follows for links to current treatment clinical trials. For more specific results, refine the search by using other search features, such as the location of the trial, the type of treatment, or the name of the drug. The PDQ database contains summaries of the latest published information on cancer prevention, detection, genetics, treatment, supportive care, and complementary and alternative medicine.
These Boards are made up of experts in cancer treatment and other specialties related to cancer. If you want to use an image from a PDQ summary and you are not using the whole summary, you must get permission from the owner.
More information on insurance coverage is available on Cancer.gov on the Managing Cancer Care page. Age of parents  – A University of Queensland, Australia study suggests that becoming a father at age 40 or older is linked to baby at a higher risk of schizopherenia, autism and syndromes that cause facial and skull abnormalities.  They also found that those born to older dads scored more poorly on a range of intelligence tests that looked at concentration, memory, reasoning and reading skills. According to a study, children born to men 45 and older have more risk of developing psychosis, autism, and attention deficit disorder, compared to children with fathers aged 20 to 24. Father’s Job  – A father’s job can raise a baby’s risk of having a birth defect, according to a study by the University of North Carolina.
Early Birth (Even Slightly) –  According to a study published in the journal Pediatrics, babies born at 37 weeks and 38 weeks had significantly lower reading scores compared to children born at 39, 40 or 41 weeks. Medication – As a rule, pregnant women are advised not to take any medication especially during the first trimester of pregnancy.  A common medicine like aspirin, for example, can cause bleeding in a child’s brain because of its ability to stop blood clot.
Opiod painkillers, such as Vicodin and Oxycontin may also cause birth defects and other serious pregnancy problems. Lack of sunshine – An Australian National University study found that children whose mothers had low exposure to sunlight during the first 3 months of pregnancy may have a higher risk of developing multiple sclerosis later in life.  Vitamin D in sunlight is important for the fetus’ development of central nervous system.
Pollution – Kids exposed to traffic-related pollutants during pregnancy for the first year of life are at increased risk of autism.
Epilepsy drug – Taking Valproate during pregnancy produces babies with diminished IQ, according to a New England Journal of Medicine research.
Marijuana – Babies whose mothers smoked marijuana while pregnant show behavioral and emotional problem, speech and language defects, and memory disorders.
Heroin – The baby will also exhibit withdrawal symptoms as if they have been addicted to drug themselves.  As the baby grows up, he suffers from various behavioral and social disorders. Pesticides – According to researchers at the University of California, Berkeley’s School of Public Health, prenatal exposure to organophosphate pesticides, commonly used on food crops, is associated with a child having a lower intelligence score at 7 years old. Rubella or German Measles – This disease shows mild symptom to the mother , but can cause severe mental retardation, hearing loss and cataracts in the infant.  It can cause severe malformations if the mother contracts the infection in the first month of pregnancy. Toxoplasmosis – This produces mild symptom for the mother but can give rise to mental retardation, epilepsy, blindness or hearing disorders in the baby.  Toxoplasmosis can infect a pregnant woman through feces of cats and eating raw meat or eggs. Cytomegalovirus – This also produces little or no symptoms on the mother, but causes mental retardation and deafness in the fetus, especially in the first 2 trimester.  This virus can be transmitted through saliva, blood, urine, semen and other bodily fluids. Syphilis – This sexually transmitted disease leads to severe complications in the brain, eyes, bones, skin and liver of newborns. Other toxic chemicals – The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists cautions women to avoid industrial chemicals from paint fumes, new fabrics, furniture, and cars. Seafoods, fish Oil and Omega-3 – Researchers found that infants born to mothers with higher blood levels of the omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) at delivery had advanced levels of attention spans up to age 2.
Moderate Exercise – Exercise during pregnancy could be beneficial for improving fetal breathing movements and also for autonomous nervous system development, according to a study presented at The American Physiological Society.

Seraphine maternity stores are the number 1 destination for stylish mums-to-be looking for fashionable maternity clothes, and can be found in fashion capitals including London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai! Sin un suministro continuo de este nutriente que poco a poco se pierde masa muscular, se debilitan y pierden su capacidad para combatir enfermedades e infecciones.
Las mejores fuentes de proteinas incluyen carne, pescado, huevos, leche, queso y legumbres (frijoles, cacahuetes, guisantes y los alimentos derivados de soja).
Si tu dieta no incluye suficientes carbohidratos tu cuerpo tomar medidas extremas para obtener la energia que necesita, y tratara de romper quimicamente las proteinas que come hasta que las proteinas actuen como los carbohidratos. Buenas opciones incluyen productos minimamente procesados, tales como avena, arroz integral y pan de grano entero. A raiz de un plan de perdida de peso que promueva una alimentacion equilibrada y una variedad de opciones de alimentos te permitira mantenerte saludable y lleno de energia y evitara que te aburras y renuncies a tu objetivo de bajar peso.
A rare type of adenocarcinoma is linked to being exposed to diethylstilbestrol (DES) before birth.
A biopsy that removes only a small amount of tissue is usually done in the doctor’s office. A piece of healthy skin is taken from a part of the body that is usually hidden, such as the buttock or thigh, and used to repair or rebuild the area treated with surgery. Clinical trials are done to find out if new cancer treatments are safe and effective or better than the standard treatment.
There are also clinical trials that test new ways to stop cancer from recurring (coming back) or reduce the side effects of cancer treatment. Decisions about whether to continue, change, or stop treatment may be based on the results of these tests. Each trial answers certain scientific questions in order to find new and better ways to help cancer patients. It cannot be identified as an NCI PDQ cancer information summary unless the whole summary is shown and it is updated regularly. Those in the high risk group include artists, photographers, hairdressers, mathematicians and office support workers.
According to the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research published in Pediatrics, children born to mothers with low levels of Vitamin D during pregnancy are twice as likely to have severe language problems when they are in school. It is already preparing for life after birth based on the messages that the mom is providing.
Children with autism are two to three times more likely than other children to have been exposed to car exhaust, smog, and other air pollutants during their earliest days, according to a new study.
It is recommended that mothers-to-be thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables, or consider buying organic produce to avoid pesticide exposure from food. Gaining too little weight causes the baby to have smaller heads and brain, which has been linked to lower IQ. During the first six months of life, these infants were two months ahead of those babies whose mothers had lower DHA levels.  The FDA recommends eating up to 12 ounces (two average meals) a week of a variety of fish and shellfish that are low in mercury, such as shrimp, canned light tuna, salmon, pollock, and catfish. Gerald Weissmann, editor-in-chief of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology journal.  This is caused by the micronutrient choline, which is vital in having babies in the womb develop parts of their brains linked to memory and recall. Algunas verduras y los granos contienen proteinas, aunque no de la misma calidad que las principales fuentes que he mencionado. Tales reacciones pueden producir perdida de masa muscular y poner presion adicional en los rinones. Adenocarcinomas that are not linked with being exposed to DES are most common in women after menopause. A cone biopsy (removal of a larger, cone-shaped piece of tissue from the cervix and cervical canal) is usually done in the hospital. When chemotherapy is placed directly into the cerebrospinal fluid, an organ, or a body cavity such as the abdomen, the drugs mainly affect cancer cells in those areas (regional chemotherapy). During treatment clinical trials, information is collected about the effects of a new treatment and how well it works. Information about using the images in this summary, along with many other images related to cancer can be found in Visuals Online.
It is hypothesized that this is caused by chemical or physical exposures and exposure mixtures common to such occupations. Iron is needed to make red blood cells that transport oxygen to the baby, affecting the baby’s brain and body growth. The study form the University of California, Irvine, suggests that development is best in babies with moms who were either depression-free or had depression before and after giving birth.
Also using fresh food than processed food will minimize exposure to chemicals in packaging, according to a Daily Mail article . Panes que no llevan esta etiqueta son altamente procesados ??y no proporcionan a su cuerpo la misma calidad de nutricion.
The organs in the female reproductive system include the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, and vagina.
Some of these women develop a rare form of vaginal cancer called clear cell adenocarcinoma. It may also have a tool to remove tissue samples, which are checked under a microscope for signs of cancer.Cystoscopy. It may also have a tool to remove tissue to be checked under a microscope for signs of disease.
When clinical trials show that a new treatment is better than the standard treatment, the new treatment may become the standard treatment. The way the chemotherapy is given depends on the type and stage of the cancer being treated. If a clinical trial shows that a new treatment is better than one currently being used, the new treatment may become "standard." Patients may want to think about taking part in a clinical trial. A review published in The Lancet Neurology journal identifies chemicals that may be toxic to children’s developing brain and may cause a number of neurodevelopmental disabilities.
Stephen Ostroff, the US FDA’s acting chief scientist, women who consumed more fish during pregnancy improved the IQ of their children. Also, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Montreal, as little as 20 minutes of exercise three times per week can advance a newborn’s brain activity, Aerobic exercise increase mitochondrial activity in a mother’s brain, and this effect crosses the placenta and benefit the fetal brain as well.
The uterus has a muscular outer layer called the myometrium and an inner lining called the endometrium.
A cystoscope (a thin, tube-like instrument with a light and a lens for viewing) is inserted through the urethra into the bladder.
The way the radiation therapy is given depends on the type and stage of the cancer being treated. Both versions have cancer information that is accurate and up to date and most versions are also available in Spanish. Bryan Williams, associate professor of family and preventative medicine at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta. The doctor or nurse also inserts a lubricated, gloved finger into the rectum to feel for lumps or abnormal areas.Pelvic exam. A ureteroscope (a thin, tube-like instrument with a light and a lens for viewing) is inserted through the urethra into the ureter. Scientists also note that the number of chemicals that are found to possibly harmful to the developing brain is growing.
A doctor or nurse inserts one or two lubricated, gloved fingers of one hand into the vagina and presses on the lower abdomen with the other hand.

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