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The products which all are made up of grain are breads, wheat, rice corn are much effective as a pregnancy diet. Salads which contain raw vegetable like carrots, cabbage, cucumber, fresh tomato are effective in this stage. All these products are full of vitamin e and vitamin b important for normal growth of a baby. All the ingredients contain minerals and fibre which is a part of 5th month of pregnancy diet as per doctor advice.

It is a must option in the 5th month pregnancy diet chart so far.Veggies like spinach, broccoli, and beans are worthy eating during pregnancy.
It is better to avoid other meats as they are not safe for your health at this crucial time. Eating fresh fruits you can provide sufficient amount of vitamin and minerals to your baby. Though the foods are very delicious but for the good health of your baby try avoid these fatty items for a certain period.

Being a mother you may wish to have different types of tasty dishes but make sure it is not harming your baby. They generally carry preservation material that creates harmful bacteria within the product.

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