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If you are like most event makers, you spend 80 percent of your time managing your day to day operations, 10 percent of your time trying to grow your event, 5 percent of your time looking for ways to optimize your event, and 5 percent of your time wondering where your audience is hanging out online.
Reaching your audience should be one of the major tentpoles of your event marketing strategy, but sometimes that creative energy is used perfecting the event experience, and FOMO (fear of missing out) is never generated. So, how do you break through the noise, reach your event goers where they are, and spin an event story your audience wants to read?
Facebook is another great place to create interest and awareness around your event, but also a good place to leave links for ticket purchase, your website, performer bios, etc. Twitter works much the same way as Facebook, in that a post will show up in a timeline, except you have to create a really good concise tweet. Unless your event is very relevant to business and networking, don’t worry about using LinkedIn. While there is no magic formula for using a certain type of social networking to increase awareness around a certain type of event, these networking tools when combined will help you find more potential attendees interested in attending your event. Every night before I got to bed, I like to take a minute and scroll through my Instagram feed to see what’s going on in the world around me. Before we begin, let’s take a look at the guidelines Instagram has set out for us to get us on the right foot. Instagram is a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. As people scroll through Instagram they expect to see photos that connect them to something - not advertisements that continuously blast them. Often, event planners feel the urge to post the critical event information on all their Instagram posts and the result is an overcrowded flyer. Instagram is a place to show interesting pictures, and as an event, you have some of the easiest and most engaging content to capture. Another common mistake on Instagram is when people post novels about what is happening in their picture. Instagram is different from Facebook in that Instagram is made for photo and video - not text. Again, resist the temptation to splurge all the information about your event into one post. You may notice, as you update your bio that all of your words are grouped into one single paragraph. A final tip for advertising your event correctly on Instagram is to make sure you post consistently. If you have an email list, don’t hesitate to send out an email inviting them to follow your Instagram as well.
Once you have followers, your consistent posts will help keep them engaged and encourage them to share your photos with others on Instagram.
Putting together an event for the first time or still trying to crack the code to draw in a large crowd? Learn from their insights as they examine what worked for building hype and selling tickets no matter what size of event you have.
Cash is a great option to have on hand for when people come to your event, but it shouldn’t be the only option for purchasing tickets. There are definite benefits of accepting cash at events, but being a cash only event has it’s downsides. One other major reason accepting cash only payments can be harmful to an event is that the success of your event becomes dependent upon the weather. These three points aren’t the only reasons why you should accept a variety of payments at your event, but they are very important. As it’s name suggests, Stress Doctor works on treating your stress and returning your body to calm within minutes. Based on 20 years of brain training and anxiety-reduction research, Personal Zen effectively boosts stress resilience and decreases anxiety when used only a few minutes a day, a few days a week. Another app that uses games as tools, Lumosity helps improve cognitive skills including attention, memory, and problem solving skills. With these six apps to help you relieve stress and improve productivity, you will be able calmly manage your upcoming event. Millennials use technology, and events that utilize technology are far more appealing to millennials. If you are going after college-age millennials, offering free or cheap food always draws a crowd. You can gamify your event by adding raffles, issuing social media challenges, having group contests, and more. To reach millennials, you will want to turn towards social media - particularly Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On Facebook, every event you host should have it’s own event page - a page where you can invite others to attend, and where those who are attending can invite others as well.
Each year, graduating classes enter the workforce with more and more student debt, all while trying to find entry level jobs where they can begin to pay it off. Posting photos and videos before your event takes place is an effective way to build the anticipation for your event, but while your event is happening, you have an army of photo takers ready to snap a picture.
Creating a millennial event can seem daunting, but if you follow these eleven tips, you will attract more millennials to your event. Remember - building a millennial event is more than just the event itself - it starts at your website and social profiles and extends to the feeling created at your event. The post 3 ABC’s to Immediately Boost Your Sales Execution appeared first on Jeff Shore.
If you desire improved execution in any area of your life, then you need to communicate at a higher level. Unfortunately, most sales people deliver a monologue sales presentation to move their products. Some old school sales trainers tell you to use phrases and techniques that you would never dare utter in normal conversations. It’s all about what sales execution looks like and sounds like for you as a genuine human being. If you don’t address the buyer’s cause during your sales presentation, the your sales presentation is about you and not about them.
That production theory has produced scores of books and countless hours of business school lectures. Too often we dictate what salespeople should do but we fall short in our explanation of why those specific steps make sense.
All too often we gauge the success of a sales presentation based upon the outcome – did they get the sale? Are you keenly interested in precision of effort, or are you only evaluating the end result?
At our annual Sales Leadership Summit – Execute 2016 we will dive deep into this concept of process clarity. Change: What are those things that I’ve always done a certain way but, if changed or updated, could bring me better results? Start #3: Start using social media and the appropriate technology tools to advance your selling success.
True sales professional execute in a way that is authentic and they use their individual personalities to their advantage.
Maybe for you it is the belief that selling truly is a noble professional or that buyers can and will buy on visit one. Mitchell plays wide receiver and the New England Patriots chose him in the fourth round of the 2016 draft.
A coach challenged Mitchell and suggested that his reading aptitude was the only thing standing in the way of a top-tier college and a career in the NFL. Sure enough, that reading group took on a different flavor with Mitchell, who was then attending the University of Georgia. When a customer comes to you with a dilemma or an objection, do you try to solve the problem right away?
The post 5 Vital Steps to Help You Handle Real Estate Sales Objections appeared first on Jeff Shore.
My wife Melissa and I have only been married for five and a half years and I have learned a ton in that time. Here’s the problem: when I try to solve Melissa’s problem too quickly it usually backfires on me. Vital Step #1: Allow the customer to “Talk it out” – Don’t interrupt customers when they start giving you an objection.
Vital Step #2: Ask them to “Tell you more about that” – This is the most vital step in handling objections. C: “Well, we have a ton of BBQ get-togethers and I just think the power lines look horrible. This is a bit oversimplified to illustrate how the steps work, yet I hope you get the idea. When you implement theses five vital steps for handling real estate sales objections, your customer will see you as a collaborator rather than a manipulator. What it does not call for is doing the same thing the same way that everyone has always done. Game Changer #2: Take a look at your brainstorm and ask yourself what you might be able to adapt and utilize in today’s environment. Become a game-changer for your sales team by joining me at my Sales Leadership Summit in San Diego, August 18-19. While there are plenty of great sales people fighting the stereotype of the "sleazy salesperson", unfortunately there are others who still portray a great deal of sleaze. The post How to See Past Sales Adversity & Find the Greater Good appeared first on Jeff Shore. His career has primarily been in homebuilding, but during his “finding himself” years and while considering pursuing medicine as a career path, he worked briefly at a hospital in Washington DC for a transplant consortium. Simply put, he was the person who went in to speak with a family while their loved one was dying or had recently passed to discuss organ donation. He doesn’t discuss his time in that role much because I think the emotional impact of those conversations still runs deep for him. What he does say it that it was fulfilling to help others look past their own devastating pain, even for a brief moment, and find some happiness in helping others.
While organ donation from a recently lost loved one is an extreme example of adversity in our life, we all face adversity almost daily — especially in sales. You might face problems with a co-worker, dealing with a demanding or difficult client, or dealing with a deeper, more emotional personal issue. Look for the lessons and the sales adversity becomes a learning milestone not a barrier to your success and happiness.
When you feel bad or are facing adversity in your own life, instead of focusing on yourself, help others as a way to move through and past the difficult time. It may seem odd to suggest that the best way for you to feel better is to make others happy, but evidence shows that this approach is the best way to bring yourself more joy. In a study done by Harvard University and The University of British Columbia, researchers asked participants to remember a time when they bought something for themselves and then remember a time when they bought something for another person. Researchers took measurements after each recall and it was clear that participants were much happier when recalling a time when they did something for another person. The same participants were given a small amount of money and told they could anonymously spend it on themselves or someone else. The happier the participants felt about their past generosity, the more likely they were to spend the money on someone else, thus producing a type of “positive feedback loop” between kindness and happiness.
You want to make sure they “get it,” so you go around the table asking for an affirmative nod from every salesperson: all good. The very next day you are eavesdropping on a sales presentation and you are listening for your salesperson to demonstrate this new behavior. You are fighting a deeply engrained habit and you are fooling yourself, my friend, if you think you can change years of established behavior in a single sales meeting.
If you want to see this play out properly, you need to understand change from the perspective of the person who needs to change – the sales representative. If the idea fails either of these tests, you will receive what I call the “Smile-and-Nod.” They will smile, they will nod, but deep down they will reject.

At some point the salespeople must (at least in theory) accept this new behavior as both valid and beneficial.
Let me be clear: attempting a new and unpracticed behavior in front of a customer is, most definitely, not a safe environment. Give your salespeople the opportunity to practice extensively; first alone, then with a peer, and finally with you. Get it out of your head that behavioral change comes in the form of an e-mail or a sales meeting or a single conversation. If you want to learn more about Behavioral Metrics™ and driving higher levels of execution and accountability with your sales team, then you need to join me for Execute 2016 on August 18-19, 2016 in beautiful Coronado, CA. For sales teams with aggressive sales goals and high standards, Execute 2016 is the event that helps sales leaders pull the right levers without running their company into the ground.
PLUS you’ll enjoy time with our special guest, Brian Tracy, who will share his wisdom and answer your questions on how you can achieve all of your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined. Amazing Truth #1: Adversity is totally natural – I once heard that life would be perfect if people weren’t involved. Amazing Truth #2: What you focus on expands – In my seminars I share how race car-driving students learn to look towards the track and not towards the wall when they are spinning out and facing a crash. When adversity pops up in your life, stay focused on where you want to go rather than the obstacle in front of you.
Amazing Truth #3: You need to plan for adversity – You may have heard the phrase “Proper Planning Produces Peak Performance” before. Spend time thinking about the obstacles that could potentially pop up and preemptively determine how you are going to handle them when they do. Maybe you write a $1,000 check to someone and tell him or her that if you eat the cake, they can have the money. Amazing Truth #4: Adversity is a phenomenal learning tool – Have you ever met someone who just seems to have wisdom?
The channels and methods you pick to reach your audience are just as important as the message. Because Facebook users are generally a little older, it can be seen as an outdated social media site by younger audiences. Leave a clickable hyperlink to your website, because you never want to run the risk of a Twitter user not having a Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest account, then losing them over the sign in, or sign up page.
It may feel odd to keep sharing images about your event when all you want to do is shout to the world how cool your event is, and do a play by play for every item you have planned for your attendee, but don't.
Users are on LinkedIn to network for career advancement, and they use other channels to surf for fun. If you are a company with multiple events throughout the year and around the country, like themed runs, or festivals, it might be a good idea to create a Snapchat following to help build your brand.
I like to keep up with what my friends and family are doing, as well as admire beautiful pictures some of my favorite bloggers and brands post on their accounts.
Snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image into a memory to keep around forever.
It is so tempting to share the five W’s (who, what, where, when, why) about your event, but it is not very effective - not in your photo at least.
Your event is a live thing, constantly in motion, and provides itself to great photo opportunities. If it were made for text, Instagram would have a much better desktop version of their site. If you do, you will simply be wasting time because people will fail to read too much about your Instagram post. There are a variety of things you can do here, but some basic advice is to include the name of your event, when it is happening, where it is happening, and how much it costs to attend. You’ll notice it is short, shares what we do, and encourages people to share their photos with us. Instagram limits how many characters you can use in your bio to 150, so make sure you keep things concise and to the point. Instagram doesn’t make formatting your bio easy, so if you want to clean up your bio and put separate sentences on different lines, you can write out your bio in your Notes app on a program on your desktop, and copy and paste the bio on Instagram.
If you have enough content to post daily, try and aim for that, but there is no shame in posting two or three times a week. It can seem discouraging and difficult to stay committed to posting on Instagram when your followers are so sparse.
Each hashtag leads to a database of images that have the same hashtag associated with them. In today’s day and age cash seems to be becoming a scarce commodity as people turn towards credit cards and other seamless payment experiences.
In the age where practically everybody and their dog has a credit card, Apple Pay, or Paypal, cash has become an antiquated form of payment. One of the biggest areas of opportunities that events miss out on when they only accept cash is collecting emails. If a storm comes in on the day of your event, you will lose tickets because of lousy weather.
Collecting emails and selling tickets online can be critical to the success of your current and future events. With so many hats to wear and so many moving parts for your event, it can feel like you are up to your neck in tasks.
Designed for those who don’t have time to take a break, Headspace offers 10 minute meditation courses that will clear your mind, revamp your focus, and make you more productive. Stress Doctor focuses on using deep breathing techniques to return your mind and body to a state of calm, eliminating the stress that so frequently surrounds anyone planning an event.
If meditation and deep breathing aren’t your thing, Personal Zen lowers stress by playing a simple game. This type of breathing helps with mood stabilization, anger control, and anxiety management. If you are easily distracted, Lumosity is an app that will help you improve your cognitive skills and train your mind to stay focused on one task.
Remember, a ten minute break from your busy schedule can help you save time and accomplish more in the long run. Millennials are now the largest cohort of the population - making up more than a quarter of the total U.S.
To attract millennials, the simple things make a big difference such as utilizing online ticketing and letting them use their phone to check into their event. Any technology that makes your event more convenient should be worth considering because millennials love convenience. If your event helps a family in need, a nonprofit, or serves the local community, you build goodwill with your attendees.
College age millennials have ever-growing student loans and want to spend their time doing activities other than cooking, and they are always looking for a free meal.
Instead of offering individual prizes, you might want to try giving a prize to the group that wins the contest. Millennials use social media to share moments from their personal life, but they also follow brands, bloggers, events, and more. They don’t like leaving carbon footprints and they prefer to use clean energy if possible. However, despite the debt, millennials are still willing to spend money on attending live events. Create an atmosphere around your event that makes your event feel big, something that would be in New York City. If you can create a unique and convenient experience for your attendees starting at your ticketing, you will get the millennial crowd you want. Instead, Ryan Taft shows the need to focus on executing everything that goes into closing a sale before you actually close.
It’s time to focus on sales execution, which encompasses the entire sales presentation, not just the close. You shouldn’t sound like a completely different person when you talk with a potential customer. You hop on the web, do some research and then begrudgingly drive over to the car dealership.
Now, for poorly trained sales people, this is unfortunately what passes for sales execution. Along the way we’ve been introduced to Total Quality Management and the Six Sigma process (along with various lesser-known theories).
It’s not just about finalizing an agreement; it’s about clearly understanding and executing the path that gets us there. I will show you specifically how to determine the proper “behavioral metrics” that will help you to evaluate more clearly and more specifically the efforts of your sales professionals.
In this article, Amy O'Connor shows us a powerful model that sales professionals can use to execute at a higher level. The Start, Stop, Continue and Change model, or SSCC for short, is a powerful tool for sales professionals can use to execute at a higher level. Oh, and did I mention that I mean that you should follow up with a voice to voice phone call on the same day as their visit?
When you hear an objection don’t jump forward with a snappy answer that might actually create a new or different objection in the buyer’s mind. Now I don’t know what paradigm challenges you have specifically, but we all have paradigms that need to shift.
Here’s a crazy thought; if there is something you are doing right now in your sales process that isn’t working, consider changing your approach. The Patriots have a history of producing superstar wide receivers (Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Julian Edelman, et al), so the future is bright for Mitchell. Mitchell found himself one day in a Barnes and Noble, knowing he needed to read more but unsure of what to read.
Rackley explained that the group consisted of a number of middle-age women discussing books.
But the decision to embrace opportunity instead of languishing in adversity took place long before the draft. Because you have listened and uncovered the real objection, your solution will be more accurate and it will have more weight simply because you allowed the customer to express their concerns in a safe environment.
After you have confirmed that your solution will work (Step 4), then you want to re-close on whatever you were closing on originally.
So it sounds like you’re worried that the power lines will distract people from enjoying your beautiful home. While many people equate being a game-changer with being famous, that isn't particularly true.
Don’t settle for average, Execute 2016 is the event that will propel your best strategies into action. Amy O'Connor says that’s what true selling is all about – helping others better their lives and achieve deeper levels of true happiness. And that’s what true selling is all about – helping others better their lives and achieve deeper levels of true happiness.
Sales adversity is everywhere and, while you can’t avoid it, you can control what you do with it. Engaging in a kind deed makes you happy and then more likely to continue your altruistic behavior.
While it might be a good idea, you could be fighting years of habits that have been engraved in the minds of your sales professionals.
You are rolling out a unified sales technique to your team, something you want everyone to follow. You are fighting a behavior that was ensconced in the mind of that salesperson for years or even decades. Give your salespeople permission to try this on for size rather than just jamming it down their collective throat. The better you are at it, the more people you will help and, in turn, the more commissions you will earn.

The better you are at it, the more people you will help and, in turn, the more commission you will earn.
With that backdrop, here are four thoughts to help you with adversity in sales and in your life. Think back in your life to any time you were learning something new or reaching for a new goal. As you think back to those times, you will remember the obstacles that popped up almost instantly. When you make the decision to start a new company, someone threatened to sue you for the company name you chose.
I know that sounds easier said than done and it takes discipline to not become obsessed with your adversity. And the good news is, since so many people want to be the first to discover and share, the odds are in your favor to create a good marketing campaign that will gain momentum.
But, that is ok, you can still find users of any demographic here, just do a good job of capturing attention with your posts. Chances are, with that little step blocking accessibility, they won't go further to seek out your event, and you have lost them.
Images are easy to share, and allow the attendee to imagine and create their own idea of the experience they will have at your event. But, if you do have a business relevant event, LinkedIn is a little more expensive to advertise, but you will find a very engaged audience. You can relay information about your events, or share clips of your events to interested parties who are already somewhat aware of your company.
Create a message that is attendee and experience focused, leaves enough to the imagination, and focuses heavily on several high quality shareable images.
But I can’t tell you how often I come across Instagram posts that would be better suited for flyers left on car windshields. Instagram isn’t about interruption marketing and making people look at it, but about posting what your audience wants to look at. Instagram even provides a place where you can add a link to your site, Facebook Page, or any other destination you want to send people to learn more about your event. Make sure to invite your friends and family to follow you and encourage them to invite their friends as well. As you do this, people will be able to discover your photo in more places in Instagram and you will grow your following. Instead of paying each other back with cash, friends have turned to apps like Venmo to pay each other without ever physically exchanging currency. When you take cash at the door, people don’t have to enter their email information to get the tickets, they simply hand you a bill and walk through the gate. Part of this can be solved by selling tickets online because people will be able to purchase tickets months, weeks, or days before your event takes place.
Cash is still a valid option, but when you are making events in the digital age, the way you collect money serves multiple purposes. The feeling can be overwhelming, and sometimes it becomes hard to focus on just one aspect of the event without getting distracted by another looming task. We put together a list of six apps for event makers that will help you clear your mind, calm down, and focus on the task at hand.
If you don’t have ten minutes for meditation, Stress Doctor deep breathing exercises only take five minutes to complete and the benefits can be greatly beneficial, including lowering stress, reducing anxiety, lowering blood pressure, and strengthening your immune system. Pacifica doesn’t focus on quick fixes, but is designed to help you feel in control of yourself again.
Breathe2Relax can be a stand-alone stress reduction tool, or it can be a part of your stress relieving routine.
Millennials don’t go many places without their phones, if you can incorporate your ticketing into an easy scan from millennials cell phones, your event will draw in more of the young crowd you are looking for. Many millennials donate money to charities, so they are wanting to help make their community a better place. This will encourage more participation as groups of friends would rather participate in an event than individuals. If you don’t have a strong social media following, you can ask influential Instagrammers or Tweeters to post a picture of your event and advertise it for you.
If an individual sees that their friends are attending an event, they are much more likely to attend the event themselves. If you announce that your event is sustainable, you will get a strong following of support and word will travel.
In fact, a study conducted by IPSOS on behalf of Eventbrite, found that millennials spent a staggering $609,764,149 each month on attending live events. Yet, if you really want to draw in a larger crowd, consider making your prices affordable for the millennials that are still managing debt, because they want to come, too.
Add something photo worthy at your event that will encourage your attendees to take pictures and share them on their social media profiles.
I just think we need to look at the execution of everything that goes into closing a sale before we close. In your communication, give the other person an equal voice and they will enjoy the process much more.
In sales we help our buyers by connecting them with goods and services that improve their lives in some way. He became committed to – obsessed by, really – overcoming his own adversity and dramatically improving his reading skills. Rackley met Mitchell in an aisle of the store and struck up a conversation and suggested a book that her reading club had just finished. Mitchell once again decided to focus on opportunity over adversity and he immediately asked to join the reading group. How can you translate that into an opportunity today? And what will the outcome be when you do? Think of yourself as a customer service agent or a reporter who needs to get all of the facts. With that in mind, simply ask if the solution you provided would be acceptable or if it is an idea that would help.
Find any and all opportunities to move through the sales adversity and participate in acts of kindness towards yourself and others.
Let’s take a look at different channels you can use to reach your audience, and some tips to maximize exposure. To use Instagram effectively, share images related to the theme of your event, use related hashtags heavily and make sure you either post often, or spend marketing dollars to buy ad space here. Creating a really good Facebook page that is information rich, will drive up your attendance, and Facebook users will be more inclined to leave their feed to check out your event listing if you have done a really good job with your event page and images. This is especially true on Pinterest where your audience does such a good job crafting their board to look a specific way, creating their ideal space. Announcing your company is on Snapchat and encouraging followers to add you could be a smart play, and you will be able to directly reach your followers. Instagram is meant for visually appealing images, not for sending out lots of information about products and events.
Instagram is best used when you share pictures (and now video) as opposed to text and traditional ads.
If you want to successfully advertise your event on Instagram, you have to play by the rules of the game. If you have a following on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, invite them to follow you on Instagram. When the world has adopted to a virtual payment system, why do so many events insist on only accepting cash at the door? Yes, you can provide ATM’s for your attendees, but the fees associated with those money machines can leave a sour taste in the mouth of your attendees. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, the people who bought tickets will still venture out to experience it, but you will still collect all that pre sales revenue. The app offers deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and positive visualizations set to relaxing soundscapes such as ocean waves and thunderstorms.
If you are feeling overwhelmed from the chaos that is event planning, Breathe2Relax can help you feel in control of the situation again. If you offer millennials a good time that will help the community as well, you kill two birds with one stone, helping millennials feel a sense a fulfillment by having fun at your event.
If you don’t believe me, take a look at instagram, where there are countless millennial foodie accounts with pictures of their favorite food.
You can do this having a photobooth, using photo props, or having an awesome attraction at your event that people will want to take pictures of.
Your event is a place where millennials can go, be involved, and leave with plenty of opportunities to talk about your event both during and after it takes place. Faced with many challenges in his youth, Mitchell committed whole-heartedly, to changing his life by embracing opportunity over adversity. You know, I’ve seen a few other homeowners in the neighborhood come up with some great solutions.
She was the first African American woman to receive a patent, having invented the foldaway bed.
Because Twitter moves fast, you won't be pestering any potential attendees, just hashtag your posts with relevant tags and tweet tweet tweet! If you want to belong on Instagram and fit in, here is a crash course on how to use Instagram effectively.
Now that we know photos are the content of choice on Instagram, let's see how to use them correctly.
If people really want to know more about your event, they will be able to check it out online. Imagine collecting half of your attendees emails and being able to email them the next time you host an event. Events aren’t easy to run, and a no-show caused by bad weather can really put your event in jeopardy for the future. Millennials are willing to spend money on good food, and if you provide them access to a cool food truck, you will bring in more millennials. Your event can be a place that facilitates discussion and is a topic of interest for millennials. Here’s the problem: when you try to solve your customer's problem too quickly, it has a tendency to backfire.
The Johnson’s down the street did some awesome landscaping that really screens out the power lines and they’re back yard is gorgeous!
Leave the text for the about section of your event, and let users organically discover what is interesting about your event. Pinterest users are mostly female, usually have higher incomes, and spend a lot of time actively searching out topics, which is much different than the passive message delivery system of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If somebody comes across this on their Instagram stream, you can be sure it will be skipped over with a single thumb swipe.
Here's a simple 5-step process for truly understanding and solving your customer's objections. With cash only payment, you miss out on a grand opportunity for increasing sales at your future events. You can bring in a couple food trucks, set up some games, have a live band, set up shopping booths, and countless other ideas. While your event looks good, if your landing pages, social profiles, and website don’t look good, millennials may think twice about attending.

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