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There are few events in life as exciting, stressful, fun, unknown, and creative (literally) for a woman than being pregnant. Before I start any project I like to know what I am up against and what it will require so I know I can complete it.
Once you’ve taken your pictures and arranged them on the computer it’s time to order the poster! The thing I love about this project is that it allows those of us with minimal artistic skills (like myself) or those with a more perfected touch to be as creative as they’d like to be.

The focus of these pictures will be you, so choose a place that doesn’t have a distracting background.
In her free time she enjoys writing about DIY projects and other crafts parents can do with their children.
As a former traveler, I view this as another journey, although this time without a map, a plan or a clue! I’d recommend wearing the same clothing in every picture so you can see vividly the changes your body takes as the baby develops.

Regardless of which program you use you can accomplish a simple look by placing the photos in order from oldest to newest.

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