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The courses you take will be determined by your career path, and whether you desire an advanced degree in sports medicine.What Can I Expect to Study in CollegeMost sports medicine jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree with some sort of approved certification. The undergraduate degree starts with general liberal arts courses common to any profession such as math, science and English or composition. Some of these classes are available through augmented high school or dual credit classes which allow you to get credits toward your high school diploma at the same time you earn college credits.
The Sports medicine page at Norwich University says you should be taking science classes such as physiology, biology, anatomy and kinesiology. Other classes in a sports medicine degree curriculum are statistics, chemistry, calculus, psychology and emergency assessment and care.

A few positions prefer a Master’s degree and the top professional positions are open to only those with Doctorates. These positions require a bachelor’s degree and certification from a recognized group such as the American College of Sports Medicine.• Athletic Trainer These people work with team doctors, coaches and other personnel to keep an athletic team healthy or to treat injuries and restore players back to health.
They need an undergraduate degree from a school that the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs recognizes. These people work with individual athletes and teams to develop food regimens and possibly supplements to improve their physical condition.
They need at least an undergraduate degree after which they must serve a nine-month internship approved by the American Dietetic Association.

After the internship is completed, applicants may sit for the credentialing exam.• Physical Therapist This professional works with exercise programs to help athletes recover from injuries. In general most sports curriculum concentrates upon science, math and psychology as they apply to performance and health. The Best, Brightest and Worst Baseball Executives of All Time (Infographic)What’s That Olympic Sport Called Again?

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