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As a busy clinician, balancing work life and home life and personal time generally means that something gives. Real-time and endovaginal sonography came into general use and provided views of normal pregnancies that had never been readily available before. The juncture of these two technologies resulted in a measuring frenzy as excited sonographers documented everything that could be measured or that anyone could imagine measuring. Everyone who was anyone in computers had an office in the South San Francisco Bay Silicon Valley area and in the Silicon Hills of Austin.

There was a particular interest in computers and sonography at Austin Radiological Association (ARA) in those days. We were interested in fetal size and age, and began computerizing the measurements in 1984. So ARA gave 924 pregnant women return addressed, stamped postcards requesting birthing information. As a part of the analysis we plotted the heart rate by gender against the age, and again, could not perceive any difference between the rates of girls and boys at any time during pregnancy.

And while we did not find any differences between the heart rates for girls and boys, it was obvious that the heart rate varied with age. In this population 5 out of 6 pregnancies ended in 1st trimester miscarriage in those cases in which the age by embryonic heart rate was a week or more behind the CRL age.

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