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Obviously a lot of my training there was skills I’ve used since—combat survival and the climbing and skydiving and all of that. Probably frozen yak eyeballs or goat testicles, camel intestinal fluids, live snakes and scorpions, and elephant dung. You’ve got different terrains, but the principles are the same whether you’re in a jungle, a desert, a mountain or in the city. Society feeds us canned definitions of masculinity, but real men move beyond the stereotypes. Zombies are on the rise in pop culture, but are we prepared if the undead are on the rise for real?

But it’s also about attitude, being able to look after yourself when the chips are really down. Sometimes she says this wasn’t really in her blueprint of how she imagined marriage, but it’s better than not having fun. I’m looking for the qualities of a survivor—that resourcefulness and resolve, that humility, that kindness. I think it gave me confidence at a young age that I could do this stuff, survive in these places, and that’s helped a lot over the years. The closest was the first series I ever did for TV, where I joined the Foreign Legion and took 10 people, and it did really well, but that was just in the U.K.

We live on a boat on the Thames in London and the rest of the year on an island off the Welsh coast, no electricity or water.

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