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The long awaited first Expansion Pack for The Sims 4 means another visit to EA Games to get hands on with "Get To Work".
I'm going to break from tradition (which is actually traditional for me), and not even try and cover this whole pack with the limited time of around 3 hours that we had. I'm not being all 'fanboy' here and just 'bigging up' another EA product because they invited me along. There are other great preview articles around the community that have focussed on the new Active Careers so from here on in I'll be concentrating on two things that will have a major influence on the way I play my game, and they are the new Retail System, and the Baking Skill. In Sims 2 I combined the best bits of Open For Business and Seasons to create a Farmers Market complete with huge greenhouses so that my stay-at-home Sims could harvest tons of fresh goods to sell in their shop. Azure explained to me that the introduction of the Baking Skill was to allow players to make better use of the fresh produce available to them in the base game.
Some essential objects will help with baking in the Retail System like the Cupcake Factory and the Warming Rack, which are used to store baked food items.
When you set up a new business you will need to add some funds to it from your family funds balance.
Display units can be placed in a store (including freezers for perishable goods) where items placed on them will automatically be set for sale, unless you specify otherwise. Employees have 3 different skills that determine how well they will work: Sales, Maintenance and Work Ethic.
Feel free to share your thoughts on Facebook, I'd really like to hear what you will be doing with your Get To Work's stores! At TSR we pride ourselves for being a friendly place where anyone interested in creating Custom Content (CC) for The Sims can upload their creations and also get better at creating through tutorials and help from within our friendly Artist Community. TSR has always been a nurturing ground for some of the best Artists this community has ever seen, where many have started out as beginners and over time honed their skills and gathered thousands of fans and millions of downloads. The Sims 4 has just been released and as with any new game release there are no Artists already invited to our FA and SA teams for the new game, giving everyone a fair chance to receive the recognition and perks that comes with it.
If you are good enough to receive a promotion to Featured Artist you will begin to earn money from creating CC for the game you love.
TSR Workshop for Sims 4 will soon be released to the public and allow for the creation of Clothing and Hairstyles with custom meshes.
Our Skype Chatrooms are already bubbling with activity among our resident Artists and many are currently playing with the game and CC. I made 3 families to play with as I wanted to see how the neighbourhood and world works doing some multi tasking of my own. There are 2 worlds each having 16 playable lots which you can customize, bulldoze and make your own.
There is a photo of 800 of the objects as posted by ehaughts58 who says there are at least 1000 objects. In closing and before answering your FB questions I would like to stress that I had a lot of fun playing this game. There were some questions on Facebook that could not be answered but got some attention from gurus at Sims Camp.
Tammy Grimshaw-Winner of a Dragon Valley World - Where do the creators get their ideas and visions for their creations, especially clothing? I asked that question of SimGuruLindsay who said they get it the same way us CC creators get it. Kari Knibbs -Winner of the Barnacle Bay World - how will the loading screens effect sims that are left behind in the house lot? Ashley Cummings- Winner of a Plumbbob Headband - I'm wondering if the height of house or as most know the limit of floors, has been improved?
Ashley Cummings- Can the Sims get depressed in this new version or go nuts ?Will there be new Traits? I'm afraid there are no height sliders included in base game.Margies Sims - Will there be more colour options in CAS coming. If you are speaking about the demo that is just a "taste" of what will be shipping with base game. Still ctrl-shift-c and at the end of questions you'll find what is shipping with base game.Fabiola Mo - I want to know more about the school system for kids and teens. Elle Caumont - Will Sims be able to have a home business like in Sims 2 - have their shop next door or downstairs - please let it be a yes.
Nerissa Reddick - Can we go from house to house like in the Sims two with out changing the main household and risk the other families moving out, having kids, or drastically changing your game like they do in sims 3. I did not notice sims moving out and switching between households is much, much easier now. Donivan Johnson - Will our sims be able to go to the shops to buy clothes or do they already own it all in their wadrobe? Leonie Sibilska - why did they make Sims 4 so cartoony it make me not want to buy it, I think this is more of a downgrade to Sims 3 as a pose to an upgrade, who agrees? Cheryle Gough Grylls - Still would love to know if they have split level building and L or U shaped stairs.
This is a no on the stairs, however the build tools are very flexible for sunken livingrooms and high walls. It’s been almost a year since everyone’s favorite women’s prison dramedy dropped on Netflix, but the interim was filled with a great deal of gossip concerning the future of Alex Vause, the bespectacled, tattooed ex-drug smuggler—and love interest of Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling)—played by the excellent Laura Prepon. The rumors stated that Prepon, since she wasn’t a series regular on the show, had opted out after Season 1 but, due to fan interest, was pressured into returning for four episodes in Season 2, and as a series regular for Season 3 (more on that later). In a candid interview with The Daily Beast, Prepon put all the rumors to rest.There’s a lot of conflicting information that’s been published online about what happened with your contract following Season 1, and your diminished role in Season 2, and now you signing on for Season 3. Basically, I wasn’t a series regular and wasn’t under contract, and then had a scheduling conflict that came up during Season 2. Speaking of crazy rumors… where did these rumors that you’re dating Tom Cruise come from?Oh god… I knew this would come up!
When we last left Alex, she was hooking up with Nichols and got burned by Piper, who said she’s sticking with her husband, Larry. Eric Leibowitz for NetflixLaura Prepon in a scene from Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black.”You mentioned That '70s Show earlier. Improve download waiting times and support your favourite Featured Artists by disabling your ad-blocker now.

But I'm thinking to myself, with so much detailed information already released about the new Active Careers on the recently released videos, what more can there be for us to report back to our communities that isn't already public?
Instead I'm going to focus in great detail, on two of the aspects of this pack that I'm really drawn to. I am genuinely excited that in effect, one of my favourite EP's of all time, 'Open For Business' from Sims 2 is back with an awesome update! Abductions and alien pregnancies are a given but there are many new elements not seen before too.
With Get To Work's addition of the Baking Skill and the already excellent food system of base game, I'm a man on a mission to recreate this in Sims 4! And if you are thinking "why baking when we have cooking" then let me quote the tooltip for the Baking Skill: "Baking is science in action.
As Sims progress in the Baking Skill they can add toppings, frostings or piping (at a small extra cost), to add quality and value. You can use the phone to start the process of buying a Retail Lot of which the game ships with 3 premade stores and one empty Lot in an area called Magnolia Promenade (photo below), a pretty waterfront area complete with scenic paddle steamer. Each store you own has its funds managed separately to cover its expenses and actions, such as building, placing items, restocking, paying staff and advertising.
Sales will influence how they interact with customers and how quickly they can ring up sales. And I already have a list of needs for our awesome Featured Artists to create for me to build my retail empire, so check back here to get your mitts on some essential retail CC soon!
We have a Wiki, creative Forums and a popular Chatroom on Skype where many of our most popular Artists hang out daily to solve problems or share experiences and knowledge. We pay fixed upfront fees based on quality and creation type - some of our best FAs earn several hundred dollars per month from what is considered a hobby!
Our Artist Panel are always keeping an eye out for talent so don’t worry about not being noticed!
In the following months we will release new updates regularly as we unlock more Creation types such as Objects, Makeup, Skin tones and more. I ran out of time to be able to see them transition to teens, so sorry I didn’t have more days to play. Starvation is very hard to achieve and I suspect it’s because they have made these Sims smart. You can travel to the venues the same way as you travel to any other place via phone or in the neighborhood screen.This guy was bombing on stage and no one would pay attention after a while. In the previous games, I am talking from the Ambitions expansion pack mainly, but will The Sims team, when putting minds together in terms of future expansion packs, will we be able to go even more in-depth of our hobbies?
Have the creators of the sims thought to take inspiration from those when developing the story progression and how NPC sims function. In the sims 2 when you would travel to a venue the time would keep going but when you got home the time was the same as you left. I am sure we'll find out soon enough.Missie Napier Ward - Will we be able to create our own neighborhoods to add to the game? And for those of you who want a kid right away no cheat required to age them up right away and still keep the genetics.Brenda Reginelli- I want to see different furniture and patterns for decoration and building purposes. I don't mind a little change, but I loved building a neighborhood of families to play rather than just the one.
But I love the show and I love my character, and I told Jenji from the get-go, “I want to be in as many as I can.” So we did, and I’ll be in four episodes for Season 2. Does the gang still hang out together, and is it wild for you all that Ashton and Mila are a couple now?
Basically, I read the pilot and I absolutely loved it, and I knew I wasn’t right for Piper but it was such an amazing show that I felt I needed to be a part of it. This isn’t a copout, I swear, but they’re all so awesome and so different that I don’t know how I’d choose a single character.
You can always change your cookie settings at any time, read more about this in our privacy policy.
But at the same time they have also bought something completely new to the game which also solved one of the problems that OFB solved. Basements also make their return to the game but will actually be included in a free update to coincide with the EP release, so you get 2 floors of basements as well as an additional above ground floor, making 6 storied buildings possible. Stores can also go into debt where they can then not reopen until you transfer in more cash from your household funds.
Copies of copies will sell at an even lower value still, but can help maintain a supply of goods. Maintenance is about how quickly they will restock items and clean, while a high Work Ethic means a Sim is less likely to slack off during their shift.
I have a sneaking suspicion that many of you will be looking forward to the same additions to your game too. If you wish to move your Sims to the other world you will not lose any friends or family ties. If you have registered your games with origin for Sims 3 you will get a plumbob lamp for each expansion you own and base game as bonus content for your game. There has been some community postings of concerns about Sims 4 and I ask that you remember that this is only a base game. However after I established my families and played for a while I was stunned by the facial expressions and interactions of my sims. So I suspect they will be looking into it for the future.Lorena Loza - What can u do with babies can u do something special? We’ve always talked about how my character is like the spider and Piper’s is the fly, and what’s cool about the show is that you think Piper is this delicate flower but, as the season progresses, you realize how manipulative, messed up, and codependent she is, and you realize that Alex is a straight-shooter and pretty honest and confrontational about things. When you’re doing a show like this, you feel like you’re doing something special and you just hope that people will catch on, and they totally did.Besides your own, do you have a favorite character on the show? Plus I’m biased because I love all the girls.What was it like to be directed by Jodie Foster and Andrew McCarthy in the first season?It was really cool because they’re both great at working with actors, and very good directors. There was also the niggling issue that the embargo for content gleamed from these fan events that have been happening around the globe the past week happened to be during our time at EA, so we were behind all the other sites that have already posted their reports, but hey ho. That is of course, the very much requested ability to not only follow your Sims to work but to influence their careers too.

You can purchase advertising to temporarily increase kerb appeal, or place retail and neon signs for a more lasting impact (you can view your kerb appeal from the 'financial report' on the cash register).
If you do see staff playing with their phone, socializing with each other or goofing around having fun you should use the 'berate for slacking' interaction on them. You can of course create a Photography Store using the new Photography Skill, an Art Gallery, Clothing Outlet, Furniture Store or almost anything else. There is actually an option for a pregnancy test if you think your Sim is expecting from the toilet. Kids have homework before the first day of school so be sure to have them do it before they start to progress their grade faster. While it has been confirmed there is no actual story progression , you can turn aging on for the neighbourhood. But at the end of Season 1, Piper is totally messing with Alex again and leaves her again for Larry, and Alex is thinking, “You know what?
I don’t really comment on my friend’s dating lives, but I will say that I’m glad they’re together and they’re a really great couple.Back to OITNB. I went in to read for Piper and Jenji said, “I can’t get you out of my head for Alex,” and then it worked out because Alex is such a badass.
So this pack for me really does offer value for money, with something old that we loved being bought back bigger and better than before, and something completely new. Breastfeeding brings up the familiar mosaic blur,but the option is there when you feed them.So now finishing up with that little tidbit we move on to more game play. Seeing the ease of playing several families by switching households and having more than one active in the neighbourhood at a time, you can pretty much make your own story progression. With every Sims Series you get a brand new game with a different way to play from the last. I expressed to SimGuruAzure that I hoped all Sims 4 EP's would follow the same trend of old and new, but as she didn't take bribes we'll just have to wait and see on that!
You can have a maximum of 3 staff per store, unlocked gradually as you acquire Perk Points from sales. Each neighbourhood is like an open world but you cannot travel past your neighbourhood without using travel options. And I have been commenting on this since Sims 2, but instead of us just being able to see our Sims play chess, with the animations, shouldn't we be able to do their moves for them?
We did what we could, and if there’s a Season 3, I worked it out so that wouldn’t be an issue anymore.What was the scheduling conflict with Season 2?Unfortunately, I can’t really talk about it because it’s not out yet and under wraps. It’s bullshit.” She knows Piper better than Larry does and sees through all her machinations, so by the end of Season 1, she’s over it.
She’s this awesome badass but she’s also really vulnerable, and you see these other sides to her with her relationship with Piper. In the second set of icons you have the top one which is where you can travel anywhere in the neighbourhoods and a move option. It does prompt a loading screen, but it’s not a big deal, very short loading times here.
With Season 2, when you have two people that love each other like they do, and it’s so tumultuous, it will always be this awful back-and-forth. As said before they can gain skills on musical instruments which include the violin, which is kid sized, and the piano.
The game runs smooth and I suspect it’s because they split the neighborhoods this way. We shoot at a soundstage in Queens as well as an abandoned children’s psychiatric hospital in Upstate New York, which is… I don’t even know how to describe it.
You can change lot types to residential or commercial if you wish to have more neighbours or more venues. These are just a few examples I would like to see in a future expansion pack, no matter how long it would take to make, could we expect to see these changes sometime in the near future? Here’s the thing: It’s actually really flattering that everyone was trying to figure out what was going on with my character, but it’s a double-edged sword, because people were making up stories.
I don’t know how we ended up “together.” I’m flattered because I think he’s hot so I’m like, “Oh, that’s nice,” and apparently he’s very gentlemanly with me.
Apparently we get along great and he knows that I have a favorite bottle of wine that I didn’t even know I had. Since the travel to worlds is so seamless I personally think I will make one world have most of the venues and one world be nothing but lots. Even going into Season 3—if we get a Season 3—some of the actors have already gotten other jobs, so it’s just a part of our industry. A lot of the laundry room scenes with Taylor and me I really loved—when we’re talking about our relationship. When you’re not under a “series regular” contract and other jobs come up, you try to juggle everything. I also really loved when we shot our European scenes where I was asking her to go to Turkey and do drug runs for me. We got to shoot at this amazing location in Manhattan and it was just us acting with one another all day.One of the reasons I think the show’s important is that it serves as a great example—to have a show featuring a diverse cast of women. What are some of the things that you enjoy about what the show stands for?It shines light on the whole penal system, which people don’t really tend to look at, and it shines light on the corruption within the penal system.
These women may be locked up, but they’re all there for different reasons—whether it’s a mistake they made in the past, they deserve to be there, or they can’t function in the real world. And there isn’t another show where you have all these strong, female characters, and to be able to portray a strong female character among this great group of actors is wonderful. It’s so cool that we get to be this rad mosh pit of inmates that really goes against the idea of what a Hollywood actress has to be.The first season of Orange Is the New Black will be available May 13 on DVD.

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