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Many of you might have heard the fact that body weight has a direct relationship with pregnancy. Many women keep the fat in their bodies low in their quest to look trim, not knowing that it adversely affects their ability to conceive. Even after you get back your normal weight, if you do not have the normal menstruation, it is time to get a fertility book or see a fertility specialist. There may be some other problem affecting your fertility than the underweight and lack of fat in you.
Then the pituitary gland becomes unable to send signals to the ovaries to release the eggs.

Women with eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are bound to be extremely underweight.
Thus the ovaries do not release the egg into the fallopian tube even though you have plenty of them in the ovaries. The way out of this problem is to maintain the correct body weight in relation to your height. When the sperm reaches the fallopian tube, there is no egg there to be fertilized and consequently no pregnancy. If you have regular periods with an interval of about 28 days, it means that you have enough fat in your body and you ovulate on the right days.

If your body fat level is lower by 15% below the ideal fat level you are sure to have menstrual irregularities.
When the BMI goes below 19, your doctor may suggest an increase in the intake of calories and stop your work out until you have the required weight.

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