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A Bar chart shows how use of long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) among teens ages 15-19 has increased in total from less than 1% in 2005 to 7% in 2013 at Title X-funded centers.
It is important in IVF to know how your embryos look like before you are able to choose them before transfer.
After 48 hours, the embryo should be 3 to 4 cells stage and the embryos can be transferred at this stage. The goal of in vitro fertilization and embryo culture is to provide high quality embryos which are capable of continued development and result in live births. Blastocyst transfer is ideal with highest pregnancy rate compared to day 2 or day 3 embryos. Patient service, efficiency and medical excellence are all part of Columbia Asia’s model to deliver the best medicine. By choosing the right one, it will increase your chance to get pregnant and reduce your risk of multiple pregnancies. The eggs will be allowed to settle for a few hours, then within the afternoon, it will fertilise with the sperm by either in vitro fertilisation (IVF) or intra cytoplasmic sperms insemination (ICSI).

However, if you have multiple embryos, your doctor would recommend you to let the embryos go to day 3. More than this range the embryos may be growing too fast, using up the energy stored by the eggs and therefore more likely burn out before they get the chance to implant.
However, under standard IVF culture conditions, only upto 60% of human embryos progress to the blastocyst stage after 5 days of culture.
Perhaps pregnancy rates would have been just as good transferring 3 embryos on day 3 versus 2 embryos on day 5? The other factor your embryologist would check would be the percentage of fragmentation of the dividing cells. The innovative design of Columbia Asia hospitals, from their manageable size to their advanced technology, is focused on creating the most positive experience for patients. Embryos are rarely transferred at this point because you cannot tell which embryos within the group will be the most likely to continue to grow properly. Furthermore, the blastocyst stage embryos should ideally be in the uterine cavity compared to day 2 or day 3 embryos which should be within the fallopian tube rather than the uterine cavity.

It is a fact that the more embryos you put in the higher is the success rate but the risk of multiple pregnancies are also higher.
As cells divide, they leave fragments behind and too many fragments suggest that cells may not be dividing properly. My advice would be to accept the day that your particular laboratory favours as long as you understand the process of your embryos growing in the laboratory.
Hence it might improve your chances of getting pregnant by the process of natural selection.
The uterine lining is more receptive to the arriving embryo on day 5, which is similar to natural pregnancy.

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