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The treatment involves inserting a long plastic tube-like device (known as the Pipelle) into the womb and then rotating it 360 degrees to 'scratch' the liningThese findings have been put to the test in a new trial involving 100 women whoa€™d previously failed to conceive with IVF, despite their embryos being of a good quality.A  They were either given the new treatment or were allocated to a control group. The treatment involves inserting a long plastic tube-like device (known as the Pipelle) into the womb and then rotating it 360 degrees to a€?scratcha€™ the lining. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Fertility experts believe a poor quality womb lining may be a significant factor in women struggling to conceive.
Some women may experience a period every two to three weeks, while others will not have one for months at a time.2. In order for a woman to become pregnant, a fertilised egg, or embryo, has to become implanted into the womb lining. It also increased the activity of genes thought to play a role in preparing the lining for implantation. Lower fertility - during the peri-menopausal stage of a woman's life, her estrogen levels will drop significantly, lowering her chances of becoming pregnant.3. This process is complex, involving hormones, growth factors and chemicals produced by the immune system called cytokines.

Implantation failure when the quality of embryos transferred is good can be heartbreaking because it cannot be predicted.a€?This intervention is simple, and if it genuinely improves the implantation rate, it would be very good news. It may start in the face, neck or chest, and then spreads upwards or downwards (depending on where it started). However, Israeli researchers recently made the discovery that slight damage to the womb lining actually results in improved fertility.
The first clinical trial into the use of the alternative therapy for the common condition is taking place at Nottingham University.
The skin on the face, neck or chest may redden and become patchy, and the woman typically starts to sweat. It follows anecdotal reports from women sufferers that the technique, which involves massaging various parts of the body including the hands and feet, can ease the symptoms. The heart rate may suddenly increase (tachycardia), or it may become irregular or stronger than usual (palpitations). The theory is that certain areas of the feet, known as reflex zones, correspond to other parts of the body, including specific organs. The term vaginal atrophy refers to an inflammation of the vagina as a result of the thinning and shrinking of the tissues, as well as decreased lubrication, caused by a lack of estrogen. 5.

Urinary problems - women tend to be more susceptible to urinary tract infections, such as cystitis. Problems focusing and learning - Some women may also have short-term memory problems, as well as finding it hard to concentrate on something for long. Some women may not be able to learn as well shortly before menopause compared to other stages in life.10. Loss of breast sizeIf left untreated, these symptoms will usually taper off gradually over a period of two to five years. In some cases, vaginal dryness, itching and discomfort can become chronic, and eventually get worse if left untreated.

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