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Absentmindedly chewing on your pencil while you think is an entirely different thing from xylophagia. We all have our share of unusual cravings, but few are as startling as the wide range of materials consumed by people with the disorder pica, the repeated eating of largely non-nutritive substances like wood, soil or paint chips.
Thanks to Greek and Latin, there's a name for every neurosis, and the many flavors of pica are no different. Such compulsions are frequently associated with a psychological condition or learning disorder. As a National Geographic Kids Insider, I had the exclusive chance to speak with, Becky Baines, the editor of National Geographic Kids books.
I decided to investigate the world of mommy blogging in 2011, when I became pregnant with my daughter Ava. Everyone’s got their idea of a perfect meal out – for some it’s a family bucket at KFC, for some it’s Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck tasting menu. But this eatery is no flash in the pan – the first branch of Modern Toilet opened in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and was such a success there are now 12 restaurants in Taiwan and Hong Kong, with plans to expand into Macau and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
It all began when owner Wang Tzi-Wei started selling dollops of chocolate ice cream on paper squat toilets. Hotpot, curries, noodle soup and lots of other soggy foodstuffs that look unappealing floating in a toilet bowl are all on offer for your pleasure. The two macaques at Kayabukiya Tavern serve customers, one bringing drinks to the tables and the other giving guests hot towels. Anyway, quibbles aside, this restaurant is all about johnnies, which are displayed on the walls, carpets and as artworks, plus given away free. TNT Magazine's coverage of the Rugby World Cup is brought to you in association with 1st Contact.

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Fresh from a national tour supporting top-comedian Russell Kane, Omar Hamdi will be headlining the comedy stage. TNT Magazine Limited (registered in the UK and Ireland 9803572) - 25 Bank Plain, Norwich NR2 4SF. The prevalence of pica varies from 4 to 26 percent among the institutionalized, and the condition can co-occur with Kleine-Levin syndrome, mental retardation and schizophrenia [source: WebMD].
The concept actually came from the mother of Melina Gerosa Bellows, the head of National Geographic Kids.
Although, the most important requirements are that the fact is understandable for kids of all ages and is something they will find intriguing. For example, during the plague coffins came with a bell attached so people could ring if they woke. The talk show host was photo'd checking out Katy Perry's assets with an expression of utter awe. By continuing to use this site you consent to our use of cookies unless you have disabled them. Customers apparently found his scatological humour hilarious, and the idea for the Modern Toilet Restaurant took shape. Baby showers are the perfect time to break out the sugar and indulge in a little (or a lot) of cake.
Chewing and eating glass is the habit of those with hyalophagia, and of course there's also urophagia (urine), coprophagia (feces), geophagia(dirt), autosarcophagy (eating bits of oneself) and, yes, anthropophagy (human flesh). One of best ways to do this is to take a fact that is really impressive and then relate it to something children already grasp.

Also, Hans Christian Anderson was so concerned about being buried alive he slept with a note next to his bed saying he may appear dead, but he was not. They were very clean people and bathed once a week. Also, a pig was once tried for a murder! Each fact has to be confirmed with three other sources and it takes a really long time to do this. To put it mildly, these creepy baby cakes are not for the faint of heart, the easily offended, or even the actually pregnant.
Here youa€™ll find weird pregnancy cakes so strange that you may reconsider having kids - or at least throwing a party before they're born. Even after the book is compiled with the final list of facts it is sent to a professional fact checker. For the 300 facts that make it in the book there is probably a 1000 that don’t get in.
Whether these cakes were the work of subconsciously bitter single friends, or the result of some insanely hormonal moma€™s taste makes no difference.
So whether youa€™re looking to really piss off a pregnant woman near you or need a little cheering up due to your own childless state, these terrifying pastries will leave you feeling a bit better about life, if for no other reason than that you dona€™t have to consume them.
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