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With a niche site, you have targeted visitors who are interested in the exact same thing as you.
Link Sales: You can sell links from your site to other sites, although I would strongly suggest not to. Premium Content: If you write on your blog very frequently and always write helpful posts for others you might want to create a membership site in order to let your visitors that pay a fee per month receive your best content and have value-added features for them. Offer Consulting: If your blog is a business blog and you write about things on your niche, then what would be more fit that offering the services you offer to your offline clients, online? Sponsored Posts: If you have some traffic and link value on your site, you will be contacted by product owners asking you to write an article about their service and provide a link so someone interested can check them out. I think one of the most exciting things about blogging is the amount of ways we can actually create an income. Hard work is Nr.1 and unfortunately the only point that most of the people overlook when they start blogging.
One thing is for sure though, every single one of those mentions has been tested in the past by me and my team. High profile IM gurus are damaging the industry by making it seem like a walk in the park experience.
If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.The short answer is yes! But when it comes down to money earned per average visitors, it’s all about the niche. Create a page inside your blog and advertise that you’re able to do such and such, for that fee.
This is a common practice and a service connecting bloggers and advertisers has been created to help the two parties find each other.
If you’re passionate about a niche and write about it all the time, why not create an e-book and sell it to your readers?
Monetization of a blog is such a huge area that many posts for each one of the bullets will be needed in order to be able to explain the when and how to incorporate each one in your blog. Great to see stories of people making it online, most of those never mention how hard it is in the beginning. I’m excited to know that my moonlighting on the internet at night will at some point produce a decent income. Well in today’s time if we see practically then there are tons of ways to earn money online.

In my perspective I think choosing the approprite monetization method is the most important thing. There are sites for example that do amazingly well on AdSense but others don’t make a cent.
It really is hard work and needs patience but in the end it’s one of the few things that’s totally worth the effort!
I started replying with what you can do about it, but after reaching the second page in my reply, I thought that it would be much better to make a post about it. More product owners will approach a niche site to advertise their product, because an advertisement on a targeted site will convert much, much better. Affiliate marketing is very lucrative, and if used effectively, can become a great stream of revenue. This will display a widget on your blog, enticing your visitors to give you some money with PayPal. One of the best plugins that can help you make that a reality is WishList Member and I’d suggest that you take a very good look at it because just one look at its features gives you amazing ideas of what you can do with a Membership site.
You can check it out at pay per post, but remember, endorsing a product and getting money for it, is a no-no for Google and might penalize you. If your blog posts are informative and people appreciate your work, they will buy it for sure! I’ve been blogging for about 4 years now and my income has dramatically increase from 100 – 200 a month to over 1800 USD per month. This is what makes the combo of hard work and discouragement such a deadly combo for bloggers. The reason I am suggesting many products in a post is that it’s an introductory post in monetization. And everyday on Internet the opportunity of earning money online is increasing like anything. It’s monetized in a few ways including affiliate programs via Commission Junction and a fews others and Adsense.
With electronic products, the commission paid from the publishers reaches 75% because a sale costs nothing to the product creator: there are no inventory and creation costs.
Buy Sell Ads is one of the most well known marketplaces to buy and sell ad space: the best thing is that you can set your own advertisement price. If you’re still interested on how this works, you can check out Text Link Ads and TNX.

This can work amazingly well for hobby, craft and mommy-blogging sites but I am not a great fan of this option.
Adding this revenue stream is a must because even if you have a few visitors per day, you’re taking your blog to the next level and open the doors to many more opportunities.
Every one of those products needs a lot of explaining and maybe more than one post for each method, to fully help the readers understand how to utilize each one with great success.
Whether you have to earn money through blog, website or by giving any services, one thing is necessary to remember that be consistent with work that you do and never ever give up.
I certainly do not mind the hard work but it’s a matter of where to do the hard work? Affiliate sales on physical products will give you a smaller percentage because their profit margins are smaller. To sell links you don’t have to go to a service like the aforementioned but you can sell links directly.
It still can be a lucrative option, because physical products are more expensive on average. When contacted for a link exchange or even a link sale, name your price and see if that offer seems reasonable to them. If you have a membership site then go for affiliate products giving pay per sales and so on.
The best Affiliate networks to join for online products are ClickBank, Share A Sale, e-junkie. If, for example, you have a website about server configuration and security, your ads will be about dedicated servers and security. If you want to promote physical products, you should join Amazon Affiliate Program and Commission Junction.
Profit margins for that niche are great: the monthly payments a client has to make in order to have a dedicated server are big, and the competition in this niche, huge!

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