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This curious form of performance art comes to us courtesy of feminist artist Casey Jenkins, a self-professed "craftivist" who is knitting using wool placed -- you guessed it -- inside her vagina.
The work is officially called "Casting Off My Womb," but was lovingly dubbed "Vaginal Knitting" by the Australian TV channel SBS2Australia.
Unsurprisingly, the idea of vaginal performance has left more than a few people with their mouths agape.
Jenkins is not the first female artist to test the limits of the public's uneasiness with the naked female form.
Should we be concerned, though, that "Vagina [Insert Performance Act Here]" still ruffles the feathers of art admirers?
Watch the video above for more information and let us know your thoughts on the art happening in the comments.
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Taking place in Darwin, Australia, the performance project aims to address taboos surrounding female genitals and a woman's body in general, similar to the many provocative endeavors spearheaded by Jenkin's art activism group, Craft Cartel.
Marina Abramovic explored pagan rituals associated with a woman's body in "Balkan Erotic Epic,” Yoko Ono dared audiences to literally cut off her clothes in "Cut Piece," and Marni Kotak, well, she gave birth in an art gallery. Especially when we are not at home, our girls think that they need to have something to drink every 5 minutes!
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